You know you are playing too much FTB when....

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Ember Quill

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Nov 2, 2012
68 seriously consider demolishing your neighbor's house with a pickaxe in order to expand your own.

Or any situation when your brain tricks you into thinking your real life is actually FTB, I suppose.


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Jul 29, 2019
When you dream playing FTB and wake up only to realize the cool stuff you made isn't in your game.
i had a dream that i made a really good house (i am an terrible builder) and that i moved in it and then i woke up...

...when you combine a pickaxe whit a laptop and wite a turtle program in it.
...when you try to open F3 menu to see what biome you are in.
...when you start saying "LAAGG" when some1 reacts slowly.
...when you want a new texture pack.
...when you ask your neighbor where he got that skin.
...when you dont want to create flux by using the sink.
...when you complain about circles
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Jul 29, 2019
Honestly there are only two games that have actually effected me in this way:
Portal: When I actually walked into my living room wall when trying to go upstairs
That'll teach me for having white walls
CoD: Subconsciously scanning the rooftops of every building looking for snipers
And when I say "subconsciously" I mean heart-racing rapid scanning

Luckily Minecraft has never effected me this way (Although I does plague my dreams with endermen..)


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Jul 29, 2019
Actually there's one thing that really happened to me, I naturally said Geothermal Generator when I saw "gg" in a forum post..


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Jul 29, 2019
... you try to transmutate silver on your bathroom
... you dig and wonder why you aren't finding any diamonds
... when you find scrap and steal it for your mass fab
... you try to hit a beehive with wool-on-a-stick
... you wonder why your bonemeal doesen't work on your garden properly.
... you hide underground all nights becouse you're afarid from creepers
... when the police arrives home yelling that you can't trow cans and wait for them to de-spawn
... you try to put 15 kg of stone on your chest
... you wonder why you aren't finding any oil today
... you see and thunderstorm and say "Omg, someone relased too much flux!"
... you try to make fireworks using a diamond
... you wonder why the police doesen't let you to build a nuclear reactor
... you enter to a shop asking for mining lasers
... you wonder why it's so hard to find lava underground today
... you try to brew potions on the toilet.
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Too Much Free Time
Dec 8, 2012
Lost as always
  • When you try to refit your water heater with a blaze rod firebox and liquiducts for more efficient throughput.
  • When you pass by a cow pasture and think "You know, they could totally make that more efficient if they use a SoulShard for spawns"
  • When lost, your eye automatically looks to the top right to try and find the minimap
  • When you wonder how much armor value you get out of your coat
  • When you wonder how much durability your snow-shovel has left halfway through the winter and if you should go make another one just in case
  • When you see a Super Mario mushroom and think "Great, now if I could find some brown ones, I could start a soup farm"
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Jul 29, 2019
When you go into the tool shop, trying to buy a Prototype Omniwrench with your diamonds, the sales clerk asks for your money, you hand her 3 diamonds and tell her that you run on Forge and cannot get that plugin.


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Jul 29, 2019
... you start using the verbs macerate and extract in the kitchen and everyone looks at you like a crazy person.

Oddly enough - to macerate something (usually food) means to break it up or soften it by soaking it in something. A clump of dirt is macerated in a water bucket.