What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lothrazar with Overpowered Inventory
Lothrazar said:
Overpowered Inventory 2.0.0
  • Version 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite and overhaul of the mod
  • Full compatibility with all other mods, uses a standalone inventory screen
  • Open the Overpowered Inventory with a hotkey (B) or a button that renders above your inventory
  • In other words, it works with baubles, custom npcs, inventory control keys, thaumcraft, balkins weapons, etc etc.
  • Unlock features step by step using experience points
  • Config control over exp costs
  • it has zero changes to the vanilla inventory
  • Still has the dual hotbars feature
  • Contents of the extra slots in this inventory is ignored by 'keepInventory' gamerule
  • No more compass, clock, uncrafting, 3x3 crafting, or exp bottles. Some of these may return depending on user demand. I moved the Uncrafting feature to a standalone mod "Uncrafting Grinder" and made tons of fixes and updates.
  • Still works with all screen resolutions, so for GUI Scale Small or Auto you can use the config file to make the screen smaller.
  • Please give me your bugs, features, and comments !
  • Versions for 1.7.10 and 1.8.0 are coming!!!


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May 13, 2014


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Jul 29, 2019
@BluSunrize updated Immersive Engieering to 0.6.4!

- added an API for the the FurnaceHeater
- this fixes the dupe with Natura's Netherrack Furnace
- adds compatability for Thaucmraft's Alchemical Furnace
- adds compatability for CuttingEdge's Evaporator
- added the "Qrow" Shader
- fixed energy not being transmitted (thanks cobra)
- fixed minecart shaders not syncing on servers (thanks cobra)
- fixed NPE upon joining servers
- updated zh_CN.lang


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Jan 6, 2013
Advanced Rocketry update 0.4.0 by zmaster587 and Zerotheliger098

Requires LibVulpes 0.0.6
- Oxygen system added
- Space suits added
- Fuel for rockets added
- Updated Russian translation (Thanks m3gagluk)
- Added French translation (Thanks Mazdallier)
- Removed "Generic machine block"
- holo-projector now shows the correct 'core' block for each machine

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHF7gxPC90A&feature=youtu.be for usage changes

This update was sponsored by secret curseforge™ group of unpaid FTB members


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ InfinityRaider with AgriCraft
InfinityRaider said:
AgriCraft 1.4.6-pre
  • ADDED: The peripheral should now also work for OpenComputers
  • ADDED: Support for ResourcefulCrops
  • ADDED: API implementation example
  • ADDED: Added config option to disable specific NEI handlers (config setting is enforced via the server)
  • ADDED: Waila tooltips to seed storage & analyzer
  • ADDED: Placing cross crops will make wood sound
  • CHANGE: Updated Botania drum/horn of the wild interaction: crops will now be harvested instead of uprooted
  • CHANGE: Updated to Forge
  • CHANGE: [API] IGrowthRequirement is now specified via the ICropPlant it applies to
  • FIXED: Changed the way growth stages are rendered in the journal, fixing rendering for animated textures
  • FIXED: Tanks in greenhouses not correctly forming a multiblock on world generation
  • FIXED: Plants being able to be bonemealed while sneaking even though they shouldn't be
  • FIXED: Blue Power flax not dropping fruit on harvest
  • FIXED: NPE when storing Canola seeds in Seed Storage
  • FIXED: Seeds no longer have to be instance of ItemSeeds to be able to change the base block with MineTweaker (no idea how this survived so long)
  • FIXED: Seed icons rendering wrongly for some IIcons

and a little heads up, I'll be on vacation from the 14th till the 21st of december, so I won't be doing updates during that time. I'll be back to doing updates on the 22nd of december.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.8-243
  • Added NEI integration for the Lexica Botania, it sometiles also tells you which entry something is in and gives you little tidbits of info like how to make livingwood/livingrock or terrasteel.
  • Added recipe indicators (the items that appear when you hover shift on an entry's name) to a few entries that don't have direct recipes. (like pure daisy or ender air)
  • Fixed a crash if Red Stringed Interceptors are triggered too fast.
  • Fixed double tall flowers not respecting alternate textures. (yrsegal)
  • Fixed the Corporea Funnel ignoring an inventory 2 blocks below it if there's another Corporea Funnel directly below it. (yrsegal)
  • Fixed the Gaia Guardian not being able to be summoned with Et Futurum and Chisel beacons. (yrsegal)
  • Mana Pools are now dyed by right clicking with Floral Powder, not dropping it. On other news, you'll no longer dye your pool while making Mana Powder, yay!
  • NEI integration for Elven Trade no longer requires a Lexica Botania with Elven Knowledge on your inventory.
  • (Internal) ItemBlockSpecialFlower lexicon mappings are now prefixed by "flower.".
  • (Internal) The extra info feature for the lexica botania NEI integration can be used by adding a key to a lang file, in the following format: "botania.nei.quickInfo:" + the lexicon mapping key. You can find it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT in the NEI Lexica Botania entry for an item if F3+H is enabled.
  • [API] Added addExtraDisplayedRecipe() to LexiconEntry so more recipe indicators can be added without being linked to a page.
  • [API] Increased version number to 73.

