Zein's Necrology [pre-alpha 0.0.01]

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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome to Zein's Necrology
Welcome young Necrologist. Upon this mods release, you will go on a journey that most will call dark and sinister. Some will even call you evil, a necromancer, a being with no soul. You must shrug off these stabs at your moral fiber and be willing to progress down the paths that not many would be willing to walk. Once you have begun there will be no turning back. However once you have reached the epoch of your journey you will be a being that has been able to shrug off the fears of the mortal coil and harness the powers of Life and Death its self. You will wield the creation of a undead army and the manipulation of Necrotic Essence spread through the land. So tell me, do you think you will be willing to take the first steps down the path of the Necrologist? I must warn you tho, the first step, she might kill you.
[float="right"]-Necrologist Lord Zein[/float]

  • Implement Ores, Plants, and Trees
  • Create a Research System
  • Iron out Dark Arcane machines
  • Design a energy system
  • Create Tool Artifacts
  • Create Necromancy Artifacts
  • Create new mobs
  • Design a Mob Animation and Control mechanic

This as I said in the very poorly formed introduction is going to be a mod about Necromancy and all the components about it. I am going to try and avoid going with "Spells" I do not have to ability to do that. I also feel like that is more of Ars Magica 2's field. This is going to have a dark Gothic feel to it. Multi block structures that give the feeling of building an arcane machination. With this mod you will be able to research and progress with creating arcane artifacts and necromancy tools. You will be able to use the souls of the Mobs you kill to power these machines and give new life to Zombies and Skeletons like you have never seen before. At the heart of this mod the main goal is Lich-dom, you will work towards making a Phylactery and becoming a Lich yourself, master of Death, weaver of your own destiny. Now for you to find out what the advantages of the Lich are you will just have to wait for a release :)

Definition of the Necrologist

The necrologist is a necromancer who has, in one way or another been inspired by not just the Arcane and Death but also by the Science of life. The path of life a necrologist chooses is his own, be him evil or good or anywhere in between is entirely up to them. Necrology is broken into 6 Schools, Ostó (Bone), Sárx (Flesh), Aíma (Blood), Toxíni (Poison), Thanatos (Death), and Katára (Curse). These schools create the 6 pointed symbol of Necrology.

Schools of Necrology

Ostó - “School of Bone

The school of bone, or Ostó is the core of the necrologist teaching and research. Most all tools can be found here. From the key Scythe that all necrologist carry with them for soul harvesting and general protection. To the swords for combat and pick axes for delving into the earths for minerals and supplies. It also houses most of the structures and Arcane Machina that we use for the processing of the Souls and ores we discover.

Sárx - “School of Flesh

The school of flesh, or Sárx is the second teaching of necrology. Introducing the necrologist to the means of bodily protection through armors. It also guides the necrologist to the manipulation of the flesh through Arcanum Relique's. Zombie structures are explained about in this school as well.

Aíma - “School of Blood

The school of blood, or Aíma is one of the more darker paths that are taught. However, by any means the knowledge must be obtained. Aíma teaches the necrologist how to maintain a strong physical health and also focuses on the means of fast travel and anima nexus efficiency. Blood teleportation is one of my favorite ways to escape a... dire situation.

Toxíni - “School of Poisons

The school of poisons, or Toxíni is something that has been a core to the necrologist way of life for a long time. Taking from the Necromancer roots, we have refined the ways we learn about poisons. We create new toxins to ensue a quick death or poisons to reveal our targets for tracking, or more insidious means, to control the minds of our enemies or victims.

Katára - “School of Curses

The school of curses, or Katára is a more advanced teaching, meant for the necrologist who has grasped understanding of the fundamental difference between the Soul and the Spirit of the living and unliving. With the proper tools and Arcanum Relique's taught in this school you can brandish yourself with Katára, that in the beginning will be a setback, however, as you advance the bonuses of the Katára might be too much to resist not using.

Thanatos - “School of Death

The school of death, or The Book of Thanatos. The final teaching in the world of the necrologist. This school teaches the most powerful Arcanum Relique, this school is the key to the ultimate goal, the heart of all the teachings of Necrology, Athanasia... Immortality. This takes you down a path from which there is no returning, but the path of ever growing knowledge is worth any sacrifice. The strongest Scythes and Armour and Arcane Machina and Arcanum Relique will be at your grasps waiting for you to discover them. Buried in the pages of the Book of Thanatos.

