What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @pau101 with Paint This!
pau101 said:

Paint This! enables players to paint with a wide selection of dyes onto canvases of many sizes to sign and frame.


Horsehair is an important part in crafting the various brushes, it can be obtained by shearing horses. Tolerant horses will let you shear their hair. Horses get increasingly annoyed after each individual shear and become tolerant over time, a horse that's completely annoyed will take 3 minutes and 20 seconds to become completely tolerant. Therefore, you'll only get 3 to 4 horsehairs on average in 3 quick shears at complete tolerance.


Bellow are the main crafting recipes. In order of top-down, left-right there is Easel, 1×1 Canvas, Small Paintbrush, Medium Paintbrush, Large Paintbrush, Palette, Palette Knife, and Signing Brush.



Dyes can be added to a palette by placing them around the palette, each relative position corresponds to one of the eight spots on a palette. A palette knife is used to remove dyes. Place the palette knife next to palette in the position of the dye you wish to remove. The palette knife does have durability and is repaired in an anvil with an iron ingot.


To create a canvas larger than 1×1, you arrange canvasess into a rectangular shape such that for each canvas the width of canvases above and bellow are the same and the height of canvases to the left and right are the same. For example to make a 2×1 canvas you place two 1×1 canvases horizontally. Furthermore to make a 2×2 you arrange four 1×1 canvases in a 2 by 2 square.

In order to frame a painting you simply need to surround the canvas with eight sticks.




The largest a canvas can be is 4×4 and they are be placed on a wall or on an easel. Canvases can be framed or unframed, framed canvases are a small amount larger so they can't be placed directly next to one another like unframed canvases can.


An easel is used to hold a canvas while painting. They can support a canvas whose size is at most 3×2, larger canvases will need to be placed on a wall. Easels are very similar to armorstands, so they are affected by gravity and take a couple hits to break.


A palette is what enables you to change the dye on your paintbrush. You do so by putting your brush to the right of the palette in your hotbar and use the palette to put the dye on to the brush which is cycled through the ones on the palette.


The three sizes of paintbrushes, small, medium, and large have a radius of 1, 2, and 3 respectively. To paint use a paintbrush with dye on a canvas and be within the reach of 3 meters.

Signing Brush

The signing brush is used to sign your paintings. You apply dye to it like a regular paintbrush and depending on if you use it on the left or right half of the canvas the signature will be placed accordingly. A signed painting can only be edited by the signer.


and @JimMiningWorm with ObsTrophies
JimMiningWorm said:
ObsTrophies 1.2.0
- ADDED "Twilight Forest" integration
- Most mobs are trophies.
- Use new "Dawn Breaker" and "Smoking Dusk" swords for increased trophy drop chance
- ADDED two new swords
- "Dawn Breaker"
- "Smoking Dusk"
- Used for increased drop chance on Twilight Forest mobs
- Crafted with Twilight Forest items
- ADDED "Animals+" integration
- All mobs are trophies
- Use the (existing) "Lightning Sword" and "Weeping Sword" for increased trophy drop chance
- ADDED Resizable Trophies!
- Shift right click a trophy to increase its size
- Shift left click a trophy to decrease its size
- Breaking the trophy will return it to its default size
- NOTE hit box & collision box sizes do not change when resizing.
- ADDED some error handling to entity rendering within trophy (just in case).
- CHANGED "Weeping Emerald" recipe
- now only uses one ghast tear.
- FIXED "Weeping Sword" increasing trophy chance for AoA mobs
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:
Quark beta-4
- Tweaks: Added Less Intruive Shields, which makes shields not block 1/6th of your screen
- Tweaks: Added Note Blocks playing mob sounds if there's a head attached
- Vanity: Added an Emotes system, with an emotes button in the chat interface

and @Lordmau5 with FFS
Lordmau5 said:

and @pifou92000 with Improving Minecraft
pifou92000 said:
Improving Minecraft 1.10.0
  • Fixed "Baby zombies deal less damage" feature not always working
  • Fixed wild animals' hostility towards players not being saved properly on game exit
  • Zombie Pigmen now have their base attack strength decreased when gold items' damage is increased, to keep their final damage unchanged
  • Baby Zombies now ride normal chickens instead of wild chickens
  • Added an Elder Guardian spawn egg when the "Spawn eggs for all the mobs" feature is enabled
  • Primed TNT can be defused using shears
  • Undamaged Iron, Chainmail and Gold armors can be smelted back into ingots
  • Zombie Pigmen can be cured just like Zombie Villagers, and become Pigmen, passive creatures who trade with players
  • Added Hell Hounds in the Nether, they can be tamed using Black Bones dropped by Wither Skeletons
  • New enchantment on boots: Water Walking

and @Ermans with Bottled Animals
Ermans said:
Bottled Animals 1.1
  • Added new generator: Basic Generator
  • Added new machine: Animal Materializer, it converts digitalized animals into vanilla spawn eggs
  • Now all the machines with tank can be filled/drained (depends if they produce or need fluids) witha bucket / fluid handler directly in the gui.
  • Added to wiki some pages.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @dmf444 with Custom Banner Loader
dmf444 said:
Minecraft officially introduced banners in 1.8 . After seeing the generic designs that were added in, banners didn't seem any fun anymore. But now, with the advent of Custom Banner Loader, everything changes! Create a simple black/white image, a .json file and bam! New banner and shield types. This mod automatically loads localization and adds in the crafting recipe.

Anyone who makes a design and would like to show it off, send it to me and I'll consider posting it as an example.

Thanks to Vazkii for inspiring this mod. If it wasn't for the introduction of Custom Banners in the mod Quark, I'd never have made this.

Basics of creating a banner:

Important Folders:


JSONs and Banner images go into the .../entity/banner folder. Shield images go into the .../entity/shield folder.

Clients and Servers need the JSONs. Images are only required on the Client side, however it will not crash a server if they are included in the config folder.

