What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jaredlll08 with Visualize
jaredlll08 said:
Visualize syncs video options between modpacks! Using Visualize, you will never have to change video options again!

Visualize saves specific information from the local modpack options.txt and saves it onto your computer, when running another pack, Visualize reads from the saved file and loads the options based on those saved options!

This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code JARED for 30% off your first month of service!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 1.11.2-4.0
  • Added: Rune Pattern, used to copy rune patterns more easily.
  • Added: Slime Cube, allows / forbids Slimes spawning in the chunk it's in.
  • Changed: Light Redirector Material so you don't need a pickaxe to break them.
  • Changed: Made Entity Detector GUI a bit smaller / compact.
  • Changed: MCP Mappings are now read from the gradle cache if possible so rt doesn't require a mcp folder in dev environments anymore.
  • Changed: Sakanade Spores now generate on brown mushrooms in ALL biomes.
  • Changed: Removed the Collapse Imbue & Moved the Collapse Effect into a Potion Effect.
  • Changed: Fluid Displays can now be rotated by shift right clicking them.
  • Changed: The Spectre Dimension now uses its own unique biome instead of the vanilla hell biome.
  • Fixed: Gave Tilled Fertilized Dirt an Item Model for Display Purposes.
  • Fixed: Tilled Fertilized Dirt now drops normal Fertilized Dirt when silktouched.
  • Fixed: Beetroots getting immediately destroyed after an update on Fertilized Dirt.
  • Fixed: The Fluid Display works with modded fluids again and is also correctly colored.
  • Fixed: Removed Item Block from Rune Block to prevent crashes if somehow created.
  • Fixed: Item Collectors now only increase their tickrate if they actual collect something.
  • Fixed: Cascading Worldgen
  • Fixed: Crash when using a Entity Filter on a player and putting it into an Entity Detector.
  • Removed: Fertilized Dirt Bonemeal Effect


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @elucent with Roots
elucent said:
Roots 2-0.020

- Lots of bugs.


- Lots of spells have had reduced costs and increased potency. I realized Roots was once again becoming extremely underpowered.

- The ritual of sacrifice has been removed, as have Numena alignments. They will likely be removed in their entirety by the time the next large version is released.

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Foundation
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Foundation 1.10.2-

-New Blocks/Items: Ore Clathrates.
-World generation for these, including crude oil. Check your /config/cofh/world folder for


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Pricea1 with Entity Hoppers
Pricea1 said:
What this mod is
This is a very simple mod. All it adds is one item (entity hopper) that acts as a normal hopper, but can feed items into, and from entities. Like normal hoppers, entity hoppers react to redstone, turning off if theres a signal, and on if theres not.



Current Mobs
  • Player
  • Villager
  • Skeleton (1 in 10 chance it's bow will be picked up, with random durability)
  • Zombie
  • Wither Skeleton (1 in 10 chance it's stone sword will be picked up, with random durability)
Crafting - (SHAPELESS)

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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.11 - 62
- Updated to Minecraft 1.11.2 and all the bugfixes that came with it! (thanks AtomicBlom and Malte for all the help <3)
- added a migration system to allow loading 1.10 worlds into MC 1.11.2! (thanks Malte)
- added special chemthrower behaviour for fluid concrete. It's the GLOO cannon from Prey! :D
- added compat for Forestry's fertilizer to be used in the cloche
- added the Alloy Kiln!
- a small multiblock that allows earlygame alloying of metals
- also features Crafttweaker support (thanks primetoxinz)
- added new textures for the Dynamo, copper ingots, wirecoils and coil blocks (thanks Mr. Hazard)
- added the Capacitor Backpack! Supplies your items with power!
- added Thermal Foundation's Phyto-Grow as a valid Cloche fertilizer
- added Sulfur & Saltpeter dust to make gunpower. Better texture and more uses soon!
- changed balance on Drills: Heads have more durability, lubrication reduces wear, augers boost speed
- changed Turrets to use the improved Tile Renders (thanks Malte)
- changed outputsize on Coke and Blastbrick recipes, reducing earlygame resource costs
- changed the Windmills!
- new model (courtesy of Mr. Hazard)
- instead of having two types, they are now "upgraded" with sails
- changed produce&seed output for wheat and beetroot in the Cloche
- changed Toolboxes and Wooden Crates to keep their enchantments on placement
- changed Railgun to store less energy (so the Capacitor Backpack actually has a reason to exist), buffed its damage by 50%
- changed Redstone Connectors to properly connect to Redstone Dust (thanks Malte)
- fixed recipes for redstone ignoring conveyers
- fixed render-crash with the Cloche
- fixed nested configs not generating
- fixed inventory texture for the LV connector
- fixed cross-mod compat for the Cloche
- fixed soil-texture getter for the cloche
- fixed Covered Conveyors not protecting inserted items against pickup
- fixed Improved Blast Furnace consuming too much fuel (thanks Malte)
- fixed Multiblock disassemly code, specifically regarding multi-break-tools like Drills or TCon Hammers (thanks Malte)
- fixed possible NBT overflows with toolboxes, crates, shulkerboxes, etc (thanks Malte)
- fixed Fluid Pipe covers not initializing properly (thanks Malte)
- fixed recipe-wildcard handling in the manual (thanks Landmaster)
- fixed logic and effects for the Grunt Birthday Party achievement
- fixed missing sounds for Metal Press and other things
- fixed JEI display for the Crusher to show secondary output percentages
- fixed Jerrycan/Sheetmetal Tank interaction (thanks Malte)
- fixed Arc Furnace not recycling wire coils because wire was an unknown resource
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Jul 29, 2019
and @NightKosh with Sophisticated wolves
NightKosh said:
Sophisticated wolves 3.8.0
  • Add dog whistle. It summons all dogs in range of 35 blocks to the player, and discard all dogs' tasks
  • Add Dog Bowls, which can be used by dogs to feed themselves
  • Dogs can eat food from the ground

