What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
and @McJty with The Lost Cities
McJty said:
The Lost Cities 1.12-0.0.15beta

  • Added protection for sleeping so that sleeping bag mods work again
  • New 'friendly' building
  • Very rare new building (townhall). Also new system to allow specifying interiors of building independent from exterior
  • Avoid cities in chunks that are adjacent to VERY high biomes (like alps)
  • Better door generation

and @TeamCoFH with CoFH World
TeamCoFH said:
This stuff used to be in CoFH Core. We'll be expanding on it a bit. :)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jaquadro with Storage Drawers
jaquadro said:
Storage Drawers 1.12-5.2.0
- Major internal rewrite of storage handling and save data. Probably more server-friendly in general.

>>> Seriously, make a backup first. It should load existing worlds back through 1.10.2, but this is lightly tested.

- Drawers don't ore-dict-unify by default anymore.

- Added conversion upgrades, which can be added to drawers to restore ore-dict-unification behavior.

- Available upgrade slots increased to 7.

- Default multiplier config is now 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 for storage upgrades.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:
Quark r1.2-100
- API: Added IChestButtonCallback, for GUIs that want chest buttons in a different place. Hi KingLemming.
- API: Added IItemSearchBar, for non chest GUIs that want a search bar.
- Automation: Fixed the Weather Detector not working.
- Management: Added a search bar to chests.
- Management: Added an Extract button to chests.
- Management: Moved the bottom chest buttons around so they look better. It's advised to reset that part of the config so the new one doesn't overlap.
- Misc: Fixed a crash with direction locking.
- Misc: Fixed log spam and a crash with the enderdragon when enderdragon scales are enabled.
- Tweaks: Fixed better vanilla textures not loading properly unless F3+T was pressed.
- Tweaks: Fixed disabling random chicken textures also disabling chick textures.
- Tweaks: Fixed endermen destroying blocks contents and not handling drops correctly when in pursuit of a hiding player.
- Tweaks: Fixed the food tooltip being placed incorrectly in the creative search tab.
- Tweaks: The food tooltip now shows food that can provide negative status effects with the hunger food sprite.
- Vanity: Implemented an EXPERIMENTAL Custom Emote system. This allows one to create their own emotes using text files. It currently is disabled by default, and you shouldn't try it yet unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Maybe it'll be a real feature in the future.

and @Chikachi with LiveSpectator
Chikachi said:
This is a client-side mod and therefore don't need to be on the server.

How to use
  • Go in spectator mode
  • Press the keybinding (Default: Numpad 6) to toggle
  • Alt + tab out of the game
  • Capture the game and start streaming


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @2kai2kai2 with Anti-Gravity
2kai2kai2 said:
2kai2kai2's Anti-Gravity Mod

Screw Gravity.


-Anti-Gravity Device:

Turns on/off gravity!

Note: Do not use at the same time as elytra.


Boosts player around. Sneak while using to stop.

Click here to go to the Wiki

and @horsewithnoname with Aperture
horsewithnoname said:

Aperture is a Minecraft mod which allows you to create cinematics using GUI (or commands). It works with Forge for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12.

Aperture's features are fully frame based, which allows you to record smooth footage using Minema mod.

Here are some features which makes Aperture different from other camera mods:

  • Camera profiles can be saved and loaded from config folder or the server (if the mod is installed).
  • Provides different camera behavior blocks (which are known as camera fixtures):
    • Idle fixture – does nothing, just locks the camera
    • Path fixture – animates the camera through a set of points using one of the three interpolations: linear, cubic or hermite
    • Look fixture – locks the camera at given position, and follows given entity (using entity selector) by looking at it
    • Follow fixture – locks the camera relatively to the given entity (kind of like GoPro but fixed)
    • Circular fixture – circulate around the center point and facing at it
  • Provides a GUI which eases camera profile and fixtures editing a lot. There is also command interface, if needed.
  • Playback duration is measured in ticks, instead of frames or milliseconds, which makes editing more consistent. Tick is a unit which is in the middle between frames and milliseconds. They don't depend on the frame rate in the settings, meanwhile also can be easily converted to seconds. There are about 20 ticks per a second (depends on the lag).
  • Provides a smooth camera which is basically an analogue of vanilla cinematic camera, but Minema friendly.
There is a playlist of videos which are about Aperture. At the moment of public release, there are two videos: mod's teaser and mod's tutorial.

Install Minecraft Forge, download the latest stable version of jar file for available minecraft version. Put it in minecraft's mods folder, and launch the game.

