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    FTB Interactions

    Haven't set up a server yet but have seen this come up quite a bit. From the #faq channel the common solution seems to be: Make sure level-type=voidworld in the, this will enable initial island generation as well as island control commands and then delete your world and...
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    Request Interactions - Centrifuge

    Cable loss? Sounds a lot like the machine recipe cost in EU/t is exceeding what is left in the LV amp from the turbine after deducting for distance loss along the cable, causing the centrifuge to burn rapidly through its paltry energy buffer and stall out. That's my guess anyways!
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Looks like he was kilning wood into low grade charcoal there at the end, to use in small coal boilers. The burn value of the low grade stuff has been changed to be below that of charcoal in recent releases so it might be good to look into the early coke oven/blast furnace line in order to...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    @senpai6999 Check this thread Some recent and relevant stuff there near the end. Definitely works with 1.12 version.
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    Problem FTB Utilities backup timer (no config.cfg)

    Lately it can be found in a more normal fashion- in the config folder, under ftbutilities.cfg Also you can access it in-game, under mod options.
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    Mod for several tasks on one machine side?

    Give XNet a try. The advanced connector gives access to all sides from a single face and provides 8 channels on the network for power, fluid, items, etc to multiple machines.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    There is no Dim -1. I think the intended method is the 16 netherrack quest to get the hell biome marker and use that in XU2 terraformer to create your very own hellish biome.
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    Resetting Player Deaths in FoolCraft3 (FTB Utilities)

    FTBUtils just uses the minecraft counter for most of those I believe. So just go to the world 'saves' folder and in the 'stats' subfolder you should find an easily editable json file for each player. These are the ones that have the odd statistics for things like 'how far you have flown...
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    Problem Power storage in ATM3-remix

    Mekanism's induction matrix can be made with quite a large capacity.
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    ATM3-remix beheading options?

    XU2 mech user w/ high beheading cleaver from TiCo usually does a good job.
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    Problem Mekanism gas-powered generator

    Yup, its one of the annoying ones.
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    Problem Mekanism gas-powered generator

    Yeah, Mek is annoying that way. Some machines are only partially configurable and some not at all. For the configurator, holding shift and using mouse wheel (or whatever your mode change hotkey might be) will cycle through the various config modes for the wrench.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Also try RFTools screens which allow text lines. They can also display machine/power/fluid/item states, have buttons for redstone control plus are re-sizeable (even see through). ExU2 screens will allow pasting of any image. I've used them for both decoration and information. Having a handy...
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    Problem Mekanism gas-powered generator

    Gas burners output power to the green side. Your RFTools powercell isn't set to accept power, not sure about the others.
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    Mekanism salivation plant won’t completee l

    Open the top up (2x2) maybe.