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    Open Server [SeriousServers] Direwolf20|Dedicated]3Servers|MYSTCRAFT ENABLED|Adult ran

    this server touches my heart when i first logged in everyone welcomed me with a warm hug and the community just helped me out every step of the way its like family then any quistions i asked staff they would always be there to help this is 100% the best server i have ever been on
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    Open Server [SeriousServers] Ultimate 1.1.2 24/7 PVE 200 Slots

    server is amazing i never had so much fun playing on any other server than this one
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    Open Server [SeriousServers] Horizons 24/7|MCPC|Griefprevention|75 slots

    i love this server they have kind staff and they are amazing at what they do all i have to say is WOW very impressive server
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    Open Server [SeriousServers] Minecrack 8.3.2 24/7 200 slots PVE/Shops

    this server is amazing i really have no understanding of what you mean by bad staff they help me with every need this is truly a well preformed server no offense but you dont know what your saying at all this server is the bees knees! :D
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    Open Server [SeriousServers] Unleashed 1.1.4 MULTISERVER|Survival|Optional GT Enabled Server| SkyBlock| Creative

    uu matters is a great server great staff i love everything that is on there its just a great expirence playing on that server you have to join it!