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    Skyfactory 2.5 people to play

    still looking for people :P
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    Whitelist Server Mindcrack|1.4.7|13+|Small

    server is momentarily offline until february so not that long
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    Whitelist Server Mindcrack|1.4.7|13+|Small

    ?extra info xD where did the rest hide
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft V4 (Mindcrack)(UK Host)(16+)

    Age (16+): 18 so i think thats leveld up enough :P IGN: chupari FTB experience: have been playing it for a couple of months still dont know everything there is Your favourite creation: my first macerator or was it the turtles ;/
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    Whitelist Server Mindcrack|1.4.7|13+|Small

    too lazy to write it myself so lets copy it Minecraft Name: chupari Skype Name: j.dillewaard Age: 18 Ftb Experience: a few months "bad memory doesnt work out when wanting to remember things xD" Whats your fav Mindcracker: Jason "guude" Favourite creation: his turtles :D or if it was meant...
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    Whitelist Server The Golden Keg DireWolf20(v1.0.2) server pack(small community)

    well hello from experience i know im a mess with applications xD ign - chupari have been playing on a server for a while that has been closed down still havent heard the reason till this day thats why im searching for a new friendly community to learn/get back in the game again
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    havent updated this in a while

    havent updated this in a while
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    Whitelist Server Come and make friends and have fun MINDCRACK MOD PACK.

    IGN chupari Age 18 Extra Info (not mandatory) just looking for a nice server to play on :D and learn some more about the game "had a little break, breaks are bad for my memory skype = j.dillewaard
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    Whitelist Server StromCraft [FTB Minecrack] FreshStart - 30ppl 18+

    pretty sceptic of being accepted but hell lets try this Server Application: 1. In game Name: chupari 2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): j.dillewaard "skype" 3. Age: 18 4. Did you read the rule's ? all 14 of them :p "includes the 18+ one 5. Why would you like to join? it seems like it...
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    Whitelist Server Immunity Craft server Direwolf20 modpack | Whitelist | coming Saturday | Community | Mindcrack like

    IGN: chupari Skype name: j.dillewaard (feel free to contact me for more info :P) Why would you like to join: looking for a fun community with people that do read the applications :p Would you record a YouTube series (optional): not sure how that works actualy How often would you be playing...
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    Whitelist Server Feed The Beast Magic Farm 2 [1.6.4] Whitelisted server [12+]

    just use [ lemme check which one ] the server is currently on version 1.1.7 hope that helps :P:
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    Whitelist Server DarkLabs FTB Server [Whitelisted] -Small Community-

    minecraft Ign: chupari skype (required): j.dillewaard age (if ok): 17 gender (if ok): male why should we accept: i will be putting time and maybe some effort in it :P naah im gonna be doing alot of stuff thats probably effort enough {how about you up /\ here;)} addition info: im not realy...
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    Whitelist Server (WhiteListed) Applications FTB Ultimate Server 18 Slots

    Application:Name: jerry Age: 17 IGN: chupari Skype (required): j.dillewaard FTB experience: about 3 months Creativity: depends on what im doing How often you play: pretty much every day Do you play on any other servers? : nope all applications have been unanswered for 2 months now Anything extra...
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    Whitelist Server Closed :(|FTB Horizons Server|White-List|Teamwork|No-Plugins|Small Town|1.0.10

    IGN: chupari Age(Optional): 17 First Thing you Would Build: a simple wooden house might even go and build a stone one who knows Why you want to join: just looking for a new server the other applications have not been answered for a few weeks already now... Do you understand the rules: why should...