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    Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

    I would think that a full fix would be better. Along the lines of "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right". The funny thing is that I found the conflict when I went to run the DW20 pack with BOP today and was about to send my version of the corrected file to the FTB guys to bring it to...
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    Sorry just now saw this message. If you are still looking, I am putting together a public...

    Sorry just now saw this message. If you are still looking, I am putting together a public version of the pack complete with configs and mods. Just waiting on a couple of Devs to get back to me regarding permissions. :)
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    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    Awesome! And THANKS KING LEMMING FOR ASKING FOR THE EXTRA SWITCHES!!! let the mayhem commence! ;)
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    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    LoL! Nice! You just had to add my favorite two colors to the switch roster didn't you? ;) Also that explains why I've had trouble using anything higher than Forge #689 as it is. :)
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    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    Cool. :) Is this not the version of CodeChickenCore that you need in order to update "properly"?
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    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    Sweet. Well I like both switches. :) Glad to help out. Good luck. :D (Will now sit patiently and repeatedly press the F5 key for the next several days)
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    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    Okay, just tested these on a fresh MultiMC instance using MC v1.5.2, MC Forge v7.8.0.689, IC2 1.115.308-lf, and the currently available versions of your mods. Here are the results. Flat Signs: Wouldn't even let MC fully startup. Obsidian Plates: When I click on...
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    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    Just curious, has anyone gotten these mods working with 1.5.2? Yes I realize that they are listed as 1.5.1. I have also heard about the srg-naming that was implemented in 1.5.1. I just want to know if I am installing something wrong or if I need to wait for them to be updated. Thanks :)
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    I need a 1.5.1 modPack

    I actually am putting together a pack for 1.5.2 and most of the mods are updated and work together nicely. All of them are updated for 1.5.1. It is a private pack, so I can't distribute it. But I could post up the complete list if you would like. So far I have only encountered 2 or 3 ID...
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    Gunpowder Generator

    I like it. But I do have to agree with Omicron, it would be easier to tell what was going on if you had used the default textures. I like the shots of the interfaces so that we can see how you have everything setup.
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    Maximum Efficiency Steeve Cart Tree Farm TRACK Design?

    My Steve's cart tree farm is usually an E shape with a track length of 13 on the back, top, and bottom. That leaves me with 3 blocks between my rails at all times. However, if it is sapling production that you want, my tests have shown that for the same space, Forestry's multiblock tree farm has...
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    Casual Server FTR: FTB Ultimate Server- Looking for 1 or 2 more experienced players

    IGN:TigersFangs PICTURES/VIDEOS/ETC of previous work in FTB: At work on my phone. Will add pics when I get home in a couple of hours. Pictures here. :) Specialties: I study the mods as I play them. Call me a jack of all trades. I tend to experiment for hours in...
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    Do people still use rubber trees?

    I've also heard people saying that rubber trees are more rare because of extra biomes. It makes no sense to me because I can't go anywhere without running into them. Especially with the addition of MineFactory Reloaded in the ultimate pack. With both of the MFR and IC2 rubber trees in world gen...
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    Windows .exe Logistics Pipes + Direwolf20

    I'll have to look into it and let you know. I'm running the latest version of Mindcrack with the unofficial logistics pipes with no problems.
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    Regarding tesseracts: does anyone else think this is silly?

    Energy transmission over distance is always tricky. Makes it more fun that way. ;)