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    does anyone know how to install shaders on infinity evolved? everytime i put the shaders mod core in the mod folder my game crashes while launching
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    AE2 problems

    OK il try it later .won't be able to update the version since im on infinity modpack server
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    AE2 problems

    I'm setting up a AE2 base on the server im staying.but im having some problems that i can't figure it out im using the same setup but some of them are working and some of them aren't this is my controller setup(only the 5*5 is the controller,others are just blocks from chisel2) this is...
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    game crashing

    Title: game crashing Launcher Version: 1.4.7 Modpack: Monster Modpack Version: 1.1.2 Log Link: Details of the issue: I was able to play the game a few days ago.But I'm getting this crash everytime i try to open the game. It always crashes after loading.Not sure...
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Monster|1.1.2|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|

    IGN:kk258966 Age:22 Country:Taiwan What do you like about modded minecraft?: more things to play with and much more easier to gather resource Have you been banned? If so, why?:nope, never
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    Whitelist Server 562|Monster 1.1.1|Whitelist server|No banned items|small community|hard mode 1.6.4/old versions/Carpenter's Blocks v3.2.5 - MC this one
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    Whitelist Server LegitCraft FTB Monsters no plugins all legit (no banned items/mods and no world border)

    In-Game name:kk258966 Age:21 Have you ever been banned and why?:nope Experience with FTB / Minecraft:3 years Country:Taiwan How much time can u play?:at least 3 hours per day Wat kind of player are you? Advanture, builder or inventor:kinda Advanture
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    Whitelist Server 562|Monster 1.1.1|Whitelist server|No banned items|small community|hard mode

    is it a new server? i mean a new map ?~ i would like to join if it's a new map IGN:kk258966
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    Whitelist Server Globalcraft | Monster 1.1.2 | Carpenters Blocks Added | Whitelist | Mature | Small Community| 24/7

    What is your IGN (Case sensitive):kk258966 Age (Must be 18+) :21 How long have you been playing Minecraft :2~3years Do you accept the rules :yes Timezone :GMT+8 How big is your knowlage of mods? (e.g. Tinkers construct, Railcraft) :quite good at most of the mods that has been used in ultimate...
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    Whitelist Server [Closed]TG Monster Server 1.1.1| Whitelist | 24/7 | Mature | Residence | Home | Community

    In Game Name:kk258966 Age:21 Country:Taiwan Experience with Mods: Played FTB for 2~3 years including direwolf20 modpack ,mindcrack and ultimate modpack quite good at most of the modpacks in those modpack Goals:i hope i can play all the mods as long as possible ,iv been playing ftb for a long...
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    Whitelist Server Blockcasa Private Minecraft Community | [Direwolf20 (v1.0.19)] | [Whitelisted] | [Mature 18+]

    HI, my name is Kevin and IGN is kk258966 I've sign up on the website hope i can be aceppted as whitelist^^ thanks
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.6.4 Server WHITELISTED

    Name Kevin Skype name Kevin Minecraft name kk258966 FTB/Mod experience played ftb for about 2~3years Hobbies playing computer games Age 22 first started playing direwolf20 modpack about 2 weeks ago but the server i played was down for a few days I'd like to join a stable server because i...
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    Whitelist Server Zealcraft|FTB Ultimate 1.1.2|Whitelist

    than il just look for another ulitmate server ^^ im used to gregtech ^^ and some other mods^^
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    Whitelist Server Zealcraft|FTB Ultimate 1.1.2|Whitelist

    my summer vacation is over and so that i won't be online to often but il still keep on working on my base,