Json Format:

"item": "minecraft:Item_Needed_To_Create_Design",
"name": "Name_of_PNG_file",
"id": "ID",
"localized": "Engilsh_Name_of_Design"

  • The item field is the name of the item, identical to using the /give command
  • The IDs should all be unique, and are registered with "bl_" before them. IDs should be only 1-4 letters.
  • Localized is the English name given to the design. If the banner was of a ball, localized should be "Ball". Localized is used in the tooltip to describe the design
  • Name is the PNG file without the suffix .png . If this is not properly set, the textures will fail to load.

and @kamildanak with Waypoints
kamildanak said:
This mod was originally created by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN for Minecraft 1.6.4.
Place waypoints blocks near each other to form a 2x1x2 or 3x1x3 waypoint structure:


Stop on it, right click and enter the name for the waypoint (you can left-click while sneaking on activated waypoint to change it name or link it to another waypoint):


After giving it a name, use it to activate the travel GUI, that lets you reloacte to any waypoint you visited before immediately:



Video review

Source code on Github
1. Install Minecraft forge.
2. Put the mod's .jar file you downloaded into mods directory.

This mod is available under GPL2.
You are allowed to include it into mod packs of any kind, without asking for permission.

and @MrCompost with The Betweenlands
MrCompost said:

The Betweenlands is a stand alone mod to the sandbox construction game, Minecraft developed by the Angry Pixel modding group. This large and expansive mod focuses on a whole new fully fleshed-out dimension for Minecraft with a plethora of exciting new content.

The Betweenlands dimension is a dark, swampy realm crawling with strange, monstrous creatures. It is the dimension that the majority of the mod revolves around.

Lore -

During the time when the Overworld and Nether were just being born, this dimension existed as little other than a void of nothingness, but energy seeped into it, giving it potential to grow. Eventually, an interdimensional rift appeared, allowing life force to populate this dimension. A race of NPCs inhabited it, including Revil O' Elcanrab, a powerful Druid. He and his followers worked to twist the Nether's evil into a weapon of peace. However, when they opened the portal in this dimension, evil surged out into it. This caused the NPCs to become Wights. Revil O' Elcanrab himself became the Prime Wight, and he now wielded power over this dimension. He caused the Betweenlands to become a swampy, deathly land, as it is now. After much time, a traveler (the player) found their way to the dimension.

Features -

The air is so foul that any creature breathing it slowly decays. The realm has no day/night cycle. Clocks, maps, redstone, flint and steel, and compasses are useless here. Due to the warm and wet environment of The Betweenlands, food from other dimensions rots when traveling through the portal to this dimension, becoming Rotten Food.

As Flint and Steel cannot operate in the dimension, there is an alternative way to creating a fire. Simply hold right-click Moss, Cave Moss, or Thorns (either placed or dropped, both block and item forms work) with an Octine Ingot to light it on fire. The ingot will cause the plant to slowly build up flame until it turns into a fire block, without consuming the ingot in the process. This is essential for getting an Infuser started.

Torches will not work here, and you will require Sulfur Torches instead. Along with that, tools from other dimensions will be diminished in effectiveness in the Betweenlands, prompting the player to use the Betweenlands tools. However, Betweenlands tools in your inventory will undergo Corrosion.

How to access -

The Betweenlands can be accessed by creating a Portal Tree, which contains four portals to the dimension. For more information on how to access the dimension, visit the How to get there page.

Environment -

The Betweenlands revolves around a swampy-like theme. It has a randomly generated, animated green sky dotted with mysterious, hazy stars. These skies have Auroras from time to time, one of the last sparks of happiness in the dimension. The once verdant soil retains a very dead green color.

The dimension is composed of Swamplands, Patchy Islands, Coarse Islands, Sludge Plains, Deep Waters, and Marshes. The Middle Gem Ores can be found within a couple of these biomes. These biomes are crawling with very thick and uncontrolled flora and fauna, and some contain remnants of long lost civilizations in the form of Small Ruins, Dungeons, and Idol Head Statues, among other mysterious structures. There is one rare major dungeon landmark, the Wight Fortress, that is central to progression. The Betweenlands may give birth to new biomes in the future and will receive more structures, such as Tribe Settlements.

<figure class="article-thumb tright show-info-icon"><figcaption>
The Lake Caverns, or Pitstone layer of The Betweenlands. It houses Valonite Ore, and Life Crystal Ore.

The Betweenlands's default tree is the small Weedwood Tree, although there are bigger variations. The dimensions also provides Sap Trees, Rubber Trees, and Dead Trees. More trees are to come in the future.

The dimension carries a whole underground system with ores such as Sulfur Ore,Slimy Bone Ore, Octine Ore, Syrmorite Ore, Valonite Ore, and Life Crystal Ore. The caves themselves are often wide and house underground flora and dripping stalactites, along with echoing cave ambiance.

There are two main locations of the Betweenlands's underground structure: The Caverns and the Lake Caverns.

The Betweenlands only has two underground structures at the moment, and those are the Tar Dungeon, located in the Caverns layer, and the Underground Ruins, located in the Lake Caverns layer. Ancient Temples and more will be arriving in the future.

Forum thread -

Twitter -

Wiki -

and @JTK222 with Simple Vanilla Edit
JTK222 said:
Hey guys,

I think everybody knows that situation:
You are building something and need to fill a large area but you are in Vanilla and don't want to setup a Bukkit/Spigot Server with World Edit?

Well this Mod solves this Problem all you need now is to press 3 buttons and the area will be filled!

What does this mod exactly do?
It makes it possible to save 3 different locations for the vanilla /clone and /fill commands.

And makes it also a bunch easier to use them in Commands!

Oh and the best thing its only Client Side!

This means you can use this even on a Vanilla server but you need the Permissions for the commands!

Look into the Controls there should be a few new Keys.

Set Position 1:
Sets the first Position of your selection.

