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    Would you build this?

    This looks so incredibly amazing! This is coming to 1.6.4 right?
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    Windows .exe My world has disappeared

    I have been playing Unleashed and my world has disappeared. The last time I played, I stepped away from my computer for a minute and when I came back my computer was rebooting. I did not have time to reload after that. Tonight when I tried to load my world, the screen froze on the loading world...
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    Windows .exe 12/14/13 update.... i cant get past the console

    I had the same problem earlier tonight. Try completely uninstalling your java jre (and jdk if you have one) and installing the updated versions. This worked for me and several others who hadn't updated java after 1.7.0.
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    FTB Launcher Crash

    It worked! Thank you so much!
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    FTB Launcher Crash

    I'm having the same problem.