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    Animus in Interactions

    My GoogleFu is failing me apparently. Does anyone know where the documentation for this mod lives? I'd love to get a ritual of unmaking set up to disenchant these super high level items that named mobs are dropping but ritual diviners don't list any animus rituals, there is no in-game guide...
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    Request Searcheable storage

    Nice tip @Inaeo, much appreciated. I've never fooled with RFTools storage but you've inspired me to give AE2 a hard pass on this world and give it a lash. I love new mods but often fail to branch out the moment I need to do something for in-game convenience.
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    Best Recommended Hardware Specs for Modded Minecraft?

    <---- SO, not this guy!
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    [MC1.10] Best Thermal Expansion Dynamo in your opinion?

    I was using tree oil fed into a bank of resonant compression dynamos each with 3 fuel efficiency upgrades and one overclock upgrade for the early/mid part of my current world. 12 arboreal extractors and one refinery block could keep 3 resonant dynamos fueled and making 600 RF/t. That worked...
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    Server running advice?

    The biggest pain in my arse was getting Java 8 installed. That to me was 1000x harder than doing the same on a WinBloze machine. And be prepared to be like 8 updates behind your windows friends (not that that really matters). For instance, I'm currently on Java 8 Update 45.
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    Server running advice?

    I added my parts above in my last post in case you miss it. RAM is cheap and I've always just gone with 8 myself. Saving $100 on the OS pays for the extra RAM and the upgrade to an SSD. My server running this setup uses like 23 watts 24/7 or 17kWh per month. That is about $2.50 per month in...
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    Server running advice?

    4GB of RAM is *plenty* for a server. Get a chip that has maximum IPC and single-core performance. My personal favorite is still the Intel G3258 since its IPC is almost the same as the iCore7s, you can OC it on air to 4.5GHz+, and you can get it for $50. I echo Henry's recommendation for a...
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    Server running advice?

    Hey no worries Drbretto, it won't hurt my feelings if you don't use them in the end. I'm just glad my experience hasn't been the same. They've usually answered my tickets in a day or two and resolved them satisfactorily but mine are pretty straightforward and we usually run well understood...
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    Server running advice?

    It probably doesn't let you upload a shell script because you are not root on that machine. Our server doesn't have any such files and works perfectly fine. Maybe try turning your view distance back to default and removing your extra mods to see if the server behaves? Those are some crazy...
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    Server running advice?

    Is forge/tps any help in figuring out what is causing the lag spikes?
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    Extra modifiers in 1.10

    This. I recently put a lumber axe in an EIO farming station with an octo cap planting spruce trees...things got nuts. It is currently unbreakable, has 5 modifiers remaining and I've got 550k spruce logs in my AE system.
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    Server running advice?

    Is there a forge crash report then?
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    Server running advice?

    Does the process terminate? The nogui flag will make it look like it failed b/c there will not be any visual clue that the server is in fact running. Try omitting the nogui flag. Or leave it and fire up your launcher and try logging into a local server.
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    Server running advice?

    No, that is certainly a conspicuous omission but we've never worked out how to tell how much of the RAM we are using. There is not a display on the web client. Is that lag just from worldgen perhaps? My server is in Toronto and we get good pings from the UK and Southern US.