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Where to find oil?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by PrinnyCastGrover, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. PrinnyCastGrover

    PrinnyCastGrover New Member

    I'm loving this mod, but I'm very clueless on oil. Do you have to find it? Pump it? I don't even know where to begin looking.
  2. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin New Member

    Deserts tend to have smaller pools of it. Explore until you see a geyser. You'll recognize it immediately. They spawn randomly during world gen, pretty much anywhere. You need to collect it with a Pump. I recommend pumping it through a refinery as turning it into Fuel greatly boosts its effectiveness. You'll probably want to pipe it to tanks to store it. Railcraft Tank Carts help to transport liquids over long distances.
  3. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    Basically the taller the geyser the more oil is under it, typically a map will contain very tall geysers, 40-70 blocks high, these are the cream and rare to find. If you move into the geyser you should see a hole right in the middle of the oil, you want to position your pump so that it's over that hole. The pump extends itself downwards and will go down the hole into the pocket of oil and suck it all out.
  4. fre0hr

    fre0hr New Member

    Basically what the people above me stated. Oil spouts generate most commonly in the desert. You'll want to get the ones that appear to "spout" out of the surface, ahose ones go very deep.
  5. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    You find small oil pools in the desert on the surface (a few buckets)

    Oil Geysers are kinda rare, and can appear in any biome- but I usually find them in/near water.
    A good way to find them is make a boat and follow the coast- set your minimap to the smallest scale (biggest area) and look for black patches.
    (A boat is a lot faster, and you dont loose hunger)
  6. Antice

    Antice New Member

    I second the notion of going out at sea to search for them. since they are easier to spot out there. Actually I have found all the relatively flat and open biomes to be good for oil hunting. they also tend to come in loose clusters. if you cant find a monster spout, then go looking for the second best thing. a cluster of 2 or 3 sitting within 100 blocks of each other. Should keep you in fuel for a good long time that.

    something to keep in mind. you might not want to go too far from your base to get oil at first. getting the oil/fuel home again can be something of a pain if the distance is long and you haven't set up some kind of inter-dimensional railway system or are using Teleport pipes. If your local area is devoid of oil (it happens) then moving base might be the better option if you haven't settled in too good yet. I'd rather exploit a sub par resource at first, then go to the better ones much further afield much later rather than deal with having long distance transport system going in the early to mid game while resources still aren't abundant in your coffers.
  7. burnedbacon

    burnedbacon New Member

    If you are too entrenched to move and can't find oil, you can make some. Biofuel can be created in forestry mod. It's a bit of a build, but pays off. Make an arboretum for trees and pile in oak saplings, I find them best. You will soon have a tsunami of wood, but its the excess saplings you need. Take the saplings and dump them into a fermenter with appetite making biomass. Then pump the biomass into a still and get biofuel. It will power the combustion engines that need oil/fuel to run. It's slightly less efficient than fuel on a bucket to MJ basis, but its easily farmable.
  8. MrZwij

    MrZwij New Member

    If you're looking for a different way to get to the same end result, try making a Steve's Cart with a woodcutter plus solar and coal engines (you need coal because the cart can get stuck under leaves and run out of power). Then set it up on a little circular track on dirt where it drops the wood, apples and saplings off in a Cargo Manager and gets piped to your other machines/chests. You could also automate a furnace to periodically produce charcoal from a bit of the wood to power the cart, but I haven't bothered because a few stacks of fuel will last for many days.

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