After that, Aperture mod should be installed and will appear in Minecraft's mods menu. If Aperture didn't appear in the mods menu, then something went wrong.

For mod reviewers and reposters
When reposting my mod on your own website or reviewing it, please consider following (if you want to support me and my mod):

  • Don't distort the mod name. It's the Aperture mod.
  • Make sure that information and description of my mod is legit. Misleading information, like Minecraft version support or non-existent features, is your responsibility.
  • By uploading a custom build of this mod, the build becomes your responsibility.
  • Provide the source link, please. CurseForge page is preferable.
  • Provide a link to my YouTube channel, please. This will be really appreciated!
  • You can use Aperture banner or cover for your repost page. Don't apply the watermark, though, that's just rude.
If you're interested in this project, you might as well follow me on any of social media accounts listed below:

Bug reports
If you found a bug, or this mod crashed your game. I'll appreciate if you could report a bug or a crash to me either on issue tracker, on PM or on Twitter. Please, make sure to attach a crash log (pastebin please) and description of a bug or crash and the way to reproduce it. Thanks!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 64
- Updated to Minecraft 1.12, fixed a lot of the issues resulting from this update
- NOTE: Currently, IE's vanilla crafting recipes are not yet JSONs. This will probably change in future releases.
- NOTE ALSO: Update may be a bit unstable. Feel free to report issues on github.
- added Advancements to replace Achievements, some even give rewards!
- added a custom trigger to detect formation of multiblocks
- added two new Shaders: WAAAGH! and Lusus Naturae
- added a super fancy spinning animation to Revolvers that use a specific skin.
- atm limited to two exclusive skins, may be expanded in future.
- changed holding animations for Revolver, Drill, Chemthrower and Railgun
- has a config option in case it conflicts with other animation mods
- changed certain Mineral Veins to output Sulfur Dust
- changed OneProbe integration a tiny bit, showing SideConfigs on Barrels, Capacitors, etc.
- fixed Minecart shaders crashing with layer counts over the default


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Jul 29, 2019
Blood Arsenal 2.1.0-18 is finally out for Minecraft 1.11.2 (only took 8 months lol) with a boatload of changes!
- Updated to Minecraft 1.11.2
- Updated to the latest Blood Magic version
- Added Imperfect Enchantment Reset Ritual
- Added Imperfect Ice Ritual
- Added Imperfect Snow Ritual
- Fixed Tile Entities
- Fixed the Altare Aenigmatica
- Fixed losing items on death bug
- Added the Stasis Plate
- Added the Stasis Tools and Modifier system
- Added the Infusion de Sanguine crafting system
- Added the Bound Sickle and other sickles back
- Removed the False-Swipe Stick and added the Bound Stick instead
- Fixed Lightning Reagent crafting
- Added more memes
- Did some things with other things
- Update and fix compatibility with JEI
- Added useful tooltips and JEI stuffs
- Update and fix compatibility with Baubles
- Fixed the Soul Pendant
- Update and fix (?) compatibility with Tinker's Construct
A 1.12 update is in the works (currently waiting on Blood Magic to update)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TeamCoFH with Thermal Cultivation
TeamCoFH said:
Hey there!

You'll notice this project is a bit of a placeholder at the moment, but the idea here is to provide some farming and ranching related content that doesn't quite fit into Thermal Expansion.

I'm not including all of this in Thermal Foundation because it will have a decidedly agrarian theme, and the point of Foundation is to just provide a base for the Thermal Series.

Strictly speaking, Thermal Expansion is not required, but that will mean that other mods are required to get the other metals (notably, Platinum for Enderium).

So at the moment, it's just Watering Cans. Underwhelming I know, but hey - there's no reason to sit on the content for another month or more while we get the rest ready, right?

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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ TeamCoFH with Thermal Cultivation
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Cultivation 1.12-
Hey there!

So at the moment, it's just Watering Cans. Underwhelming I know, but hey - there's no reason to sit on the content for another month+ while we get the rest ready, right?