and @OreCruncher with Restructured
OreCruncher said:
  • ADDED: Beach Themes
  • ADDED: When registering a theme check to see if it has a mutant counterpart ("M" biome)
  • ADDED: Theme vanilla structures during village generation
  • FIXED: Mod version string causing crash during online version check.
  • FIXED: The StandardPack not extracting in certain circumstances
  • CHANGED: Streamlined world generation process for performance

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.5.7
  • Added: Potion Vaporizer (Applies potion effects to anyone in a closed off room)
  • Added: Voxel Projector [WIP] (Renders MagicaVoxel Models in the World, currently every client has to have the model or it won't display, will later add a "server" model library of some sorts)
  • Added: Entity Filter (Used in Entity Detectors, allows you to specify a specific entity type that should be detected)
  • Added: Contact Button & Contact Lever (Blocks that act like levers / buttons except that they react to the block in front of them being right clicked)
  • Changed: Light Redirectors will now "connect" to each other allowing more use cases to hide stuff
  • Changed: Light Redirectors now count as solid so you can place stuff like ladders on top of them
  • Changed: Reviving a player using a Bloodstone will now leave you at 1 Heart (Without Regen)
  • Changed: Removed TE Workaround to update from really early versions
  • Changed: Potions now use Forges new Potion Registry so you don't have to define their id anymore
  • Changed: The Dyeing Machine is now able to dye armor. The dyed armor will also properly render when equipped.
  • Fixed: Client Crash on Login when using Online Detectors in a singleplayer world
  • Fixed: Forgot to add hardness to a bunch of blocks so they instabroke
  • Fixed: Light Redirectors switching block models that were REALLY far away for no reason
  • Fixed: Recipe for Position Filter (Not that it's used anywhere yet :p)

Updated to MC 1.8.8



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Jul 29, 2019
@Portablejim updated Better Builders Wands to 0.3.0

* Added a /wandOops command to undo the previous wand action.

Also, Waila has been updated to minecraft version 1.8.8 by @girafistudios

Port of Waila to 1.8.8 based on the most recent 1.7.10 version.

Should be stable.

All credits go to @girafistudios for this release. He made the port
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Jul 29, 2019
Well, since our resident no-lifer *cough cough* @Yusunoha *cough* is gone, here are some updates and new mods. We'll start with a new mod!

Funwayguy with BetterQuesting, which looks like a promising alternative to HQM
- Lots of in game editors for customising all aspects of your quests

- Automatic quest tree generation

- Party management

- Hardcore lives

- Allows pack developers to fully localise their quests with resource packs

- Customisable themes to better suit your pack (Requires expansions)

- Expandable set of task and rewards types (Requires expansions)

- Importers for other mods (Requires expansions)

- Skyrim-like notifications when quests are complete

- Full screen GUIs for less cramped editors

- All quest data is saved in JSON for external editors to manipulate


Next up, we have SilentChaos512 with a bugfix for Silent's Gems for 1.8.8

Fixed: Tools becoming invisible when playing on servers in some cases (ie changing certain video settings)
Fixed: Chaos gem toggle first + shift keybinding not working.

Orecruncher with Thermal Recycling

  • ADDED: Shift right click with crescent hammer or battle wrench to break machines. Content will drop.
  • ADDED: Seeds registered with "listAllseed" will be tagged as BROWN compost (AgriCraft).
  • ADDED: Vacuum and Recycle enchantments
  • ADDED: Dump Pile of Rubble loot table to ThermalRecycling.log during startup. Helps modpack authors figure out what is in the list and make adjustments.
  • CHANGED: Don't allow Pile of Rubble to generate on top of another pile (looking at you BoP).
  • CHANGED: Power consumption and operation duration of the Thermal Recycler is now configurable.
  • CHANGED: Thermal Recycler will not start operation until there is enough energy stored in internal storage to complete the entire operation. This eliminates the chatty nature of TileEntity updates when running in low power conditions.
  • CHANGED: Clarified config file documentation related to Waila options. Some of the comments could have been easily misconstrued.
  • CHANGED: Modified internal random number generation to use ThreadLocalRandom variant.
  • UPDATE: Built against Forge 1614. It's the most bleeding edge version at this moment. The mod should be compatible with 1448 and after.
  • UPDATE: Updated Forestry and BuildCraft API dependencies.
  • UPDATE: ru_RU and pt_BR language updates.
  • FIXED: No longer able to rotate/dye a vending machine that is not owned by the player.
  • FIXED: [OpenEye] Unable to find method getLoadedEntityList() when item stack merging is enabled

  • As always please back up your saves before installing this or any other mod update.
  • Forestry is still undergoing changes. I am interested in hearing any issues related to the newer Forestry releases.
  • It has been reported that Biomes O'Plenty could cause double/stacking rubble drops in Overworld, and rubble piles in the Nether. This release addresses the stacking piles by not permitting them, though I think the real issue is with BoP. To prevent generation in the Nether add the Nether dimension to the rubble pile dimension blacklist in the config. I may change the method of how rubble piles generate during world gen to avoid things like this.

