Would anyone be willing to make me a channel banner?

Discussion in 'Art, Media and Design' started by DPowerGTX, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. DPowerGTX

    DPowerGTX New Member

    Alright, title says it all. I just want to know if anyone can make me a good banner for my Minecraft channel, i plan on doing FTB Unhinged and other games like that. I basically want a banner saying Midnight D, whith my skin on both sides,


    And i know this might be a bit much but, would anyone who can do this put a diamond pick behind my character, and below the Midnight D have the slogan, "The Midnight Minecrafter" If its too much, thats cool, i just want a half decent banner for my account, so anything will do.
  2. AlexBrunt

    AlexBrunt New Member

    I'll be more than happy to make your channel banner, just pm me.
  3. Darklord__

    Darklord__ New Member

    I too was wondering if someone would be kind to make me a banner

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