World Generation
Table of Contents

  • Ores
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Liquids
  • Structures


[Spoler]Nergalite is a noxious green gem growing ore. Found in areas that are near pools of Necroquidium. Can be used to create tools but not Armour, can also make blocks if put in a 3x3. If ground to a powder it can be used in the School of Poison.[/Spoiler]

Anubium is a dark greyish blue metallic ore. It can be smelted down to create ingots , and it is used in the creation of Armor and Tools. Can be formed into a block is put into a 3x3 and is also used in the creation of some multi-block structures.

Izanamite is a bleached bone colored metallum ore. When in total darkness it glows with a faint haze coming from it. It can be smelted into ingots and is used in the creation of Armour and Tools, as well as used in some of the Necroquidium imbuing. It can be formed into a block in a 3x3

A silvery blue ore, rare and found deep in the earth close to the bottom. Used in crafting Tools and Armour, which is then used at the Ades Imbuit to unlock the potential in the ore. Not metallic in nature, it is said this rare ore is the concentration of lost souls finding their way to dark nexus points fusing into a carbide structure. Can be Smelted into ingots and can be crafted into blocks with a 3x3, also used in block creation and end game multi-blocks

Similar to the emeralds that the villagers trade amongst one another, Persephonate has the same shape. However, similarities stop there, the gem is as black as the night and gazing into it could consume the soul, some say. It is almost more rare than the emeralds scattered through the world.


The bone tree, tho it is structurally a wood based tree. It is very close in the molecular build up of Bone. So it was called the Kapala tree, which its uses are slightly limited, it can make Kapala planks, and which can then make the Snath of a Scythe. Produces about 2 saplings on average.

The tree has a deep dark green to its bark and internal. The leaves are a dull grey. The name is a mouthfull but it is a core tree for the necrologist. These planks are the first steps to the next level of Scythe and crafting devices. Can be turned to Erbusarbo planks, produces 3 saplings on average

A sickly greyed purple, with a sulfuric looking yellow leaves. The tree stands out and is used in the creating of the Fermenting Kegs in the school of Katára. It produces a fruit called the Yama, a purple skull looking fruit. This fruit is used in the school of Toxíni. Can be turned into Barastyratus planks.

A deep black bark with ash gray veining around the bark, the internal of the tree almost like a black glass. Cutting down this tree requires an ax made from Nergalite. The leaves are a shimmering gold, which attracts attention easily to it, as to this it is very rare and very few and far between. The tree produces the Erlik fruit used for advanced Toxíni concoctions. It can be turned to Osirignum Planks that craft Tier 2 Scythes and crafting devices, also used in the creation of Arcanum Relique's.

A Pale gray tree with a pure white core. This tree of death only spawns in total darkness underground in areas of high Necroquidium concentration. This tree is dangerous, just being near it has been said to drain the life of the living. It also draws the undead to gather near it, making this one of the most dangerous tasks of the necrologist to complete. However, obtaining the wood of this tree will unlock the final tier of scythes and arcanum relique as well as the final crafting alters needed to access these things. The tree is very rare and produces no known saplings, however there could be a way to get them. Use the wood you get wisely, can crate Thanatosian Planks.


The flow of death, the morsilva, grows along the pooling shores of the Necroquidium. Used in the school of poison as with much of the other plants and herbs scattered through the world. This flower can only be found near the base of the Thanatodentrou

The naraka flower is a very sickly purple flower that has a faint glow in the night. It grows around the Necroquidium ponds and lakes in the world. It is used in the brewing of potions and in the creation of the blood ink used for the Scriptim Immortui to unlock more knowledge in the dark book.

The radish of Orcus, a silly descriptive name, but the vegatible of a deity of death no less. This root herb is a dull green striated with white, and is found in some very swamp like places. You could cook some food with this, if you dare or use it in the brewing of more poisons, oh the poisons one could create, magnificent.

The bush of cold flame. This plant, or bush, shrub if you will, is a cool ghostly blue. It leaves of a mist that looks like fire, it also leave off a blue light. You can harvest this for its exquisite lighting it gives off, or for the essential fuel source it can be, however, you probably want it for you Toxíni tinkers.