And WailaHarvestability was updated for MC 1.7.10 and 1.8.8
  • Updated the 1.8 version to be compatible with the newer Waila version for 1.8 (thanks @GirafiStudios)
  • The 1.8 version will now work for 1.8.8 as well
  • Added proper support for adventure mode harvestability
  • Added Waila option to show harvest level number (can now choose to show harvest level name, number, both, or neither)


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Jul 29, 2019

This mod needs a logo :/
I want to post big pics not highlighted bold words :mad:

-Added Edit Sign puzzle piece.
-Added Condition: Light Level puzzle piece.
-Increased max Label length for the Remote.
-Added config option for the minigun damage.
-Added 'Convert to relative coordinates' function to the Programmer.
-Added 'Check for Liquids' option to the Condition: Block.

-Bugfix: Remote Label stops updating variable name when using the .x .y or .z postfix.
-Bugfix: Minor sync issue with the Universal Sensor text field.

Erhhmeegerrddd an img
Henry Loenwind: Added blacklist feature to the existing item filter
Henry Loenwind: Make FakePlayer more life-like
Henry Loenwind: Removed stray fence gate from recipe
Henry Loenwind: Make crash reporting more robust and detect more problems
Henry Loenwind: Fix missed GUI textures in NEI handlers
Henry Loenwind: Limit smelting XP the same way vanilla does

Moreover, by the same guy who helped update Ender IO (Henry Loenwind)
Ender IO Addons
Prepare yourself for one heck of a changelog. Viewer Discretion Advised.
Upgrade to Ender IO
I'll be honest, I peed myself a little.

Nova Sol

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Jul 29, 2019
Master Yusunoha, your cat is doing the thing again.

Botania update.

  • Added a "Preventing Decay" entry to the Miscellaneous section. Something seems a bit off with it though.
  • Fixed a crash with NEI when some mods think it's a good idea to use stacks without a valid item.
  • Fixed Resolute Ivy not working.
  • Fixed the Ring of Chordata stopping the player from drowning if they have no mana. (howtonotwin)
  • Polished a few things all with completely inconsequential particle effects.
    • Hopperhock makes smoke
    • Extrapolated Bucket makes smoke
    • Mana Pump makes smoke
    • Endoflame makes fire and smoke
    • Gourmaryllismakes food bits go all over the place
    • Spectrolus makes wool bits go all over the place
    • Ender Overseer has redstone particles when looked at
  • [API] Added a fallback for LexiconRecipeMappings.stackToString().
  • [API] Increased version number to 74


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Jul 29, 2019
Totemic 0.6.0
It now has a more-or-less fancy HUD that appears when you are near a Totem pole that is performing a ceremony. It looks like this:

It shows you how much time you have left and how much music you still need to play to pull the ceremony off. Much better than looking at the Waila tooltip or right-clicking the staff all the time in my opinion.

Also some other minor improvements, such as a config GUI.
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Jul 29, 2019
Introducing Hammerz
New small mod that is likely going to grow. Adds hammers for a vanilla tool sets as well as the tool sets introduced in Thermal Foundation and EnderIO's Dark Steel.
The Dark Hammer is upgradeable in exactly the same fashion that the EnderIO dark steel items are, check the tooltip out for info on that.



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Jul 29, 2019
Now... let's see what happened while I (and everybody else, it seems) was asleep.

Botania R1.8-245 (by Vazkii)
  • Added a new fancy skybox effect to Garden of Glass. Here's an album. It looks cooler ingame. (there are config options to disable it and enable it in normal worlds as well, if you want)
  • Added configs to move the Flugel Tiara's flight bar as apparently I'm not the only person that thought it was cute to put a bar there.
  • Changed the period in which the mod enabled Christmas features to be in sync with Winter's Veil in World of Warcraft. Priorities!
  • Fixed a bunch of stuff in the mod not rendering properly (going all gray) if some mod disables GL_LIGHTING (See: NEI, Neat).
  • Fixed Luminizers that have been bound to another Luminizer that has then been removed taking you to the position where the removed one was.
  • Increased the drop rate of Melon and Pumpkin seeds on Garden of Glass. Again.
  • Manaweave armor is now Santaweave during Christmas.

Just Enough Items X.10.0 (by mezz)
  • Fix crafting recipes with itemstacks of 0 size
  • Clean up API to depend on using IModPlugin. Add errors for API misuse
  • Fix edit-mode rendering
  • Cleanup / refactoring

JEIAddons have also been updated for the lastest JEI

And BetterFPS (by Guichaguri) has been ported to 1.8.8 :D