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:
Quark r1.2-101
- General: Removed unused files and needless metadata to lower the jar filesize.
- General: Reorganized keybinds into various categories and rebinded a few of them to not overlap with the new vanilla ones in 1.12.
- Management: Fixed automatic tool restock taking tools that DON'T match the tool type when an exact copy isn't present.
- Management: Many changes to the chest search bar:
- Added the ability to double click the bar to clear the text
- Added the ability to regex search by delimiting the query with /.
- Added the ability to search for enchantments by typing their name
- Fixed quote searching not working
- Fixed some key presses being duplicated
- Made the text display red if no items in the inventory match
- Moved the text a bit to the side so it looks consistent with the creative menu search bar
- Tweaks: AFK detection no longer takes in mouse clicks when outside an interface, to allow people to AFK fish/sieve without being annoying.
- Tweaks: Endermen can no longer do their anti cheese tactics if below 3 HP, to help with your farming.
- Tweaks: The message that shows up when a player is sleeping can now be hovered to see which players are and aren't sleeping yet.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheIncgi with Auto Crafter
TheIncgi said:
I made this so recipe conflicts could be avoided in an automated crafter.


Put an item in the target slot of the GUI
Choose a recipe for the item

Feed items in from the top or sides

Items will be automatically distributed as they are inserted.

and @McJty with Lost Souls
McJty said:
This mod is a simple but very configurable mod that is designed to work with The Lost Cities (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/the-lost-cities). It makes buildings a lot more challenging by spawning additional and stronger mobs in them. There is a big chance that a building is 'haunted'. If it is haunted then there very strong vanilla mobs will spawn (boosted for damage and health) until the player manages to kill a specific number of them at which point the building is considered 'cleared'. The mobs spawn when the player is in the building but regardless of lighting level so it doesn't help to light up the building (can be disabled with config).

This mod is very configurable. You can control what kind of mobs can spawn this way, how many can spawn, the kind of armor and weapons they get. How strong they are and so on.

Feel free to use this mod in any modpack you want.

and @MrMasochism with an announcement regarding Pixelmon
MrMasochism said:
It's Been a Gréat Ride

With much sadness, but keeping all our fond memories, we must announce that Pixelmon is ending its development. We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from the Pokémon company we will be shutting our doors. I'm sorry for the disappointment this will cause but let's remember all the great times we had playing Pixelmon, discussing Pokémon, making awesome things inside this mod and everything else that we've done.

All good things come to an end eventually and now is our time. However there are always more things to do, to be a part of and to enjoy. Keep going out there to find fun projects to be a part of and other great things to invest your time and enthusiasm into.

The Pixelmon Team


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @PRIMETOXINZ with Caravans
primetoxinz said:

Caravans, a mod heavily inspired by RimWorld, brings more life to the Minecraft by adding a group of mobs that come to the player in search of trades. These traders can sell almost anything, from items to creatures!

Caravans consist of the following structure:

  • Caravan
    • Leader - The head of the caravan, the one you must trade with.
    • Followers - The Merchants and Livestock that come along to trade and be traded.
      • Merchants - The ones that decide what to trade and how much they have left
        • Types of Trades
          • ItemStack -> ItemStack - Give an item, gain an Item.
          • ItemStack -> Entity - Give an item, gain a mob on a leash.
          • Entity -> Entity - Give an entity (By having it leashed to you), gain an entity on a leash.
Documentation can be found on the Wiki.
By default Caravans has no content by itself, the mod requires CraftTweaker to be installed to add Caravans, Merchants and Trades to the game. Additionally, Caravans has support for GameStages.
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Jul 29, 2019
Alright, all you 1.7.10 holdouts, here goes one of your big stay-behind reasons.

Mystcraft is now updated for 1.11.2.

I feel there really should be more to say, but mostly I just hope people have fun with it.

The current plan is to do some bug fixing and then target a 1.12 update. The 1.12 update will probably include significant changes to how instability works.


[Minecraft]Updated to version 1.11.2

[Generation]Island Worlds are now much bigger
[Generation]TEMPORARY: Skylands worlds don't have fluid (seas, etc removed)
[Generation]Falling blocks on Skyland worlds which lack support are changed to cobblestone

