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Whitelist Server WhoCraft! | Ultimate | Whitelist | Friendly Community | 21+ Only

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by MikeJWho, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    Welcome to WhoCraft!
    IP: WhoCraft.atl3.creeperhost.net​
    About Us:
    WhoCraft is a white-listed 21+ Feed The Beast server owned by MikeJWho
    We are a small community of MineCraft players, and a couple fresh YouTubers, who wanted one simple thing: a server to call home -- a place where we could build up an amazing world and have fun, without fear of griefers and thieves, without needing to babysit younger players. We are mature players (in age only), many of us in our late twenties or older. Most of us work full time jobs, and only play for a couple hours a day. We are people who have found we mesh well through trial-and-error, and decided we enjoy each others' company.

    Everyone is 21 years of age or older
    Feed the Beast - Ultimate pack (EE3 is disabled)
    Survival, Hard Difficulty
    GregTech on Hard
    Scheduled map reset plan, every 6 - 8 months -- Last reset: 3/17/13
    (Each reset is considered a "season", currently on season 2)
    20 slots
    Creeperhost Enderman Server

    Server Rules:
    • All important, in no particular order
    • No Greifing - Griefing is hereby defined as anything intentionally done, that brings frustration, anger or annoyance to any other player, and includes (but is not limited to): killing off penned animals; destroying blocks/buildings/farms/etc; stalking/killing/hunting other players; drastically changing buildings/structures/farms without asking; using up or draining someone's power without replacing or asking; moving, stealing or "borrowing" items or blocks without asking...Notice a trend here? Always ASK FIRST. Chances are it's okay to use or borrow something, as long as you communicate.
    • Clean up after yourself - patch up creeper holes; if you break something on accident (accidents happen), replace it; don't leave floating trees, replant farms, re-breed animals, etc
    • Cheating/Hacks and exploiting game bugs will not be tolerated
    • PVP is ON - but optional! Don't harass players who don't want to PvP
    • Be Respectful - Of what other people build, of their stuff, in public channels. If you have an issue or problem, please don't broadcast it all over the game chat (remember some might be recording); use private channels to communicate and get it resolved.
    (Remember we are a 21+ server, mostly adults that after work want to relax on a peaceful server)​
    What do you like about feed the beast?
    Describe the type of player you are:
    (No specific answer, just trying to know your playstyle)
  2. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    I'll be keeping on eye on this thread for the next week or two.
    If you would like any other info about the server you can check out our website @ www.whocraft.net/forums
    Our forums are also home to the famous Sunnys Bee Guide !

    Look forward to reading some apps. Don't forget. The more detail the better!
  3. blackarchan

    blackarchan New Member

    IGN: blackarchan
    Age: 21
    Location: Romania
    What do you like about feed the beast? That it has all the mods that i play and enjoy
    Describe the type of player you are:I prefer the technical part of ftb im not verry good at building beautiful things and i prefer automation over beauty.I want a server where people are trusty no griefes no server problems no map restarts without announcing before....
    Fast question: Any item banned??? What about mystcraft ages??
  4. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    EE3 is completely disabled
    As for mystcraft, everything you use to make an age is disabled, but we have a flatland (automated mining)' a cave world for exploring, and a sky lands we use as a hub.

    Although no other items are disabled users are asked to be cautious with chunk loaders and complex automated systems
  5. blackarchan

    blackarchan New Member

    To bad about EE3 and mystcraft...EE3 is really good to get enderpearls at the start and about mystcraft its nice to have a private void age:D
  6. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    Yea the ender pearl is the main reason it is disabled. This is meant to be hard survival difficulty. And the private ages.. Been there. Done that. All of our players live in the overworld gives more of a sense of community.

    We also have a nice spawn village with community AE storage, public liquid tesseracts. People use the skylands hub to travel from their base to spawn via linking books.
  7. blackarchan

    blackarchan New Member

    I agree with the community i was refering to side projects, i like when people play togheter and help each other or work on common projects.

    I love AE i want to see how it will play with logistics pipes 2 when its out.So what do you think can i be whitelisted or not?? And by the way how many people are already on the server?
  8. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    I just white-listed you now. We have about 5 active players, but about 20 whitelisted.
  9. BondedGuitar

    BondedGuitar New Member

    IGN: BondedGuitar
    Age: 23
    Location: Canada
    What do you like about feed the beast? Playing with a variety of machinery and learning about all the mods available
    Describe the type of player you are: I love playing with other people and feeling part of a community. I want to leave an impact on the server and build with others, kinda like a general area to build but also the freedom to build on my own :)
  10. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    You are whitelisted BondedGuitar. I am also Canadian :)
  11. FrenziedFalcon

    FrenziedFalcon New Member

    IGN: FrenziedFalcon
    Age: 26
    Location: Alabama
    What do you like about feed the beast? Mainly just the added complexity and extra building materials that it adds to the game.
    Describe the type of player you are: I pretty much just do forestry stuff and build at the moment. I've been playing on a small server with some friends but it is unreliable and I'm looking for somewhere to play without crashes. :D
  12. mrbjorklund

    mrbjorklund New Member

    IGN: mrbjorklund
    Age: 30
    Location: Sweden
    What do you like about feed the beast? To automate things and with some new mods alot more to test out! AE looks awesome just started toying with it.
    Describe the type of player you are: I normally have a HUGE plan and work towards it. I´m quite friendly and enjoy collaborations.
  13. Nevarix

    Nevarix New Member

    IGN: Nevarix
    Age: 21
    Location: Sweden
    What do you like about feed the beast?: I love automating and setting up a production line. I also enjoy all kind of projects that FTB offers.
    Describe the type of player you are: As I wrote in the previous question, I like setting up all kinds of factories, often prioritising function over aesthetics. I of course also love helping with community related buildings.
  14. mrbjorklund

    mrbjorklund New Member


    I just noticed the link is wrong, correct on is www.whocraft.net/forum.
  15. Cannibilly

    Cannibilly New Member

    IGN: Cannibilly
    Age: 33
    Location: Maine,United States
    What do you like about feed the beast? I enjoy the technical aspect of the mods. And how you can automate things to make a great many machines, as complex or as simple as you want.
    Describe the type of player you are: I am a miss-mash player. I enjoy doing most everything from exploring to building. I also Like collaborating on goals as well as just working alone.
  16. KingFurry

    KingFurry New Member

    IGN: Kingfurry
    Age: 21
    Location: Belgium
    What do you like about feed the beast? The mods. The community :)
    Describe the type of player you are: Technological all the way. Also like to give advice and my aid to people who need it.. I am rather silent to new things but I change. Trust me. :p

    Edit: My forum layout was a bit wanky and did some crazy stuff :)
  17. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member




  18. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

  19. Leafybear

    Leafybear New Member

    IGN: Leafybear
    Age: 26
    Location: Scotland
    What do you like about feed the beast? I like the almost endless variety play styles having so many mods lets you try.
    Describe the type of player you are: I'm a relaxed player mostly used to ssp, the few times I've tried server play have been public and too full of lag and grief. Hoping to try something with a bit of community.
  20. deejkdeejk

    deejkdeejk New Member

    IGN: deejkdeejk
    Age: 20
    Location: Tucson, AZ; USA
    What do you like about Feed The Beast? I enjoy the idea of starting from nothing and creating a self-sustained technological base. I don't really know how to explain it, hah. It's just fun. d:
    Describe the type of player you are: I mainly play ssp, but that gets pretty lonely. fIRC provides some entertainment, but I enjoy bartering and interacting with other players in-game. Hope that's descriptive enough.

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