It takes the Block you are currently looking at (8 Block Radius might be buggy at corners because it only checks a block each 1/2 block).

If there are no Blocks it will just take your current Position.

Set Position 2:
Same as "Set Position 1" but only for position 2... you don't say :O

Set Target:
This key sets the Target position for the /clone command.

The Block stuff is the same like for Position 1 and 2

but if position 1 and 2 are set it will also highlight the area that will be replaced trough /clone.

Reset all from above:
Just Shift while pressing any of the buttons above to remove the position.

Clone just lets you send this command: "/clone pos1 pos2 target force force"

force will be replaceable in future as I am planing to add a Gui for that.

Fill executes you the command: "/fill pos1 pos2 <Block in your Mainhand> <Meta from Block in your Mainhand>"

replace and other will also be addable trough a Gui in Future Versions.

If your Mainhand is empty it will just fill the area with air.

Expand into facing direction:
Expands your Selection into the direction you are facing.

Decrease into facing direction:
Decreases your Selection into the direction you are facing.

A & Q:
What is planed for this mod?
There are a few things for example the Guis to customize the commands a little bit more.

And maybe a client Side /undo command but as it might be problematic with servers I am currently not aiming at it.

I have an suggestion where can I post it?
Currently only here but a Minecraft Forum Thread will be created during the next days I will add the Link here once its done.

Does this mod need to be Installed on the Server too?
No it doesn't, its client side only and it will stay client side only as I wan't to make it as easy to setup as possible.

and @ezfe with Time Keeper
ezfe said:
TimeKeeper - a Forge mod
TimeKeeper Mod for Minecraft 1.9

This mod will sync the Minecraft time to the time outside.

You can find the config in minecraft/config. It is called "EzTimeKeeper.cfg.

You should set your location here (latitude/longitude). This is used to keep sunsets in sync. If these numbers are wrong sunset and sunrise may not line up. You can get your latitude and longitude here: http://www.latlong.net

Last updated March 27, 2016


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Dec 24, 2013
BuildCraft 7.2.4 and Compat 7.2.1 are out! If you missed your robots farming your AgriCraft crops, this is the release for you!

BuildCraft 7.2.4

  • Stained Glass facades and transparent facades are back (asie)
Bugs fixed:
  • [#3275] Kinesis pipe power extraction fail (asie)
  • [#3273] BuildCraft and JEI cause massive server connection time increase (asie - don't forget to update JEI!)
  • Broken quarry model when facing north (asie)
  • Certain pluggables not being placeable in SMP (asie, AlexIIL)
  • Energy trigger not ignoring pipes (asie)
  • Putting facade in crafting grid causing a crash (asie)
  • Various gate-related crashes (asie)
BuildCraftCompat 7.2.1

  • Rewritten AgriCraft compatibility (asie)
  • Speed up JEI loading performance - don't forget to update JEI! (asie)


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Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
@Reika updated to v12

