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    Can't play any modpacks

    you need to install vanilla minecraft maybe? or are you using the corseforge launcher or FTB app? maybe try the other
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    Player transport in Endeavour

    sounds fun :D
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    well, playing an amplified map is always nice for some cool builds :D
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    GTA 5 cars

    i cant wait for gta 6 comming :D a fresh start in the online mode would be awsome
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    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    Is in that Modpack any kind of mobspawner?
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    FTB Utilities, how to increase allowed claimed chunks

    that is exactly what i was searching for, thx Darciniel <3
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    Tesseract on Private?

    Hey, i updatet my server to 1.5.1, befor i had it running on 1.4.1 and in both versions i cant accsess the private mode, i craft a fresh tesseract, add the signalium but the private-settings-button is grey and cant enter it. is something wrong with that in general or did i miss something? i got...