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    August News

    Good news indeed. Can't wait.
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    First Build In Beyond

    Yes. I wanted to push the limits of chisel and bits to see how detailed you can get if you used the entire 16 x 16 pixel map of each, individual block. I started on a football field, and....being from Philadelphia decided to make the Eagles logo. The logo ended up being 16 blocks x 11 blocks...
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    First Build In Beyond

    Decocraft decorations DO have some functionality to them. A lot of it revolves around storage. So a lot of the shelves, the refrigerator/freezer act as storage chests and have a GUI when you click on them. The satanic ritual thing is the Embers mod. It's the alchemy component that allows you...
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    First Build In Beyond

    Joined a survival server as soon as Beyond went live and put it through its paces. Here is what I came up with. There are multiple buildings, with the main base being a modern research center style building. I tried to incorporate as much of Architecturecraft into the build as I possibly...
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    Open IC2 Crop Sticks Missing

    I was thinking the same. Why have the IC2 crop mechanic items and blocks if you won't include the sticks. It would be fine if Agricraft picked up those crops...
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    Open IC2 Crop Sticks Missing

    Summary of the problem IC2 Crop Sticks Missing Pack Version 1.2.1 What is the bug? The IC2 crop sticks are missing, making it impossible to get the IC2 crops (like hops). Also, attempting to place 32 sugar cane in an empty booze barrel. Won't accept them anymore. Does accept wheat and...
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    Open Agricraft Weeds

    Out of curiosity, is it even possible to get the IC2 crop seeds in this pack the way it's configured? I can't craft the IC2 cropsticks anymore, and it doesn't seem like the old IC2 starter crops work with agricraft's cropsticks.
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    Open Immersive Engineering - Storage Crate not keeping inventory

    I've noticed that both the inventory in the storage crate, as well as other GUIs such as the coke oven will 'blink out' and disappear. The inventories are still there but you have to exit the GUI, then re-right click to see the inventory. Is this the case or is the inventory truly gone from...
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    Waiting Agricraft: Plant cannot grow here

    Summary of the problem Agricraft: Plant cannot grow here Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? Working with a 3x3 patch of crops. N/S/E/W points have potatoes (fully matured) The diagonal plots have single crop sticks. When a potato sapling forms it is at stage 1 growth 12.5% However is...
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    Open Tinker's Shortbow Experience Broken

    Confirmed on the crossbow. No XP is gained.
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    Open Immersive Engineering Manual Crashes Game

    Summary of the problem Immersive Engineering Manual Crashes Game Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? About 50% of the time, when reading the Excavator entry in the Immersive Engineering journal, minecraft hard crashes and force-closes back to desktop Mod & Version Immersive Engineering...
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    FTB Beyond Release

    Noticed the ore gen of Cobalt and Ardite has been tweaked significantly. It's much easier to get. Makes it viable to repair cobalt heads on tools until you can get 5 reinforcement mods on them, making them unbreakable. Is that why tinkers xp was tweaked as well?
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    Immersive Engineering Biodiesel Plant

    I used fertilized dirt from the random things mod. However you have to till the soil manually before the ender io station recognizes it as valid farmland. After that it works. There's also greenhouse glass from extra utils that will have the same effect, and they stack bonuses. The Tinker's...
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    Do we know anything about FTB Beyond?

    Don't know if hardmode is coming that soon. With Buildcraft out of the picture this time around, you lose the assembly table. That was a major mechanic of Infinity's hard mode. I would imagine the team is going to have to make some modifications to the progression path, and that will take...
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    Immersive Engineering Biodiesel Plant

    Yes, KingTriaxx. Those are EnderIO farming stations with a Tinker's Mattock as the tool. The crop tiles are actually fertilized dirt from Random Things.