  • DragonAPI: Greatly expanded particle motion control
  • DragonAPI: Greatly expanded ASM handling
  • DragonAPI: Fixed day time measurement only being 10 minutes long
  • DragonAPI: Redesigned mob-to-color mapping
  • DragonAPI: Fixed Mystcraft page handling
  • DragonAPI: Mod files now compare client/server hash to detect mismatches
  • DragonAPI: Added ItemSizeText Event
  • DragonAPI: Added PostItemUseEvent
  • DragonAPI: Added EntityRenderEvent
  • DragonAPI: Added Environment Sanity Checking
  • DragonAPI: Fixed CoreContainer sync behavior
  • DragonAPI: Configs can now be reloaded by command
  • DragonAPI: Added Chisel Handling
  • DragonAPI: BlockArray recursive methods now support extraSpread like ProgressiveRecursiveBreaker
  • DragonAPI: Fixed FilledBlockArray multicheck
  • DragonAPI: ImagedGuiButton now supports auxiliary icon rendering
  • DragonAPI: Redesigned packet type "update"
  • DragonAPI: Fixed SoundCategory keybinding crash
  • DragonAPI: SensitiveItemRegistry can now prevent recipes from adding the items within
  • DragonAPI: Expanded Twilight Forest handler
  • DragonAPI: Redesigned LuaGetSlot LuaMethod
  • DragonAPI: Added EnderIO liquid XP handling
  • DragonAPI: Updated ICBM support
  • DragonAPI: Added Mekanism IGasItem support
  • DragonAPI: Added GetMouseOver event
  • DragonAPI: Added GetPlayerLook event
  • DragonAPI: Added RenderBlockAtPos event
  • DragonAPI: Added HotbarKeyEvent
  • DragonAPI: Added KeepInvEvent
  • DragonAPI: Fixed ProgressiveRecursiveBreaker attempting to silk touch some blocks
  • DragonAPI: Added option to disable hotbar swapping
  • DragonAPI: Sound enums now support preloading
  • DragonAPI: Added easier item lookup
  • DragonAPI: Changed most case behavior to use English localization
  • DragonAPI: BoP Maple woods is no longer treated as a snow biome
  • DragonAPI: Expanded RailCraft handler
  • DragonAPI: Added functionality to expand on CrashReports
  • DragonAPI: Added Thermos support
  • DragonAPI: Fixed NestedMap size()
  • DragonAPI: Fixed sound attenuation behavior
  • DragonAPI: Added many nuclear Isotopes
  • ChromatiCraft: Greatly expanded very endgame
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Penetrating Gaze ability
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Matter Phase ability
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Passive Draw ability
  • ChromatiCraft: Added KeepInventory ability
  • ChromatiCraft: Added ME/Inventory unification ability
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Fertility Aura ability
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Kill Aura gun
  • ChromatiCraft: Redesigned monument completion ritual
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed MystCraft pages not working
  • ChromatiCraft: Added new MystCraft instability effects: Corrupted Aura, Hostile Effect, Lumen Loss, Buffer Drain
  • ChromatiCraft: Element buffer now warns players as the charge drops
  • ChromatiCraft: Ball lightnings are now more common
  • ChromatiCraft: Crystal furnace can now make food and charcoal more cheaply
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Lumen Wire
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed nether bypass sometimes glitching with BoP vines
  • ChromatiCraft: Overlays should now overlay minimaps
  • ChromatiCraft: Repeaters can now be "extra" turbocharged with structure upgrades
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Particle Spawner
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Purification Crystal
  • ChromatiCraft: Added anti-attenuation gem
  • ChromatiCraft: Item Casting Stands can now split stacks (shift click with empty hand to "cache")
  • ChromatiCraft: Relay tiles now keep their energy when broken
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Enchantment Decomposer
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some flower effects
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Aura Jets being nonsolid
  • ChromatiCraft: Excavation star now spreads more permissively if sneaking
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed reach boost accelerating player mining speed with wet feet
  • ChromatiCraft: Enhanced Transferrence now collects XP
  • ChromatiCraft: Fertility Bloom can now be planted on farmland
  • ChromatiCraft: Improved pendant performance
  • ChromatiCraft: Streamlined ItemElementCalculator
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed relay renderer
  • ChromatiCraft: Enchanter can now apply Power and Sharpness X
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Coalescence Orchid occasional chat erroring
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Casting Table behavior with stack sizes over 64
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed ritual table behavior
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Pylon Energy Focus repeatedly damaging its parent pylon
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Terrain Crystals to the dimension (in progress)
  • ChromatiCraft: Pylon cache now validates on server load
  • ChromatiCraft: Ley lines now support variable radius
  • ChromatiCraft: Redesigned lexicon energy cost display
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Lumen Repeater (cheap early repeater)
  • ChromatiCraft: Redesigned midgame progression
  • ChromatiCraft: Pylon energy is now available earlier-game for some applications
  • ChromatiCraft: Player buffer wheel now shows fractions nonlinearly
  • ChromatiCraft: Lumen Tree can now be boosted with a structure upgrade
  • ChromatiCraft: Protection beacon now requires its structure
  • ChromatiCraft: Expanded Progression command
  • ChromatiCraft: Made high-tier abilities much more expensive
  • ChromatiCraft: Made portal rift more expensive
  • ChromatiCraft: Changed repeater turbocharging recipe
  • ChromatiCraft: Repeater turbocharging is now documented in the lexicon
  • ChromatiCraft: Power crystals are now more expensive
  • ChromatiCraft: Void cell now uses unenergized void core
  • ChromatiCraft: Pylon energy focus dramatically more expensive
  • ChromatiCraft: Dimension structures much less cheatable
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Cellular Automata structure
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Shifting Maze structure
  • ChromatiCraft: Redesigned texture sheets
  • ChromatiCraft: Ethereal Barrier now has "auto" mode
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Guardian stone crystal star exploit
  • ChromatiCraft: Improved crystalline stone rendering; can now glow in the dark; connected textures optional
  • ChromatiCraft: Hugely improved Void Rift performance
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed inventory warp shift-click crash
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed "sliding" GUIs sometimes sticking at very low FPS
  • ChromatiCraft: Ore harvester now inherits diamond harvest level
  • ChromatiCraft: Excavation star can no longer spread on a dimension's main stone type
  • ChromatiCraft: Player element buffer capacity now increases upon completing the dimension
  • ChromatiCraft: Player lumen suction efficiency now increases upon completing the dimension
  • ChromatiCraft: Doubled protection beacon range
  • ChromatiCraft: Unturbocharging a pylon can now destroy power crystals
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed dimension fissures generating through some structures' air
  • ChromatiCraft: Sandy burrows can no longer generate in water
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Defensive Glass
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Luma Beans
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Turbo Root
  • ElectriCraft: Fixed Lua compatbility
  • ExpandedRedstone: Block Breakers now obey SemiUnbreakable
  • GeoStrata: Fixed Opal coloring
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed heater GUI
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed chat being cleared at times
  • RotaryCraft: Removed charcoal-to-coke recipe
  • RotaryCraft: Rock Melter can now melt solid ender blocks
  • RotaryCraft: Changed magnetostatic power curve; RF costs are now almost 2x higher
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed bedrock sword breaking Mekanism gas items
  • RotaryCraft: Jetpack now interacts with flammable liquids
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed reservoir consuming buckets
  • RotaryCraft: Fuel Enhancer is no longer BC-dependent
  • RotaryCraft: Improved Obsidian Factory renderer
  • RotaryCraft: Redesigned Fractionator slots and automation
  • RotaryCraft: Halved AC engine magnetization duration
  • RotaryCraft: Extractor now supports CustomExtractLoader properly
  • RotaryCraft: Expanded entity-in-reservoir behavior
  • ReactorCraft: Finished Thorium Reactors
  • ReactorCraft: Tritium Lamps now have a 2-month lifespan
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed UF6 achievement trigger


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Jul 29, 2019
Updated AbyssalCraft to 1.9.1-pre-2:
  • Now runs on Forge
  • InventoryTweaks integration is back (you can sort crystal bag content again)
  • The Dreadium Samurai armor now animates correctly again (but the swing animation still de-syncs a bit)
  • Oblivion Deathbombs and ODB Cores now animate like TNT when primed
  • The death animation time for J'zahar has been increased to 40 seconds (so you can keep up with his speech)
  • The dialogues shown upon Asorah's and Cha'garoth's deaths now display each sentence with a 3 second pause between them
  • Added information about Enchantments to the Misc Information section
  • Added a ritual that allows you to respawn J'zahar (can only be performed at his temple)
  • Fixed a lot of issues related to tracking entities within close proximity of a block


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @DarkCow with External Announcements
DarkCow said:
External Announcements is a very basic modpack maker utility mod. That allows creating an external news file that will display in game. To provide updates about modpacks, server, or just advertise information.

