Whats with all the servers in 2019?

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Aug 16, 2019
Giant rant! TL;DR at the end!

I've come back to the FTB modpacks and found something I wasnt expecting.

Firstly, the last few days I've been looking at servers through different listings in hoping to find a popular server to play with others on. Most of the servers I look at actually have multiple modpacks under one server and therefore the listing shows a server with 80-200 players but each individual server within said server will only have 20 or 30 players. It's frustrating because I'd prefer larger playerbases and I dont want to have to spend so much time looking for them

I understand that exploitation, lag, and other issues arise with larger player bases. Eventually, staff will roll out solutions to prevent lag and save server performance but that may result in items being removed from the game, mods being disabled, or players being limited in growth or a max amount of x y or z. These players, in turn, leave to play on other servers where they can have more in exchange for less players.

So now there are 200 servers with 10-20 people on them...

My second and bigger issue is that a ton of these mods were created with PVP, self-defense, base protection, and more in mind but most of that is virtually useless now because every server has these massive claim protections. Its PVE. The server I play on makes you enable pvp with /pvp and all I can think is what a joke this is.

Yes, you don't want a player that has been playing for 3 months with a crew of guys wearing draconium armor knocking on your door but where on earth is any of the risk? In tekkit you could build a forcefield with RF cards, Voltz had turrets and weapons, FTB packs have traps, wards, the unbreakable thaumcraft blocks, and so much more! These modpacks have safes and player only accessible like enderchests, they should be used.

I'm looking for a good server that has a decent playerbase and wont ban you for stealing or raiding. I completely support minimum protection (factions is a good example) but when super bases with millions of items and giant farms get 1000 claim blocks every time they do a daily vote it gets out of hand.

I know there are issues with hackers and griefers, no one wants to lose something they spent forever building. But every single server on every modpack I've checked out provides a big ol' safety net and it's something that bores me that I want to step away from

TL;DR I want to play on a FTB server with players that takes some aspects from Rust in the risk/reward sense. please message me or post below if you have one.


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Jul 29, 2019
Unfortunately server hunting is a fact of life. It is hard to find a stable server that has what you're looking for. I don't play your type of server, but my best suggestion is find something with 8/10 of the things you want and make due without the rest.