and @Jacky1356400 with Exchangers
Jacky1356400 said:
Ever wanted to exchange between blocks rather than break / place blocks? Well, now you have an option!
Exchangers is a mod inspired by the Exchangers from EnderTech (EnderTech is a tech mod for 1.7.10 and it has been discontinued) and block exchangers from various different mods.
This mod currently is available for 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12!


  • 8 different vanilla exchanger variants (Tuberous, Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron, Diamond, Emerald and Obsidian)
  • Configurable durability for vanilla exchangers
  • Exchanger can exchange up to a 15x15 area, depending on the tier
Todo / Upcoming Features:
  • RF-based exchanger variants (Ender IO, Thermal Expansion and Mekanism)
  • More progressive recipes config option
  • Separate keybind for increasing / decreasing exchanger radius, rather than 1 key to toggle between modes
  • In-game config GUI
  • A better exchanger mechanics
Bugs / Feature Requests
Please submit any bug reports or feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Note: Optifine / FoamFix will likely affect your bug report if you have them installed. Please test and reproduce the same bug without Optifine / FoamFix installed.

Source Code & License
  • This mod is Open-Source.
  • You can find the source code on GitHub.
  • This mod is under the MIT License.
Using this mod in modpacks
Yes! Feel free to use this mod in any EULA-compliant modpacks. In short, you cannot monetize the modpack through websites like adf.ly, adfoc.us, etc.
Feel free to DM me on Twitter, Discord or Twitch (Links are down below) about your modpack details!

Contact Me
Donations / Tips
If you enjoy this mod and would like to support my mod development, consider donating / tipping! Every donations / tips are appreciated!

>>Click here to donate / tip<<

Special Thanks
  • Turkey2349 and ThatGamerBlue for helping me to make this mod
  • JCOnline_ for making the logo of the mod
  • ColossalPercy for making all the item textures
  • These awesome people for helping out: XaviorDD1st, Shadows_of_Fire, sokratis12GR, GylieGylie, MiningPickTV
  • Minecraft modders from various different Discord channels

and @TechnicianLP with EqualDragons
TechnicianLP said:
All Dragons are created equal.

Makes all dragons behave as if they were the first dragon (drop egg and more experience)

Optionally it only spawns an egg for every dragon killed
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @a1lic with Cubic Villager
a1lic said:
Cubic Villager 0.29.1
[Change] Many changes for 1.10.2

[Remove] Villager slab.

[Add] Villager's inventory to GUI.

[Add] Use wand to heal zombie villager immediately. (Requred a golden apple and a emerald.)

[Add] Drop items in villager's inventory when villager die.

[Add] Edit trade menu with wand in creative mode.


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May 22, 2013
My Chair
Updated Dynamic Surroundings to v3.4.5.5!

What's New
  • Russian (ru_RU) translations for Presets!/Dynamic Surroundings (thanks Xottab-DUTY!)
  • Deserts have a wind style background sound
  • Support for Simple Corn
  • Savanna has daytime and nighttime biome sounds
  • Raptor (bald eagle/red tailed hawk) spot sounds
  • Config file options to turn off certain features
    • Used by modpack authors to control player experience
    • Applies to Light Level, Compass/Clock, and Chunk Fencing HUDs
    • When turned off feature will not be available in game
    • Config options for said features will also be suppressed from the config GUI
    • Keybindings for features are disabled
  • Configuration options for specifying startup sound list
    • To prevent sound from playing remove all entries from config list
  • No more "hanging chad" footprints when walking off the edge of a block onto tall grass plant
  • Tooltip no longer blocks the volume slider control in the Individual Sound Config GUI
  • Added missing Tinker's Shovel and Scythe sounds
  • Sacred Springs biome from BoP have forest like sounds rather than jungle
  • AbyssalCraft Darklands biome should not have dust
  • Changed village anvil to be lower pitch and not as frequent
  • Square and hoof footprint textures are darker and alpha processing changed to make the prints less stark
  • Limit village sounds to Overworld
  • Support new Chisel API (facades)
  • Improved waterfall sounds; multiple different sounds based on the strength of the fall