  • Read local text file
  • Read URL test file
  • Multiple announcements
  • Announcement start delay
  • Announcement repeat interval
File Format
Each entry in the file needs to be as follows

{"Message"} or

{"Message", 10s} or

{"Message", 10s, 100s}

The first time value is the delay to first show the message. This can be set in seconds(s) or minutes(m). Second time value is how long to wait before showing the message again.

The path to the announcement file is set in the config file. Prefix the path with "FILE:" to note that it's localized, and "URL:" for remote locations.

Planned Features
  • Better Colors support
  • Web link support
  • Opening GUIs with formatted news
  • HTML GUIs for adding images
  • Overlay GUIs for showing news while user plays
  • Constant Overlays that always show on the GUI
  • Server Side support for overriding or adding to existing news
  • Localization support for translating news

and @BlayTheNinth with KleeRacer
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod was made for the KleEaster event that was livestreamed on Twitch by Kleetho, weallplaycast, Flamegoat and layout8.

Basically it adds random easter egg spawns to the world that when opened, give you a random reward.

The goal is to craft a final item made out of parts gotten in the eggs.

Designed for use in the KleEaster pack, but doesn't have any actual dependencies.

EiraMoticons is highly recommended though, as some of the egg messages make use of Twitch emotes.

and @Player with FastCraft
Player said:
FastCraft 1.22
- much improved culling and related tasks
- faster text rendering
- faster serialization and deserialization
- better tick and update scheduling
- compatibility improvements
. additional misc. tweaks and fixes


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Judge40 with Better mobGriefing GameRule
Judge40 said:
"Better mobGriefing GameRule" is a Minecraft mod which improves the "mobGriefing" game rule, allowing separate values to be specified for individual types of entity.

The below game rules can be used to override the mobGriefing behaviour for the associated entity type, the value of these rules will be used instead of the original "mobGriefing" game rule.

Entity Game Rule
Creeper mobGriefingCreeper
EnderDragon mobGriefingDragon
Enderman mobGriefingEnderman
Ghast mobGriefingGhast
Sheep mobGriefingSheep
Silverfish mobGriefingSilverfish
Wither mobGriefingWither
Zombie mobGriefingZombie
The versioning used for this project uses a combination of the target Minecraft version and SemVer in the format "MCVERSION-MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH".

This project is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).

and @plusplus_Farore with Industrial Revolution
plusplus_Farore said:

Unofficial forum

IR3 is an Independent tech mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. This mod adds ores, energy system, machines, pipes, tanks, decorations, foods and tools.



Forge #1448+


The main additional elements(Google Translation)

  • Ore
As a new ore to the normal underground, tin, copper, silver will be added. Different altitude is generated, respectively. In addition, the bottom of the sea (gravel) of marine biomes, as a new resource, manganese crust, cobalt crust is generated. The crust can increase the mining amount of luck, you metal is obtained by processing in the crusher a crust that was mined.

  • Advanced Redstone Signal
Advanced Redstone Signal is high-frequency redstone pulse. It has two of the parameters of the signal strength and frequency. Signal strength is level of signal. It will decay 1RSS by every 1m. Frequency is related to the operating speed of the machine. Frequency will not decay.

  • Redstone Cable
This cable is used to transmit the development Redstone signal. The upper limit of the signal strength and frequency that can be handled by the material that was used to craft are different. You can also change the color of the cable that you craft along with the dye. No connection cable between different color.

  • Redstone Pipe
As well as the cable to transfer the Advanced Redstone Signal. It also conveys the items at a rate of one second per 1m (block). By using a pipe, it can automate the processing facilities with a small wiring. Pipe faces the surface that has been clicked when installed.
Pipe orientation and target block of the carry-out pipe, on the other hand will be the criteria to select the direction of the traffic in the pipe.

  • Pulse Generator
It is a machine that outputs the development Redstone signal. Except for the ultra-low frequency pulse generator, it is to be running will be required crystal unit. The signal to be output will depend on the performance of the crystal unit that was used as a pulse generator. In addition, the pulse generator is not is not run while receiving a vanilla RS signal, it does not even wear of the crystal unit.

  • Crystal Unit
The item that becomes the fuel of the pulse generator. Basically Nether Quartz, Red Stone, and the jewelry and material. If the maximum output frequency of the crystal unit is higher than that of the pulse generator, by that amount vibrator will last longer.
  • Redstone Machine
It is a machine that runs on advanced redstone signal. It will do the job, such as processing and collection of items by receiving the input, which is determined by the rating. Corresponds to the loading and unloading by the hopper, etc., processing machinery will carry-out the finished product from the surface of the bottom by default, you can carry the material item from a surface other than the other of the front. If the other machine can loading and unloading of the corresponding item from a surface other than the front. Finished product carry-out surface of the processing machine can be changed in the item "Wrench". In addition, the cable will lead to any surface if other than the front.

For Developer:

Source code is available from dev package. Add-on development is basically free, but please contact a word to me always. The development of the mod of converting the energy of this mod to other energy does not allow. (It is the same even in reverse.)


Redistribution of jar files is not basically allowed.
If you would make modpack and distribute it, please contact a word to me(this page or Twitter(@plusplus_san)).

and @CubeX2 with WholeTreeAxe
CubeX2 said:
This mod adds an axe that breaks all connected log blocks at once.



You are allowed to include the mod in a modpack if you give visible credit to me (CubeX2).


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Flenix1 with MCHeli
Flenix1 said:
MCHeli 1.0.0
It's a big one guys - 1.0.0!
(?) signifies I'm unsure on the translation.