A neon green mushroom, found deep withing caves around or near, Necroquidium pools. Necrologist's would follow these to pools underground when they would be caving for precious resources or the grand Thanatodentrou tree. It can be used in the brewing of poisons and for the crafting of a stew with the Orcusubum.


This green oozing, viscous liquid is a vital source to any and all necrologists. It is used in multiple creations. It is a key catalyst to the creation of poisons, and used in a some multi-block structures. They can spawn above ground in small pond like formations, however the larger lake like formations can be found in underground necrodum caves.


Necrodum Caves
These cave formations house the largest amounts of necroquidium and almost always have thanatodentrou in them. Usually only one will be found in about the center of the lake atop of mounds of acursed terra. Housing this tree makes these caves also very deadly, housing all manners of death and undeath bound mobs. Some may even house a lich chest burried by a lich himself hiding some of the Arcanum Reliques that they have created and hid for later use.

Curse Mechanic
Items for Mechanic to function
  • Any Scythe
  • Pneύma Paragon ~ Spirit Pearl
  • Vitium Cairn ~ Vice Shrine
  • Epίboyloς Crucible ~ Insidious Furnace
  • Seething Cadus ~ Fermenting Barrel
  • Surreptitious Cisterna ~ Secret Cistern

This is a mechanic that will be similar to the “Enchanting” mechanic that already exists in Minecraft. However, the difference in this mechanic is that a Curse, tho it will give you a bonus that will aid you, it will also give you something that will hinder you. You will go about with Pneύma Paragons and your Scythe
(whichever tier you have) slaying mobs collecting their spirits. Where the soul is a source of energy for the necrologist, the spirit contains the emotional and physical mindset of the slain. Each mob will have a “Sin” attributed to it, which will be covered later on. You will gather any and all Curses that you want and as many as you want. In it's simplest form, the buffs will be superfluous at best. You will use the Vitium Cairn with any item or Armour you want and Curse them with these Pneύma Paragon. The fun of cursing comes when you implement the use of the other blocks. Surreptitious Cisterna, Epίboyloς Crucible, and the Seething Cadus. These will allow some stronger Curses and more mix to the mechanic.
Item Descriptions:

Pneύma Paragon – Also known as “Spirit Pearls”, a dark pearl surrounded by gold filigree. These pearls will absorb the spirit of mobs slain by Scythes. They do stack when they are empty and are crafted from Golden Nuggets surrounding a Ender Pearl.

Vitium Cairn – Otherwise known as the “Vice Shrine”, is used as a means of curse binding. This will let you forge the Curse to the item.

Epίboyloς Crucible – Or the “Insidious Furnace” is used to burn the Spirits into a Curse essence. By placing the Spirit Pearl with the curse essence you want to form in the input slot. Then in the second input slot you place the Spirit pearl of the essence matching input slot 1 in it. The Crucible will melt the Curse essences together. The Crucible is a 3x3x3 Multi-Block Structure made from Obsidian, Netherrack, Soul Sand, Iron Bars, and Iron Blocks.

Seething Cadus – Or the “Fermenting Barrel”. After you have obtained a Tier 1 Curse, you can use the Seething Cadus to ferment the essence in a necrotic substrate to create a more vile curse. These tier 2 Curses have better bonuses and stronger drawbacks. Use them wisely young necrologist. These are crafted from vile trees and necrotic essence and obsidian slabs.

Surreptitious Cisterna – Also known as the “Secret Cistern”. This is the final step in creating the most vile of Curses. Tier 3 curses you experiment in the art of mixing the tier two curses. These yield the largest bonuses and the most drawbacks. Can you master the use of the curses and is the risk worth the gain, tread carefully necrologist. These are 3x3x4 Multi-Block Structures constructed of obsidian, smooth stone, Smooth Stone Steps, and Necrotic Essence.