[Mechanics]Ink is now bucketable

[UX]Star Fissure Render improved

[BugFix](For Map Makers)Relative Link affects location of Generate Platform

[Java]Requires Java 1.8

[Generation]Island Worlds are now much bigger -- This kills my absolute favorite world writing. An island world with no sea, and dirt ground, could handle one diamond obelisk symbol with no instability 50% of the time, and LOTS of other ore obelisks. This (constant day) was my favorite mining age, everything was on the surface and easy to get to.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 67
- added the Probe Connector. It can read Comparator Overrides on Inventories and stuff!
- added fancy animations for the reload with a speeloader and opening the revolver GUI
- added the Circuit Board material, requires for Probe Connector and Turrets
- added Comparator interfacing to a lot of IE multiblocks (using the RS controlpanel)
- re-added animations for the drill. It rotates again \o/
- changed TE OreDict comapt to run in init phase
- changed Revolvers to aim at enemies properly
- changed re-equip animations for Revolver to look better
- changed the Speedloader to a separate item, added a unique reload sound
- changed the link system in the manual to allow linking to specific crafting recipes
- fixed missing recipes for Metal plates
- fixed Uranium Blocks + Slabs not having a recipe
- fixed IE's fluids to always stitch into the sheet and have buckets load correctly
- fixed missing Hammer Crushing recipes
- fixed IE recipes using fluids not emptying containers properly & duplicating them
- fixed recipes for Aluminium and Steel wires

and @kroeser with Integrated Dynamics
kroeser said:
Integrated Dynamics 1.12-0.8.0
As always, don't forget to backup your world before updating!
Requires CyclopsCore version 0.10.8 or higher.

* Add Liquid and Crystalized Chorus
* Add Mono-Directional Connector
* Add Omni-Directional Connector

* Fix entity display client-side crash
* Fix Drying Basin appendix localization

and @raoulvdberge with Refined Storage Addons
raoulvdberge said:
Refined Storage Addons
This is an addon mod for Refined Storage, from the original Refined Storage author.

This mod will have all features that I think belong in an addon mod and not in the core Refined Storage mod.

Currently only adds a Wireless Crafting Grid, but more features will be added in the future.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new updates, and today it's @Chekote with Runic Blink
Chekote said:
This mod allows you to build "Runes", which are 5x5x1 blocks of obsidian. You then create a signature for the Rune, which binds it to other Runes with the same signature.

This mod adds a single block: The Rune Core.

Rune Core


The Rune Core is the primary component of a Rune. It stores the energy for the Rune and controls transmission and retrieval of Entities.



This mod does not add any new items.

This mod adds a single structure: The Rune.

Players construct the Rune and utilize it to teleport to other Runes with the same signature. A Rune is a 5x5x1 structure (horizontal). The following diagram outlines the structure of a Rune (note that the dirt blocks can actually be any material):


Runes are primarily constructed from Obsidian, with a Rune Core in the center. The Blocks immediately North, South, East and West of the Rune Core make up the Rune's signature.

The Signature components can be any block that you wish.

To create a usable teleport, you will need to create two or more Runes with the same signature.

Right clicking on the Rune Core of a completed Rune structure will activate the Rune. The Rune will draw energy from the surrounding environment, which you will observe as a lightning strike hitting the Rune.

If you do not see a Lightning strike when you attempt to activate the Rune, it means that the Rune is invalid. Check that your Rune structure matches the requirements defined above.

Once you have constructed and activated two or more Runes with the same signature, you can teleport between them by right clicking the Rune Core in the center of the Rune.

When you use a Rune to teleport, you will be transported to the next Rune with the same signature. You will be transported to each Rune with the same signature in the same order that each Rune was activated.

and @Brad16840 with Backpacks
Brad16840 said:
Backpacks 3.2.0
Backpacks can now be upgraded from the lightweight backpack interface
Added config gui

and @McJty with The Lost Cities
McJty said:
The Lost Cities 1.12-0.0.18beta

  • Add the ability for floor parts to specify that they don't want doorways to neighbouring chunks
  • Two new buildings: a shopping mall and a more open version of that shopping mall
  • Reduced default explosion size/chance a bit

  • Many internal changes to the way cities are generated
  • The ruin rubble/leaves layer was generating inside buildings that were not ruined. That was not intentional

  • Buildings can now indicate that they don't want to be adjacent to another building. One half of the shopping mall uses this because it looks better when those parts are on their own

  • The blocks below the bed (for teleportation) is now configurable (default is still diamond blocks)

  • New event based api to influence lost city chunk generation
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheUnderTaker11 with Better Magnets
TheUnderTaker11 said:
Adds tiered magnets that work just like the magnet(s) added in Quantum Flux, Practicalities, Genetics Reborn, and Kitchen Sink.

There is 5 tiers, and each instantly sucks items into your inventory if within its range. The range of each tier is configurable. Check out the wiki linked above if you are still confused.

Also adds a block to negate the effect of the magnets so automation that drops items in the world will still work.

Disable/enable suction mode by shift right clicking the magnet or using keybind 'M' by default.

Each magnet also works as a Bauble if the mod is installed.