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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Did you carefully checked the rune ?
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    I Want learn Feed The Beast Infinity but dont know how ?!

    Try cross mod. You saw on YT or google how to make a MFR xp farm, you also saw RoC mob farm, vanilla farm. Then you take the best of every farm according to the mod availlable. And you think about an xp farm for (example) a void_world_like : vanilla dark chamber with a pit to spawn them (cheap...
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    ReactorCraft Toroids

    could you place the reactor pattern (well i don't remember the name, the "shadow" reactor, to check if everything is where they need to be) ? please Are the toroid "looking" at middle ? Please check if they all got the arrow leading to middle. what is your solenoid speed / torque ? how many...
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    ReactorCraft Toroids

    is your solenoid powered ? right y level, right speed/torque ?
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    Show off your Botania mana generation Some non-container blocks can also be measured by a redstone comparator: Cake A cake outputs a signal strength relative to the amount of cake remaining. Each slice is worth 2 signal strength, with 7 total slices, for an output of 14 for a full...
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    Show off your Botania mana generation

    what about a comparator on cake ? no redstone mean no cake, so place a new one ?
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    Twilight Forest Portal

    isn't a vanilla mechanic ? : allow-nether=false
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    Bug FTB infinity lag with 200fps

    i would try opis and check your log. Could be your tps low (try also forge tps, cofh tps or even tps, I don't know what work on infinity)
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    Bug FTB infinity lag with 200fps

    to be clear, do you have lag, fps or tps issues ? fps going from 120 to 60 isn't lag at all, it's fps issue.
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    Problem with Steve's Factory Manager

    sorry i should add : so i only use 1 channel for interface. autocraft is : 1 diam, 1 redstone, 1 silicon (for ex), the interface place those ressources on chest. SFM send items on inscriber and final product on interface. i will edit this post as soon as i screenshot everything
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    Problem with Steve's Factory Manager

    well, i don't understand everything (not english natural language) but, for circuit i always use 5 inscribers. 1 for certus, diamond, gold, silicon, a chest take those ressources from a chest and put them in those inscribers. 1 inscriber that get previous inscriber stuff from top, but silicon...
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    Project: Victus - Experimental Pack

    could we have an exaustive list of what each class is able to do or not ? Hard to choose (mostly sub-class) without visibility. Thx
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    [ 1.7.10 ] SIEGED [ JamPacked2 ] [ HQM | Reikas ]

    ah ha !!! Found one close ... only hope be able to reach it alive :p
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    [ 1.7.10 ] SIEGED [ JamPacked2 ] [ HQM | Reikas ]

    really scary modpack. As dangerous as madpack right now, only doing short trip outside for 1 or 2 ressources (iron ingot ! woot ! or few feather/clay ...) Samurai : 1 did a tunnel above the floor to the pylone and mine from inside, then slab on roof to the second one ... Gather few zinc and...
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    FTB Infinity server side Bioms O plenty

    I had the same troubles because I (I don't know why) had a space after BIOMESOP. check this.