New vehicles:
- NH Industries NH90-TTH
- Skyline GT-R BNR32
- Centauro reconnaissance vehicle
- M1A2 Abrams
- Merkava Mk.4
- T-90 main battle tanks
- KV-2 Gigant additional
- P-51 Mustang
- T-84 Opuroto M

New Commands (Require op/cheat mode)I've not tested these commands yet, translations may be wrong. Please let me know if a command doesn't work and I'll check the code.
/mcheli reconfig - Reload the mcheli.cfg file
/mcheli title - Display characters in mcheli title screen. (?)
/mcheli fill - fill the designated area in the block. (WorldEdit kind of thing, odd to include but oh well)
/mcheli status load Tell you how many entities are loaded (Possibly just relates to vehicles)
/mcheli showboundingbox - Show the entity bounding box, similar to the GUI control that already existed but easier to access. (Servers can force this off)
/mcheli killentity - kill all the entities of the specified class name (player excluded)
/mcheli removeentity - Remove the entity of the specified class name (player excluded - bypasses deaths I believe, so won't drop stuff maybe?)
/mcheli attackentity - damage to the entity of the specified class name (player excluded)
/mcheli modlist - View the mod list of specified player (to avoid cheaters)

/mcheli list - Lists these commands in-game for reference.

New Features
- Added Brakes (space bar) - only in certain vehicles (I assume cars)
- Added Javelins (Like a stinger but goes up then down, if it works like the real one.)
- Breaking mobile weapons will not cause them to loose their ammo
- Added cars & tanks!
- Cars can take damage if partly in a block (Hopefully all vehicles can - meaning you need enough room to move.)
- Hitting mobs etc in a vehicle damages them (basically you can run people over in your new car.)
- Vehicles shake when they are shot at (?)
- Using Ctrl+R and Ctrl+F you can switch seats including the pilot seat (previously was only passenger seats)
- Machine guns now have muzzle flash and smoke
- New animation/effects for explosions
- When vehicles turn back to items they now keep their fuel
- Vehicle sounds can be heard from further away (Up to 500m apparently!)
- Realistic sound physics (From what I understand, it means things change how they sound as they pass you, like how a siren goes to a lower pitch when it's passed you)
- In creative mode, use shift to change how things hit the airframe (?)
- Better collision detection with other mods (including vanilla arrows)
- Switching to Free Look mode no longer makes a click

Server-only new features
- Vehicles can be set to execute commands when destroyed (eg rollback the area for damage, or spawn a new one? A lot of useful things for servers here)
- Allow placement only on sponges (PlaceableOnSpongeOnly) - I assume to create special "launch areas"?

New asset features

- RepairOtherVehicles option, allows it to repair nearby vehicles (Like the fuel tank fuels them)
- SubmergedDamageHeight to allow vehicles to go underwater (SUBMARINES!!!)
- TurretCameraRotationSpeed to change the speed in which turrets can rotate
- Ability to change shooting, seat, and camera locations for turrets
- DamageFactor to scale weapon damage
- Make weapon groups which can be reloaded and use single ammo between them (?)
- Button to reload weapons and HUD (?)

Bug Fixes
- Fuel didn't take the right amount of coal when refilled via right-click.
- Explosions were slowed by grass and spiderwebs - they now blitz straight through them.

and @feldim2425 with More Overlays
feldim2425 said:
This mods adds some of the overlays from NEI.



  • Chunk Boundaries
  • Light Level / Mob spawns ( 16 block range )
  • Item search (only if JEI is installed)
Default Keys:

  • F9 : Chunk Boundaries
  • F7 : Light Level / Mob spawns
  • Z (only in inventorys) : Item search
Known Bugs:

  • Weird Item Overlays if you search in the creative menu
I allow distribution of my mod in modpacks. Would be nice if you give credits

and @alatyami with Growthcraft Community Edition
Alatyami said:
Growthcraft Community Edition 2.5.0
Growthcraft CE 2.5.0 Release Notes
Release Date: March 29, 2016

Commits: 250+
Changed Files: 1198


This release introduces a new module, Growthcraft Milk! Growthcraft Milk adds additional uses for Milk by being alble to make various cheeses, yogurt, and ice cream.

New Features and Updates
  • Growthcraft
    • Added more MFR support across the modules.
    • Improvements to the language translations.
    • Added a credits file
    • Removed old nether textures, they will be split off into a seperate mod later
    • Removed Herobrine
  • Growthcraft Core
    • Residue schemas now extend the ItemKeySchema, allowing them to support oreDictionary items.
    • Added EffectRegistry
    • Added salt and saltwater. Salt is obtained by boiling saltwater, which in turn is obtained from any biomedict ocean biome. Salt is currently only used in cheesemaking, its uses will increase later.
  • Growthcraft Bamboo
    • Allow torches to be placed on Bamboo Stalks
    • Bamboo has been moved to its own creative tab.
    • Support for RTG
  • Growthcraft Bees
    • Added beeswax textures
    • Added crafting recipes for bees wax
    • Added default user API entries for Biomes O Plenty flowers
    • Added beebox textures for Botania Dreamwood and Shimmerwood.
    • Also added beebox textures for BoP and Forestry wood
  • Growthcraft Cellar
    • Discard buttons should be enabled by default
    • Users may now toggle poisoned effect visibility
    • New progress tool-tip for the fermentation barrel.
    • More Thaumcraft integration.
    • New beverage, kumis. Created by fermenting milk.
  • Growthcraft Milk
    • Ice Cream has been added with five different flavors: Apple, Grape, Chocolate, Watermelon, and Honey.
    • Added Thistle as an alternative to Cow's Stomach for making Rennet.
    • Added new fluids Rennet, Skim Milk, Cream, Kumis.
    • New Culture Jar for generating Yeast and Starter Culture.
    • New devices include the Cheese Vat for making cheese and the butter churn.
    • New items, such as the cheese cloth, have also been added.
    • Customizable heat sources for the Cheese Vat.
    • Added yogurt, it comes in the same flavors as ice cream.
  • Growthcraft Rice
    • Rice has been added to the MFR fertilzable crops.
    • Paddies can now fill from rain.
  • Growthcraft API
    • Moved NBT related helper classes to api
    • Split Booze into GrcFluid
    • Added FluidTagRegistry
    • Replaced FermentJar with CultureJar
  • Growthcraft User API
    • Bees can be added via the user API
    • Flowers can be added via the user API, as valid candidates for meeting the flower requirement for bees
    • Fish and loot can be added via the user API, as valid items that can be dredged up by the fish trap
    • Vines can be defined by the user API, for dropping grapes, hops, and any other future vine-based crops
    • Recipes can be added to the butter churn via the user API
  • Wiki
    • Improved documentation greatly
Bug Fixes
  • Growthcraft Core
    • Fixed fluid colors
  • Growthcraft Apples
    • Fixed OreDictionary registration message for apple cider booze
  • Growthcraft Bamboo
    • Fixed Bamboo Forest biome generator
  • Growthcraft Bees
    • Corrected a minor logging typo
  • Growthcraft Cellar
    • Fixed FruitPress not accepting items from side
  • Growthcraft Rice
    • Fixed Rice block state textures

