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    1.18.x forge change. Woes for server admins.

    Hi, At we are a small community of adults that plays modded Minecraft. The admin team is mostly IT professionals but we are not java developers. We use an internal wrapper to manage our MC servers. It is similar to MarkII with some discord bots. The purpose of this post...
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    OceanBlock v 1.9.0 checksum mismatch with install script.

    ran the script again multiple times until the error didn't show. I probably hit a cache server that had the correct checksum. Seems ok now.
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    OceanBlock v 1.9.0 checksum mismatch with install script.

    While installing version 1.9.0, I am getting some errors on download for 3 files. See log below.
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    Server hang on stop command. since DW20 v. 1.3.1

    Hi FTB gods, We are facing a new issue with the latest update of the DW20 1.16.4 pack. (v. 1.3.1) Seems that Applied Energistics is keeping the server from shutting down. We have a cron job that restarts the server every 12 hours and, with this latest update, the server hangs on the stop...
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    Applied energetic auto crafting crash in DW20 pack 1.16.4 (1.2.0)

    I cannot autocraft items in this version of DW20 pack. (server play). Any idea what is going on here? Logs seems to be empty.
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    Sky Factory 2.5 server (multiple islands)

    You could add the FTBIsland mod
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    1.0.0: PowerConverter bridge not craftable.

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: You need to fix the pull down menu ..I'm on version 1.0.1 The PowerConverter mod: cannot craft the bridge. that renders the mod useless. your version is 3.0.1 and the mod is at version 3.0.4 Thank you for your consideration. Mod & Version...
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    1.0.0: GT solar covers: MV and up

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: There is the advance solar in the mod pack but only the LV solar cover is available for GT. Unless you are forcing people to only use the Advance Solar mod for solar power, I think the GT solars should all be craftable too. Thanks. Mod & Version...