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Casual Server Who wants to jion my mindcrack style SMP minecraft server

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by FerretRace, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. FerretRace

    FerretRace New Member

    Hi my name is FerretRace (aka Mystigon aka TheFerretRace) I am making an SMP minecraft server. However I need some members for it. So if you are interested in joining just enter out the information below in a comment below v.

    Player Name:
    What you want this server to be named:
    (Optional) Youtube Channel

    This server is going to be mainly consisted of people who are around the age 15. Warning just because you enter doesn't mean you will be joining.
  2. FerretRace

    FerretRace New Member

    Still accepting players
  3. SamDoesGaming

    SamDoesGaming New Member

  4. yohay

    yohay Guest

    Player Name:_Druuged_
    Skills:i'm nice (not realy know alot of modedstuff
    Skype:yohay abu
    What you want this server to be named:Team lal
    (Optional) Youtube Channel Dont have 1
  5. terrorfreeze

    terrorfreeze Guest

    Player Name:terrorfreeze
    Skills: builder
    Skype: none
    What you want this server to be named: idk
    (Optional) Youtube Channel

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