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    When i start Inifinity it crashes

    fixed it
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    When i start Inifinity it crashes

    Title: When i start Inifinity it crashes Launcher Version: 1.4.11 Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: 2.2.2 Log Link: Details of the issue: When i press lauch on the FTB launcher.THe laucher disappears and after a few seconds it reapears.I checked the console it siad it crashed so i went to the...
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    Whitelist Server OTEGamers |FTB INFINITY - 1.6.2 | 64G RAM | TS3 | Great Community | Fast Whitelist |

    In-Game Name:SirDerpinson What are you looking for in the server? To be in a friendly and nice community this usually is on a whitelist server. How long have you been playing Minecraft? 3 years What experience do you have with Modded MC? For the past 2 years I have been not playing modded ,but...
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    Whitelist Server Globalcraft | Infinity Evolved 2.3.3 Expert Mode| Mods Added| Whitelist | Mature | Small Community|

    What is your IGN (Case sensitive): SirDerpinson. Age (Must be 18+) : 16. How long have you been playing Minecraft : more than 3 years, but i have stopped playing for about 1 year. Do you accept the rules : yes. Where are you from? : UK. How big is your knowledge of mods? (e.g. Tinkers construct...
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    Whitelist Server Aurora 24/7 FTB [Infinity] [Galacticraft] [LWC] [Essentials] [TS3] [20TPS]

    Username:SirDerpinson Age:15 Location:Lithuania Why you want to join:I want to join the server because i dont like public i rather play private because the player's are much more friendlier,helpfuller. Suggestions:i have none Plugin Suggestions (optional):none How much experience do you have in...
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    Private Pack [CLOSED] Seriously, why are you keeping this thread alive

    Minecraft name:vviktoras Age: 15 Preferred play-style: mostly biulding and biulding ow i forgot biulding (modded) Minecraft history: well i started tekkit then when ftb became popular i started with it. Sell yourself:I'm a very nice adn friendly :P I'm a very dedicated person i will finish what...
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    Private Pack HexPack Server| HexPack V1.0 (MC 1.6.4) |Whitelist | No restrictions

    Ingame name:vviktoras Age: 15 Name tree things you like: CS:GO,Listening to Chillstep and playing games What are your expectations if you join the hexpack? a good community :P Anything else you would like to say? i'm tired :D
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    Private Pack TechnicallyFun | 1.7.10 | Techinallyfun V6.0.0 | Whitelist

    ING:vviktoras First Name:Victor Country you live in?; Lithuania near Latvia Age: 15 How long you have been playing FTB?: 1-2 years What is your favorite mod in TF?:Hats mod ! Your least favorite?:i would say thaumcraft Did you watch the overview video?: lol ! What mod would you like to see be...
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    Private Pack NoodlePowered Network | Custom modpack | Great community | Teamspeak | Skype

    IGN:vviktoras Age:15 Timezone: UTC+2 How will you benefit our community:Well i'm very friendly have a great sense of humor.I'm kind of bad(in the other way im good :D)with the 'old'(like ic biuldcraft thermal expansion and so on) mods but with the 'new' ones i'm like a sutdent in 1 class :D.Well...