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TeamCoFH with Redstone Arsenal
TeamCoFH said:
Redstone Arsenal 1.11.2-
Redstone Arsenal


-Flux-Infused Shield. Damages mobs when used as a weapon or when blocking.

-Pretty big overhaul with textures and jsons. Texture packs will need updating. Sorry.

and @Gory_Moon with Horse Power
Gory_Moon said:
This mod adds a hand powered grindstone, a horsepowered grindstone and a horsepowered chopping block.

It is highly customizable to work well with mod packs.

You can add recipes the to grindstones and the chopping block through the config or CraftTweaker.

The commands and syntax for CraftTweaker can be found on the wiki on Github.

You can add custom mods to power the horse powered blocks in the config.

There is a the '/horsepower reload' to reload the recipes from the config, you need to edit them trough the in-game editor trough.


Post bugs/ideas/requests on my Github issue tracker.


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @SR2610 with Jukebox
SR2610 said:


  • A new Jukebox that can store up to 12 records in it's inventory
  • Play / Resume Functionality
  • Ability to select what record to play using a custom Gui


Planned Features

  • Playing / Pausing Records with Redstone Control
  • Shuffling between all stored records
  • Functionality to repeat the current record when it is finished
  • Auto Playing the next record in the Jukebox
Mod Packs

Feel free to use this mod in any of your mod packs!
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with The Lost Cities
McJty said:
The Lost Cities 1.12-0.0.9beta

  • Added a Lost World dimension. Can be disabled in config. Current way to get there: two diamond blocks on ground, place a bed on it and surround with six skulls. Then sleep. You can also go back to the overworld like that. The default dimension ID is currently 111
  • New presets for tallbuildings from Seth
  • New 'atlantis' profile
  • Custom loot tables are now possible
  • A configurable random number of buildings will now spawn without loot or spawners
  • First version of the api

and @uberifix with Functional Aesthetics
uberifix said:
Functional Aesthetics
This mod was designed with a few key features in mind :

Functionality - Blocks should be useful, tons and tons of blocks that have no purpose is just clutter

Simplicity - All blocks should be simple to use, crafting recipes will never be complex with tons of nesting

Immersion - There will never be any GUI's for anything other than crafting

Configurability - Features and modules of the mod can be configured and enabled/disabled

Compatibility - All models are built off of vanilla textures, this allows the mod to look natural with any resource pack

Vanilla Aesthetic - All models are kept simple to fit in line with the vanilla aesthetic, angled blocks are used sparingly to add detail and impact

This mod is currently in a beta state - features are still being added, this section will list completed features



Spoiler (click to hide)
Campfires will cook any food tossed beside them in a 1 block radius, any other items will burn.

(Default 4 items at a time, in 100 ticks)

Campfires can be made from any log type by simply using a Bow Drill on a placed log.

(Bow Drills can be crafted from a bow and a stick, and has 8 durability)


Campfires can then be converted to any of its stone pit variants by using cobblestone, granite, diorite, or andesite on the campfire.


Spoiler (click to hide)
Item Cooking


Item Burning


Default Resource Pack


Unity Resource Pack


Coterie Resource Pack


In Progress
Current features in progress

Posts, Beams and Mounts (Posts, beams and mounts connect to each other like fences and can support other blocks)

Ropes and Chains (Attach to posts,beams, mounts and other objects)

Hanging Objects (Lanterns, Signs, Etc.)

Wells (Infinite water sources)

Brewing System (Brew vanilla potions in mass and store them for later)

Issues / Feature Suggestions

Please redirect any bugs or feature suggestions to the Functional Aesthetics Github Repo Issue Tracker under the label "Bug" or "Enhancement"

and @Lemon with Anima Mundi
Lemon said:

Anima Mundi is a mod that is currently in beta.

The general idea behind the mod is a tech mod in the style of a magic mod.

Right now the content mainly focuses on item transport, but will feature a much more diverse set of features in future updates.

Anima Mundi features blocks and items that allow you to automate basically machine.

See an album of the first batch of features here

Current Features:

Item Transport -

Anima Mundi features blocks and items that allow you to automate basically machine.

more to come!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @DreenDex with Improved Backpacks
DreenDex said:
Improved Backpacks mod about backpacks!

