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    DW20 pack will not update to v4

    Not sure if stated of forums at all but Slowpoke stated several times on stream that they are only releasing updates on Monday's now. So I'm sure the v4 update is ready and set to go, just waiting for release on Monday.
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    MYSTCRAFT -- In a nutshell

    The decay link you posted is outdated. Here is the link to the Mystcraft Wiki on it:
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    GregTech's Vajra

    I tried it with an Advanced Diamond Drill. It takes a little while but it does break. I suppose I just didn't realize that the decay was breakable.
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    GregTech's Vajra

    Not sure if its intentional or not but Gravitation Suite's ultra-powerful Vajra can break the Mystcraft's decay blocks. Nothing drops to pick up but it seemed to eat right through blue decay with no trouble. This made mining in a multi dense ores world very easy. I would assume this is...
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    Can I ask for the reasons why these aren't going to be included within the pack?