  • Growthcraft Bees
    • Removed deprecated honey combs

and @Reika with DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, RotaryCraft & ReactorCraft
Reika said:
DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, RotaryCraft & ReactorCraft V12c
  • DragonAPI: Added LivingFarDespawn event
  • DragonAPI: Maybe fixed PlayerAPI incompatibility
  • DragonAPI: Fixed update notification appearing on dimension change
  • DragonAPI: Admins bypassing permissions for mining machines is now configurable
  • DragonAPI: Use of HashMap for SoundCategory is now a config option
  • ChromatiCraft: Added lexicon data for new content
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Piercing Gaze ability not being gated properly
  • ChromatiCraft: Abilities are now lost if their required progression is lost (eg command)
  • ChromatiCraft: Matter phase now resets on death
  • ChromatiCraft: Possibly fixed PlayerAPI incompatibility
  • ChromatiCraft: HUD info now renders on top of everything else
  • ChromatiCraft: Reworked energy-use progression slightly
  • ChromatiCraft: Added icons to denote required power type (ley line, relay, crystal, etc) for blocks
  • ChromatiCraft: Fragment loading crash no longer says "notify Reika" unless it is a core fragment; mod interaction ones point to the relevant mod
  • ChromatiCraft: Modified Terrain Crystals
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed AppleCore-triggered fertilization crash with saplings(?)
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed crystal comb registration
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed particle spawner GUI kick
  • ChromatiCraft: Vacuum Gun now obeys permissions
  • ChromatiCraft: Enlarged Ritual Table GUI
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Ruskea shards not working in Crystal Brewery
  • ChromatiCraft: Item Collector now stores filters when broken
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed NPE with ItemStand stack spreading
  • ChromatiCraft: Made dimension core melodies more variable
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed WorldGenFissure crash
  • RotaryCraft: Aluminum dust ore-dict is now a config option
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed AppleCore-triggered fertilization crash with canola(?)
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed Mob Harvester mobs despawning
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed ore-dict and recipe interaction that triggers a GT crash
  • RotaryCraft: Expanded Wind and Hydro engine render AABBs
  • RotaryCraft: Fuel line can now carry Molten Fuel Salts
  • ReactorCraft: Added recipe for waste duct
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed Thorium core waste feeding
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed Thorium cores not connecting to fuel lines


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Mar 3, 2015
Several Major announcements (Some of which maybe april fool's jokes, decide for yourself)

Botania has a 1.9 Alpha Release (Here)
IC2 is changing to RF (Here)
Buildcraft 8.0 (Here)
Some Tech Reborn people are modding Factorio (Here)

Again, other than the Botania for 1.9 alpha, these all have the potential to be April Fool's jokes. You've been warned.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Inventory Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:
Inventory Pets 1.4.2
Release Notes 1.4.2 for 1.7.10

“Hotfix 1.4.1”


  • Corrected label on Pac-Man to show super damage boost (Credit: Lachlan)
  • House Pet so it properly eats ender nuggets (Credit: Lachlan)
  • House Pet no longer places you underground if spawnpoint not set
  • Quiver Pet no longer gets hungry when other pets are hungry
1.4.1 Notes Below

8 New Pets

  • April Fool Pet (Holiday)– Spawn Foolishness during the month of April
  • Quiver Pet (Special) – Infinite Arrows and 30 second Rapid Shot
  • Apple Pet (Fan-suggested) – Toss two different types of deadly apples at your enemies
  • Cheetah Pet (Fan-suggested) – Super Speed Boost and Haste
  • House Pet (Fan-suggested) – Set your home coordinates and return at will
  • Pac-Man Pet (Fan-suggested) – Auto-eats for you when you are hungry and 10-second Power Up
  • Silverfish Pet – Walk through walls, and immune to suffocation
  • Wolf Pet – Spawns an elite wolf to fight for you and provides toggle-able wolf alarm when enemies are near

  • Russian and Ukranian translations (Credit: dmrayz)
  • Increased Cloud Dungeon appearance rate (slightly)

  • Feed Bags no longer allow negative Item amounts (Credit insuusvenerati)
  • Illuminati and Juggernaut timers no longer shared between players (credit: zzApotheosis)

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.95
Added Ore Smasher

  • Hammer that only works on Ex Nihilo Ore Gravel / Sand
  • Right-click to automatically place Ore Gravel / Sand blocks from your inventory
  • It will also attempt to automatically craft Broken and Powdered Ores into their block variant upon right-click and place them instantly
Fixed the Auto Sieves not accepting Enchanted Books

  • They will now accept Fortune and Efficiency books.
Fixed the uncompressed mobs spawning from Compressed Mobs not carrying a weapon

  • Uncompressed Skeletons will now carry a bow
  • Uncompressed Wither Skeletons will now carry an iron sword
  • Uncompressed Zombie Pigmen will now carry a gold sword

and @TheCricket26 with FTB Islands
TheCricket26 said:
Island Creation tool for servers running the pack. There are multiple commands that you can use.