Tier 1 ( Epίboyloς Crucible, Scythe + Pneύma Paragon )

Lust - Skeleton/Magma Cube
Gluttony - Zombie/Zombie Villager
Greed - Enderman/Silverfish
Sloth - Zombie Pigman/Slim
Wrath - Creeper/Wither Skeleton
Envy - Ghast/Witch
Pride - Spider/Cave Spider

Tier 2 ( Seething Cadus )
Lust → Lechery
Gluttony → Voracity
Greed → Avarice
Sloth → Lethargy
Wrath → Fury
Envy → Covetous
Pride → Conceit

Tier 3 ( Surreptitious Cisterna )
Lechery + Lechery →Debauchery
Voracity + Voracity →Ravenous
Avarice + Avarice →Rapacity
Lethargy + Lethargy →Otiosity
Fury + Fury →Rage
Covetous + Covetous →Desiderate
Conceit + Conceit →Hubris
Lechery + Voracity →Carnality
Lechery + Avarice →Materialistic
Lechery + Lethargy →Somnolent
Lechery + Fury →Relentless
Lechery + Covetous →Edacity
Lechery + Conceit →Sentinel
Voracity + Avarice →Parsimony
Voracity + Lethargy →Apathy
Voracity + Fury →Cannibalism
Voracity + Covetous →Esurient
Voracity + Conceit →Counterfeit
Avarice + Lethargy →Nobility
Avarice + Fury →Marauder
Avarice + Covetous →Thievery
Avarice + Conceit →Ostentatious
Lethargy + Fury →Cyrogenic
Lethargy + Covetous →Dictatorial
Lethargy + Conceit →Elusive
Fury + Covetous →Political
Fury + Conceit →Berserk
Covetous + Conceit → Otherworldly


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

This mod is still in very Pre-Alpha stages so I apologize for that. It will probably be this way for the next few months, due to my working life. I will update as much as I can. If anyone ever has any questions on progress feel free to ask. I am always open and willing to help anyone if I can so always feel free to message me. For any and all support in my modding venture I cannot express how thankful I am.
Now I have been beating around the bush on here for some time about exposing my mod I am working on. I have no progress shots because, it is still very pre-alpha haha, (i.e. still finishing some details on paper before I move full to code)

Now my issue is, I need a name that has not been used haha. However, I am also worried about making the mod now that I have seen other mods that have some similar UI and features. What should I do, any helpful suggestions FTB forums mates? I have messaged the creators of the necromancy mods I have found. namely, NecroCraft [1.2.5] by thePalindrome and Necrocraft [1.6.4] by Sulph and The Necromancy Mod [1.6.2] by sirolf2009. Now I am sure there are more but these were the more notable ones I have found through Google. Now I have Thaumcraft and Ars Magic 2 sized ideas for my mod.

For one I was being very unoriginal when I developed my name, which WAS Necrocraft bahaha, but now... I am not sure what to do. I will think about it, anyone have a name suggestion, open to all opinions. Also what should I do about these other mods I have been in-development since early 2011, I have messaged the Devs from the Minecraft Forum. What other precautions should I take to avoid community grief?

Thanks all for being great help and friends, a strong community is nothing to scoff at :)
Zein out.
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Jul 29, 2019
Remedium Pythonem: The Dark Arts Translated from Latin, the first part
means Curse of Necromancy

Thank you 1SDAN I will look into that. I plan on using this to post to also reveal some of my ideas and planned mechanics and items and blocks. Just want to have some people's feelings on the situation.

I feel like every other day I find a new problem to discuss on this mod -_- I apologize friends.

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Jul 29, 2019
You could take a page from Xeno's Reliquary and call it Zein's Necromancy.

Haha I like it though a tiny bit conceded haha ;)


Well damn, I cannot believe I never thought of that one o.o...

How about Vivas Mortem, just some random words derived from the latin for living dead?

That would flow well with the rest of the mod since many of the names are derived from Latin, Greek, and Macedonian.

Forbidden Knowledge

Simple yet mysterious

To everyone than you so much !

Zein Eizoku

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Jul 29, 2019
So, should I just rename this post and update the status from here of the mod development? Or should I start a new post fresh, solely dedicated to the progression and status of the mod?


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Dec 19, 2012
Look behind you
Right? Feels very FoolyCooly
There should be an item, called the necromicon, which is all serious and stuff, with a tool tip saying by Zombies in. Then there should be a secret recipe which makes what I said, with nothing in it but something like a troll.face, with a tool tip by the j. :D