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    Swarmer Princesses and Apiarist Villagers

    It was in the older packs, didn't notice any notes to indicate the functionality was changed.
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    Water World! MystCraft?

    You can change spawn location with a mod, or editing the data file. There's instructions on the google. Or you can just create the box around your current spawn, and create your dome in a more remote location.
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    Water World! MystCraft?

    Create a bedrock box somewhere remote and change your spawn location to the inside. You can put pressure plates across the entire floor and have them trigger a command block to teleport whatever players are in that room directly to the point in the dome you want. its automatic, and if something...
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    Ihave just been checking the Jaded Bee

    It is true the Jaded can only be had via a apiary or alveary placed by jaded (owner = Jadedcat). You can offline log a toon in with her name and accomplish it if you control the server settings though... its still not legit.
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    [AE] 16k vs. 64k Storage

    Yes, if you (left or right click, experiment or wiki) sneak click the storage cell while holding it, will destroy the housing (the glass/redstone/glowstone) but give you the storage chip back. So you can take 3 16K storage chips and make a 64 with just a few odds/ends and a diamond processor...
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    [AE] 16k vs. 64k Storage

    Mathematically... A Single 64K cell uses 3 16k storage chips (the core of a 16k cell) plus a diamond processor (and a handful of insignificants) so it uses significantly less materials, but as noted above... 4 16K cells store 4x as many types of items. When building your network, its likely...
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    The Final Word on Steam Boiler Efficiency

    10 Boilers, BioFuel (3), Fuel (3) Logs (3) and 1 floater that's flips between spare charcoal in the system automatically and logs from the main supply. Deliver charcoal to a chest next to boiler that's connected via concealed furnaces with the other boilers to a router for plank delivery...
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    Thaumcraft 3 iron golem guardians

    Going to set up a room that when a friend walks into and hits a button (He can't resist) it'll shield the room to trap him in and then release wave after wave of iron golems and then wood golems :)
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    Help with barrel and router sorting setup (Overflow chest being filled)

    My tube system dumps the "routed" items into a relay, that bounces them to the router, so there's a buffer to the system. I found a 3-4 pipe length sufficient to keep everything flowing. Of course if I am sorting 42 diamond chests of items at a time it will bog down, but it handles a couple of...
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    Help with barrel and router sorting setup (Overflow chest being filled)

    When you place items into your system, the router will distribute items to all valid inventories. Thoroughness will help a bit bit if you get (stacks as an example) 3 cobble, 2 stone, 12 cobble in the past it still distribute the 3 into the first valid inventory, and then the next 12 into the...
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    Mystcraft bug ?

    well that sucks.. I did not know that.
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    Mystcraft Void age recipe ?

    Your terrain controller and Biome controller are two different things... Void is a terrain controller, and the biome types should precede your biome controller. So it should be separated: Void Ocean Biome, Single Biome etc etc I don't know if it matters if the terrain controller or Biome...
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    Does Carts/Golems work on empty chunk loaded server?

    Am I reading you wrong? I have golems that maintain every aspect of my main base, delivering juice, honey, combs, oily/refined propolis and the like all over my base, well basically the movement of any resource to production/processing lines for my Bees, Biomass production and fuel stations...
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    Issue: Buildcraft Filler Breaks Items (Not Blocks)

    Originally, it was configurable to have the filler destroy items. No one used it this way and it started to replace the quarry when YouTubers started showcasing it as the next great thing (Which the mod author stated was not the intended use of the Filler) so he made it so the filler was used...
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    Issue: Buildcraft Filler Breaks Items (Not Blocks)

    You aren't the mod author though... Make a few mods with specific purposes/scopes and see what you'd do to keep them operating within the scopes you set. If you want to dig for materials.. use a quarry, if you want to clear/flatten or fill an area use a filler, it is cheap for that reason...