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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JudgeCrane, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. JudgeCrane

    JudgeCrane New Member

    First day on the fourm Im 18 atm and job hunting. I always find the time in the day to play lil bit of leauge or work on my single player worlds both vanilla and FTB watch a bit of anime, living the life I know it. Spend my days watching peoples channels on youtube such as lets plays or pod casts, maybe actually started playing minecraft 7 months ago and already got into tekkit and now FTB, im pretty well versed in the basics thanks to the wikis, youtubers and checking this fourm from google.

    But I never actually had any fun experiences playing online, none of my friends play FTB or MC for that matter and the servers I joined are all just the pvp and rules, rules, rules, ban, ban join our blah blah blah!
    I am looking for people to play with either Minecraft or FTB, nothing like age or experience bothers me just as long as you want to build and create on a survival server with me or with other people who you may join in or you invite.
    Would be nice to have a seasoned player come in and teach me about the high end stuff of this modpack, or if you are the same as me we can build something and just hope it doesnt explode haha.

    Um as of now I am playing cracked sorry if you are on the boat of either fine or not fine with this but eventually I will buy a legal copy of minecraft because got tired of cracked servers sense day 1.
    But if you read this far I hope you are not bored reading through the fourms introductions and consider my offer.
    Recap looking for people to casually play SMP on a private IP either yours or mine if you have a server set up great! If not we can look into getting one ready.
    Hoping we can also maybe post pictures of our worlds and creations on the fourm to show our progress.
    Im a very active gamer that can get stuff done and would love to play with people because smp is just better to create with friends.
    Inbox or start a conversation with me idk im new to this fourm :)
    Any replies or ideas of where I should go to find what Im looking for please post a reply.
  2. JudgeCrane

    JudgeCrane New Member

    BTW thought I should leave some things about me sense you do not know me and may want to.
    I am pretty funny and way cooler online :p
    Music: Love all genres both classic and modern I doubt that I would dislike your music taste.
    Television: I dont watch alot of tv anymore mostly anime and youtube but yeah I like to chat up anime, games and minecraft.
    Modpack: DW20
    Timezone: Pacific standard
    Hobbies: Profesional yoyoer(not anymore but look up the sport), guitar, fishing, basketball, soccer, going downtown to new places with friends.
    Sign: Leo
    Yup thats my autobiography.
  3. Dafuq?

    Dafuq? New Member

    Welcome to the FTB-forums, have fun!

    And: Jay, Yoyos! I love those things, but unfortunately, I'm completely incapable of doing anything more than 2 or 3 basic tricks. I always ended up smacking it against my head (or hitting innocent bystanders) when trying to do something more challenging. Hmm, that gives me an idea: A yoyo-mod for MC, where you can use it as a weapon, with increased damage when charging it up with complicated tricks.
  4. JudgeCrane

    JudgeCrane New Member

    Thanks for the reply! Would be nice to have a Ness skin from Super Smash Bros. Would be great to have with a yo yo mod.
  5. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    What!?! ARgh piracy arhghbngjakglaghghgkahghaaaargh!!!!

    Welcome to FTB, where everybody is a sensitive, cool-headed, emotional, matured and young poster :D
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  6. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Welcome to the forums! Ignore the troll ;)
    But please consider purchasing Minecraft. Or not saying you're playing a cracked FTB...

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