[WIP] FTB Unleashed Texturepack

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by 2xgaming, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. 2xgaming

    2xgaming New Member

    Hey guys I am working on a texture pack just mainly for FTB Unleased or maybe all kinds but I am going for the main theme based of the logo of Unleashed. Basically it will be a dark grungy steam punk based texture pack. I just wanted to know if I should continue or not. Mobs will be having a MAJOR change in looks!

    Here are some samples I have made [Note this thread will be constantly updated]


  2. ScrooLoose

    ScrooLoose New Member

    Mate, that looks awsome. Keep it up.

    If you want a tester give me a shout
  3. 2xgaming

    2xgaming New Member

    I will release it for testing once I have more done.
  4. Fred4106

    Fred4106 New Member

    I like it. Not quite sure on stone (seems to "sharp" for minecraft), but the dark theme is a great idea.
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  5. NashuLee

    NashuLee New Member

    Looks nice
  6. darkraven87

    darkraven87 New Member

    if your doing all the mods as well I wish you luck so far it looks really really great hope to see this completed :)
  7. ScrooLoose

    ScrooLoose New Member

    After looking at the stone/Cobblestone (Im guessing), u may want to add some shadows and and cracks to the texture.
    That way it should match ur steampunk theme abit better.
    I u would like i can give u a couple of examples.
  8. Cannibilly

    Cannibilly New Member

    looks awesome keep up the good work
  9. VozValden

    VozValden New Member

    GREAT WORK! Just so happens that I am just starting to build a steam punk city, will be looking forward to this be released! Work on the texture pack MUST go on!
  10. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

    What resolution is this? 512x512?

    Because if it is I think alot of people can't use it.
  11. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member

    It's best to make a texture pack at the highest quality first, since you can always downgrade the resolution to 256x256 and it'll adjust accordingly. If you take a 256x256 texture pack and make it double the resolution, nothing will change, since it's just enlarging the pixels.

    So, in the end, I would assume he'll add a bunch of downgraded texture packs, all the way down to 16x16. (Or possibly 32x32)
  12. 39cluesEKAT

    39cluesEKAT New Member

    Could you make the inventory have a little more contrast between item slots and the lines in the inventory?
  13. Kylehansful

    Kylehansful New Member

    I hope this texture is out for release soon. It looks epic! I have just fallen in love with this texture pack!
  14. SaintKenneth

    SaintKenneth New Member

    I'm desperate for any texture pack action for Unleashed and I look forward to seeing how you handle the various different grains of wood provided by BoP, Forestry, and Natura.
  15. Taina

    Taina New Member

    Finally a pack for Unleashed that's not cartoony or a rip-off from vanilla. Great job, loving it just by looking at the screenshots. Wouldn't dare imagine what it would be in-game using it, would get me too anxious!
  16. mickyvelly

    mickyvelly New Member

    want a tester? happy to do it!!!
  17. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Looks cool...
  18. silvericeblu

    silvericeblu New Member

    Keep going! It looks really good.
  19. delotheric

    delotheric New Member

    i want it
  20. 2xgaming

    2xgaming New Member

    Sorry guys I been away for a while. Had to buy a new computer but I will be getting back into adding whole lot more.

    I know that me adding some kind of realistic touch to it defies the purpose of Minecraft but it is just a personal favor of mine =D

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