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    Taking it elsewhere; a request for some NON-TiC based packs

    I don't understand. What has been made "harder" because of the power of TiCo? I mean, how has the presence of TiCo made using vanilla tools harder?
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    Base Biome Preference

    Colorful (autumn?) forests (Not dye trees). I like the reds and oranges and yellows, very pretty place to live! /edit -- oh, and I -love- the Canyon biome! You can dig into the side of a canyon and have windows looking out over the rugged landscape.
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    Advice for Monster at end of beginning-game-stage?

    Why wouldn't you get started on MFR? Lots to do there, and it's not that expensive. I didn't see anything "hard" about the recipes on Monster. (/edit -- ok, getting pink slimes is hard, and some of the emerald requirements are hard, but otherwise, no)
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    Modpack Updates

    He posted something then used mcedit to remove it.
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    Anyone have an idea how to quarry the nether?

    Yes, this thread died 22 minutes before you posted, you morally bankrupt reanimator you!
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    Will this hardware handle Monster well?

    Eh, I'll keep watching refurb deals. They're out there and I'm in no hurry. I might build my own instead, but finding all the bits for that is a PITA that I prefer to avoid.
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Or the Superpower of Seizures!
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Or, you have SUPERPOWERS.
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Scarlett's rise to power was on the wings of her blonde hair.
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    Will this hardware handle Monster well?

    So the core 2 duo is equivalent or better than the AMD processor in the OP? I don't know squat about AMD procs. Thanks!
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    automatic ore processing (noob)

    To save on energy and the work that my AE system has to do, I favor pre-processing the ores directly from the quarry (tesseract). You can use BC pipes or Itemducts for this, either works fine. T==========| vvvvvvv | PPPPPPF | FFFFF | =======>>[AE] T -- Tesseract = -- pipes or...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I've noticed certain areas are almost devoid of redstone as well. I haven't seen a pattern to it really, I sometimes just hit large pattern-mined areas where I found zero redstone. /edit -- one o those area was a highland transitional area between two BoP biomes; not sure if that means anything.
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    How can i finish this quest faster?

    I prefer the latter, I'll message you my skype so you can direct me real-time.
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    How can i finish this quest faster?

    Someone needs to watch YouTube mod spotlight.