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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    Not to mention you can make usable tools from some wood that you just ripped out of the ground with your bare hands
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    The first thing....

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    Flesh Craft, what happened?

    What do you prefer? *thread derailment incoming*
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    Flesh Craft, what happened?

    Hey, a wild crome appears!
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    Looking for Players to Start a New Monster Server With

    Crome Buddies! We can be friends forever @X3773
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    Update on the Future of FTB Modpacks in 1.7

    This is the problem with modpacks, every player is different. With the new 1.7 I'd changes it will be muck easier to make your own pack to suit your needs and wishes, and editing existing packs also will be easier.
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    Anyway to change ore rarity?

    For more info, go into the cofh config files, (there's several of them, I think it's the one called cofh world) and edit away. You can adjust the rarity and the size of the veins
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    Living with a God-Mode Quarry

    I honestly don't play with dart craft, mainly because it's not in any packs I play..
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    Living with a God-Mode Quarry

    And then put some by the tree farm or whatever you use to keep up with the fuel consumtion
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    You're very proud of this aren't you?
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    The first thing....

    Achevment get!
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    A Forum Game To Pass The Time! (Corrupt A Wish)

    Poof, a wild girlfriend appears, but she's kind-to kind. You can't stand it and eventually banish her to the gutters I wish I was a king
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    A Forum Game To Pass The Time! (Corrupt A Wish)

    Granted, but I did so u randomly implode also I wish for a girlfriend