This mod adds simple Backpacks that you can upgrade, rename and paint!


  • Paint backpacks by using dyes
  • Upgrade backpacks by using storage upgrades
  • Rename backpacks by pressing Sneak key + Use key





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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with The Lost Cities
McJty said:
The Lost Cities 1.12-0.0.12beta

  • Important note! It is strongly recommended that you delete all Lost Cities configs. Otherwise you may not get some of the tweaks that were done on the profiles and this can give ugly results.
  • Fixed a bug in corridor generation in some rare cases
  • New rubble generator layer. This is an optional layer of stone (becomes dirt/sand/... after biome decoration) on top of streets and in the cities to give it a more worn down look. In the default profile (and the others derived from this) this will be a thin and rare layer but in 'wasteland' and 'ancient' this layer is pretty thick. In addition there is also an associated 'leave block' layer on top of this that can be configured as well. For ancient profile this is again very thick. For wasteland this is disabled
  • New ruin generator that can be applied independent from the explosion damage. This generator will ruin a building from the top. For the default profile these ruins are rare but in wasteland and ancient they occur a lot
  • Fix subways being flooded in all profiles
  • Some tweaks to the street border which was not applied in some rare cases

and @mangoose with Nether Chest
mangoose said:

Nether Chest

This mod adds one block: the nether chest. It serves a counterpart to the ender chest, having a special ability based on the nether dimension. When items are stored in nether chest, their normal stack size limit is multiplied by 8 due to the way the nether compresses space by a factor of 8. This stack size increase also applies to tools and any other items that aren't normally stackable. The downside to these chests, however, is that they cannot be accessed by hoppers or other forms of automation. Additionally, trying to open one in the nether is a very bad idea.

Config Options

There are a few config options for the mod, which I figured I'd mention here so you don't have to install it and run the game to see what options there are.

  • Text size of the item count of stacks stored in nether chests
    • By default, this is set to 75% to make room for numbers up to 512, however if you don't like that, it can be configured to any number between 0.5 and 1.0
  • Whether nether chests should explode in the nether
    • By default this is set to true. This option is not available in 1.11.2.
  • Explosion strength from nether chests that are opened in the nether
    • By default, the explosion strength is 8, which is slightly more than a charged creeper.
  • Central recipe ingredient
    • Unless you use CraftTweaker, the recipe for a nether chest will always require 4 nether brick blocks and 4 iron ingots, but you can use this config option to change the middle ingredient to any item in the game (although it isn't damage or nbt sensitive). The default for this is blaze powder.

and @blupilot with Menu Books
blupilot said:
Menu Books is a simple little mod that adds books which give a shortcut to certain menus such as the advancements menu. This is perfect for those used to opening the quest book in questing modpacks.

Currently, the only menu book available is the advancements book, which is crafted from a book and a log (shapeless).

More features to be added:
-Crafting Book
-Furnace Book?
-Anvil Book

Known issues
-Game crashes sometimes when opening the book too fast (Fixed in 1.0.2)
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.11 - 63
- added the Heavy Plated Shield!
- it protects like a normal shield
- it has awesome upgrades
- added Vacuum Tubes as a new mid-game crafting material
- added a manual entry for the new components
- added Crafttweaker integration for Blueprint recipes
- changed/fixed HUD displays for Railgun, Chemthrower and Revolver
- changed Turrets to be interactable from the top block (thanks Malte)
- changed Arc Furance to distribute inputs evenly again (thanks Malte)
- changed Sulfur and Saltpeter textures to be Hazards instead of my terrible ones
- changed recipes for Mechanical components, added Bluepritns for reduced cost
- changed JEI integration to use newer JEI methods
- changed Engineer's Workbench to no longer be part of IE's main achievement progression
- fixed Redstone connectors not properly accepting signals (thanks Malte)
- fixed OC compat not loading due to incorrect mod ID (thanks Malte)
- fixed Capacitor Backpack potentially charging itself
- fixed crashes with Capacitor Backpack and Railgun interacting with capabilities (thanks Malte)
- fixed localization file getting screwed up to ASCII
- fixed up interacton between Silos and RefinedStorage (thanks Malte)
- fixed ghostloading messing up randomizers for a lot of stuff (thanks Malte)
- fixed a plethora of ghostloading issues (thanks Malte)
- fixed Capacitor Backpacks being all-around derpy when crafting (thanks Malte)
- fixed broken Pipe renders (thanks Malte)
- fixed Turntable not reacting to redstone signals
- fixed Fluid Outlet outputtign through closed sides
- fixed render issues with the charging station (thanks Malte)
- fixed (possibly) Wooden Crates in villages losing their contents on pickup
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