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    Minimap shows to remove them? 1.7.10

    You are a wonderful person. Thanks!
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    Minimap shows to remove them? 1.7.10

    I'm just getting back into FTB (I used to record, but I took a break and forgot everything apparently!), and the minimap in the top right has monsters showing now by default. I love the map, but would like to remove the monsters...can someone give me the default command to configure the map?
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    Beginner's Guide to Blood Magic

    Depends on your definition of "easier". I abhor Thaumcraft, not knocking those that love it; it's simply not for me. My way is a very simple method that works 100% of the time, and since most folks have an AE network, it works into a large majority of people's plans.
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    Beginner's Guide to Blood Magic

    You can automate with an ME network. Barrel with BC gate set to pulse ONCE when there is room in inventory (the altar). It pulses once, moves stone to altar. Set precise import bus to remove slate when it reaches the desired level. Slate gets removed, gate sees change in the inventory...
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    Stopping Endermen from picking up blocks.

    EnderMender. BETTER YET: TheEnderPretender
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    What Are You Wearing?

    Love the sword. Glorious.
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    Would you build this?

    I would like to build this device, and have it power the engines of an army of inflatable, flailing arm, flailing tube men. Seriously, I'd like to build this. A lot.
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    Silly mod, Abstract Power Generation!

    I would like a power generator that is based on hooking a cow up to a methane pump. Different food sources produce different amounts of power. Tie it in with a food mod for more fun!
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    OpenBlocks Sprinklers question.

    Multiple sprinkers do not stack, however the growth effect from other mods/items will stack (at least in my observations).
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    Best method for sorting into barrels?

    Agreed. I've been using a hybrid system where cobble, dirt, sand, redstone, and coal all get barrels, but everything else goes on disk. Set the barrels to have a higher priority, and things will get pumped in to them before the ME network.
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    Redius Reboots with Resonant Rise

    Why would we build a particle accelerator? WHY NOT? More atomic science is always fun! Link to the whole playlist; Link to the texture pack: (courtesy of GreenGriffon)...
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    Peoples Favorite Starting Routines on a new server/world

    Just a warning, you've heard right. They do NOT play well the tune of crashing/corrupting worlds. WayofTime, on 06 December 2013 - 12:00 PM, said: Well, the thing is I don't think there is anything I really COULD touch for that to happen. It really appears to be a phantom glitch...
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    Peoples Favorite Starting Routines on a new server/world

    I've forced myself to do something different on every world, but only in terms of initial building site and type of building (disregarding 1st day dirtshack). The last five I've done were, castle built into the side of a mountain, unaesthetic 13x13 tower to the clouds, floating skybase...
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    Cursed earth spawner

    I usually deserve blame for something or another, especially if you've been listening to my wife.
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    Cursed earth spawner

    Best snark for waking up, is FTB snark in your cup!