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    FTB News - 3 Oct 2015

    The stages of sellout: We aren't going to use the Curse client until they support Linux We're going to move to Curse but we're going to keep the current client up until they support Linux. We might do something someday. Maybe. I'm sorry my reaction is a bit uncalled for, but you guys make me...
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    FTB News - September 27th, 2015

    Start reading: "Yay, news on Linux support!" End reading: "Curse still thinks I'm dirt."
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    FTB Infinity Release

    Ubuntu 14.10, so yes. Really wish I knew what was happening.
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    FTB Infinity Release I don't know what's wrong. Tried to truncate it where the Throwables start, Pasebin cut me off at 512 bytes.
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    Whitelist Server ThunderCraft|Friendly|Bukkit|Ultimate| Dedicated |Mature|Small Community|New Map
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    Whitelist Server ThunderCraft|Friendly|Bukkit|Ultimate| Dedicated |Mature|Small Community|New Map

    In game name : Aidoboy - Age : 13 - Country | Timezone : USA, CST - Do you understand and accept the rules : Yes - What are your plans on the server : Make freinds, join the community, possibly record videos, and build a underground base I've been planning. - Will you use Teamspeak : I prefer...
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    Name: Aidan S. E. Minecraft Name: Aidoboy Age: 13, but mature, 14 on June 1 Location: Central Texas Timezone: CST Minecraft Experience: Played since Alpha Are you streamer or Youtube series creator? Have a channel with a friend, but we haven't started posting videos yet. Why would you like to...
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    Whitelist Server PlasmaCraft FTB [Whitelisted] [24/7] [Direwolf20]

    Please post a reply telling your age (14), country (TX, USA), experience with FTB (Little, I want to learn)?, and why you are not a greifer (I hate greifing, and would never do it myself. If someone else has worked hard on it, you should let them enjoy it, not blow it up!). If you have a YouTube...
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    Whitelist Server World of FTB|Direwolf20|18+|Mature|Anti-Grief|15 Slots|10GB Ram|Whitelisted|PvE/Survival - CLOSED -

    Oh oops, please ignore this until you are accepting again. Could you pease put that you are not accepting on the main thread? IGN: Aidoboy Age: 14 Have you ever been banned from a server?: Once, but please read below. If yes then please state why: I was once banned from Lord of the Craft for no...