Who would win in a fight?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Jess887cp, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member

    Fairly simple game. Who would win in a fight? The next poster answers and gives another pair.

    p1: Batman vs Superman
    p2: Superman, batman is human. Lexmanos vs Flowerchild

    I'll start.
    Queen vs. The Beatles.
  2. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    The Beatles

    CAPITALS VS large
  3. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member


    Grass or Mycelium?
  4. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Grass [DOUBLEPOST=1375387902][/DOUBLEPOST]J or E
  5. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member

    Eh... I havE no cluE.

  6. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member


    Blue or Red?
  7. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member


  8. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    Amnesia. Cos I have no idea what the former is.

    Me vs. ED
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  9. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    Most likely you. But the prophecies foretell of a student surpassing the master and everyone's day getting fucked up.

    Venom Galactus vs. Galactus. I just went there.
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  10. un worry

    un worry New Member


    Lich versus Ender Dragon
  11. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member


    Darth Maul or Sub-Zero.
  12. Manu

    Manu New Member

    i dont like star wars. idk? ill say darth maul.
    stock android vs jailbroken iPhone
  13. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member

    Stock android.

    Assassin's creed or Bioshock?
  14. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member


    Chocolate vs. chocorate.
  15. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member


    Liara Vs. Boobs
  16. Succubism

    Succubism New Member


    Vanilla Ice vs Justin Bieber
  17. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    That's not even a question.

    Justin bieber vs. one direction
  18. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Somehow I knew that question wouldn't get an answer from you guys. I'd have said Vanilla Ice.
    In answer to your question, One Direction. I'm fairly sure they don't pee in buckets. Very dignified.

    And dew to lack of a question that would get a decent answer, here's a halfassed one.
    Elder Scrolls vs Fallout/Wasteland (Feel free to use any of the franchise games)
  19. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    Elder scrolls.

    Pissing in buckets vs. shitting in buckets.
  20. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Pissing - Though speaking as a female, we'd rather not do either in a bucket, thank you VERY much.

    Megaman vs Mario Brothers (Not a Brawl situation, respective gameplay wise)

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