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    DW20 1.18 1.3.0 - Soulbound container

    Maby this is something that has changed that i didn't notice. I remember in the past being able to soulbound both Simple and Sophisticated backpacks ans also Pocket Storage. Does anyone know if this is a change in the mod or a technical issue.
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    Problem Endeavour 1.0.0 to 1.2.0 COFH key bind issue

    I have noticed the same issue in my instance. the bind key works for my magnet and flux capacitor.
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    Problem FTB Endeavour missing Thermal Liquid Transposer

    Am i missing something? I cant find the Fluid Transposer in my instance.
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    Solved Direwolf20 1.3.0 pack Exit code: 0 when loading old or new world.

    I updated without Optifine and my world opened. As soon as i added Optifine back it crashed with the same error. Any ideas on getting both working?