You may make up to 100 islands including spawn

[Op Only]

/island create <name>

/island createall (use when you don't want people to join islands)


/island join name

and @Reika with https://sites.google.com/site/reikasminecraft/changelogs
Reika said:
DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ReactorCraft & RotaryCraft V12d
  • DragonAPI: Maybe fixed more PlayerAPI incompatibility
  • DragonAPI: Fixed ItemMatch NBT behavior
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Location Warp spawning nether portals
  • ChromatiCraft: Redesigned lumen tile tooltip
  • ChromatiCraft: Added missing localization
  • ChromatiCraft: Added "Cancel" button to Casting Delegate
  • ChromatiCraft: Added TC aspects for pendants
  • ChromatiCraft: Increased minimum Lumen Beacon range
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Lumen Repeater crash
  • ReactorCraft: Waste ducts are now the only thing that can transport liquid nuclear waste
  • ReactorCraft: Breeder neutrons no longer trigger thorium fission
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed fuel enhancer crash
  • RotaryCraft: Moved recycling to worktable
  • RotaryCraft: Jet engine failure more dramatic


Wiki Staff
Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
While IC2 is off committing suicide by switching to RF, GregTech is alive and strong with yet another update filled with new additions. (Also a couple updates before it that I haven't posted here yet)
GregoriusT said:
[NOTICE] I improved the logging of unknown Stuff in the OreDict. If you want to help update to this version and give me the OreDict.log File
[API] Moved a bunch of Ore Materials inside MT.java into a subclass due to the common 65536 limit problem in java code.
[CHANGED] Platinum, Mithril, Bronze and Nickel RGB Color not fitting to the TE, Forestry, RoC and more other Mods Variants. (it really bugged me after a while). Rhenium got the old Platinum Color with the Shiny Item Set btw. It's a byproduct of Molybdenite Ore I think.
[FIXED] TerraFirmaCraft Item Unification to Vanilla Items.
[FIXED] Basic Machine and Extender Rendering Crash.
[FIXED] Fluid Recipe Bugs by switching from a FluidID HashMap to a String HashMap.
[FIXED] Dyes being mixable with the Fluid Dye Items. Only the solid Dyes can be used to get the mixed Colors.
[REMOVED] a lot of shapeless Crafting Recipes to now make use of the Bowl mentioned below. Like the GT Gunpowder Recipe or the GT Recipes for Dough.
[ADDED] Two more Output Slots for the Shredder.
[ADDED] Tons of Compat work, like Material Support, Recycling Support, new Alloys. (The creation of most RotaryCraft Alloys is NOT supported in the Crucible, since the Crucible isn't a Blast Furnace)
[ADDED] Slot to NEI showing the Machines that can perform Recipes of that Class.
[ADDED] Measuring Cup to grab partial Fluids out of the Mixing Bowl without requiring the Universal Fluid Cells of IC2
[ADDED] Bottles for the Dye Fluids. Btw, its better to put Ink Sacs into the Squeezer and then bottle the Ink, than to directly craft with the Ink.
[ADDED] Electromagnet (Source of Magnetic Energy), it outputs into two Directions.
[ADDED] Polarizer (for making Permanent Magnets for Motors, for example)
a Mixing Bowl made of Clay and some Red Dye.
It can be used for Mixer Recipes that don't involve Gasses or very hot Fluids.
There is also a "Table" variant of it, if you want it to be 1/2 of a Block more elevated. (needs crafting and a vanilla brick slab)
You can rightclick Fluids into and out of it, if there is a mixing recipe using them.

[ADDED] Tiny versions of crushed Ores, which are going to be added by IC2 or some of its Addons later.
[ADDED] GT Pipes, that are at least 250 Liters large, can now fill Cauldrons with Water. Pipes smaller than 250 Liters wont even connect.
[ADDED] Clear Glass Blocks with corresponding Glass Slabs, available in 16 colors.
[ADDED] Crucible now adds Bonus to Mob loot if used for killing vanilla-esque Mobs.
[ADDED] Emerald Green, a nice and healthy Algae based Meat substitute, that is made of 100% vegetarian Villagers.
[ADDED] Loom. Does Wool and Silk related things. Also pretty much anything remotely related to regular clothing, like Saddles and Horse Armor.
[ADDED] Generifier. It turns things into a more generic Form, for example it turns Wrought Iron (which should usually be interchangable) into regular Iron. It works without Energy and does 1 process per tick. Also works on certain Fluids.
[ADDED] Extruder. It is more expensive than the Crucible, Energy wise, and needs the Shapes to be made of Tungsten Carbide instead of Steel. (2 Tungsten Carbide = 1 Tungsten + 1 Carbon, the Shapes need 2 Tungsten Carbide instead of 4 Steel, so just one Tungsten and one Carbon per Shape)
[ADDED] My own Set of Tin Cans. Yes, Set, as in it shows the rough content of the Cans. Some of them are valid Cat/Dog Food.
[NOTE] The old Crop Item is now finally removed. (It had the Missing Texture Icons due to the planned removal)

[API] Made the API Core downloadable as separate Mod.
[FIXED] Warm Foods being way too hot. (Environmine)
[ADDED] A bunch of new somewhat pointless but logical Materials and Recipes.
[ADDED] Redstone Mode to Molds using Monkey Wrench.
[ADDED] Lumium Wires can be foamed and they will still emit light and the C-Foam will glow in the dark if it is on.
[ADDED] Recipes for C-Foam from UB Rocks, which are even precolored in some cases.
[ADDED] Lots of Compat Code.
[ADDED] If you use a GT C-Foam Can on an IC2 Scaffold you will get a scaffolded C-Foam Block, what is basically a cheap way to get RGB paintable and Cover compatible C-Foam Blocks. (Metal Scaffolds are working like in regular IC2)