What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
Totemic 0.5.3
This version has an important fix for a problem that only occurs on multiplayer, when multiple people play an instrument at the same time. As well as some other fixes and new lexicon entries.
Also, you can now use Shift+Mousewheel to change the setting on the Totem whittling knife ... ha, take that, Blood Magic :p
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Jul 29, 2019
If anybody likes Pokemon Mystery Dungeon's music, I found a thing on curse. (No, I didn't test it yet...)
This is an addon for Ambience, a mod by Vazkii which allows for the game to play custom music in different times and situations.

This music pack uses music from Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and plays various songs depending on where you are and what you're doing. The following songs are included, in no particular order:

  • Top Menu Theme
  • Defy the Legends
  • Steam Cave
  • Upper Steam Cave
  • Mt. Horn
  • Treasure Town
  • Beach Cave
  • Sky Peak Cave
  • Craggy Coast
  • A Fun Exploration
  • Guildmaster Wigglytuff
  • Waterfall Cave
  • Time Gear Remix
  • Oh No!
  • The Gatekeepers
  • Team Skull
  • Sky Peak Forest
  • Aegis Cave
  • Apple Woods
  • Dusk Forest
  • Icicle Forest
  • Quicksand Cave
  • Surrounded Sea
  • Time Restored
  • Dark Hill
  • Deep Dark Crater
  • Hidden Land
  • In the Nightmare
  • Marowak Dojo
  • Miracle Sea
  • Planet's Paralysis
  • Southern Jungle
  • Spinda's Cafe
  • Blizzard Island Rescue Team Medley
  • Dark Ice Mountain
  • Dark Wasteland
  • Foggy Forest
  • Mt. Bristle
  • Northern Desert
  • On the Beach at Dusk
  • Quicksand Pit
  • Sky Peak Prairie
Where and when they play is up to you to find out. Enjoy!

To install, open up the downloaded Zip file, and put the folder within into your Minecraft installation, alongside Config, Mods, ect. Make sure you have Forge and Ambience itself installed, and you should be good to go!


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Jan 6, 2013
New day new sexy update of Nuclear Control 2 by Xbony2

  • Fixes crash with the Portable Information Panel.
  • Updated Russian (ru-ru) language file.
  • Fixes cross-mod issue with Applied Energistics 2.

Originally update was named "Boobs" however after mod author realized he has no boobs, it was changed. I find this very important and edifying. Source of boobs can be found in the link.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @czechmate777 with Rope Bridge
czechmate777 said:
Rope Bridge 1.2
  • Build with all the different slab types!
  • New recipe for string
  • Added ability to destroy whole bridge with gun when sneaking
  • Grappling Gun lasts more appropriately
  • Textures loaded from current resource pack for better integration

and @nekosune with Thaumic Sanity
nekosune said:
This simple utility mod does one thing, and does it well, it removes the need to have warp to gain the Eldritch research, for those players who really don't want warp but don't want a whole section of the mod removed due to that.

This mod does not disable warp in general, you still do that from Thaumcraft's config file


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Jul 29, 2019
Technomancy 0.12.2 is released!

This is a full release, and has been approved by @theflogat.

You can get it here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/technomancy/files/2268824

- Added config setting to disable HUD (mysterious green bar)
- Fixed HUD so it does not display above menus, GUI's, debug info, etc.
- Orderly Lamp can now find an Infusion Matrix in the same plane
- Added support for importing and exporting Essentia with Thaumic Energistics for all Essentia containing blocks
(NOTE: Due to an issue in Thaumic Energistic this can cause some Essentia to be lost when exporting. Under normal circumstances the amount lost is small. This issue is not unique to Technomancy and could happen with any modded Essentia containing block.)
- Fixed an issue where the amount of Essentia in a condenser was incorrectly displayed by the Goggles of Revealing
- Eldritch Consumer now quarries from top to bottom
- Eldritch Consumer will now place stone blocks at the outside of quarried area as needed to stop water/lava flow (yes this could be used to farm stone/terra... Oh Well)
- Eldritch Consumer no longer tries to "mine" liquid blocks, the are destroyed instead.
- Eldritch Consumer will now kill any non-player mob in the quarry area, causing them to drop items as appropriate for a non-player kill (Keep your pets out of the quarry!)
- Eldritch Consumer will attempt to consume any items in the quarry area including mob drops, items dropped from chests, etc.
- Fixed an issue that cause the Eldritch Consumer to stall. I'm not sure this is totally fixed, so let me know if it happens.
- Fixed several issues with labeled Quantum Jars. Let me know if the labels misbehave!
- Fixed an NEI issue that caused a "phantom" Iron Capped Wooden Wand to be added by Technomancy
- Blood Fabricator will now automatically fill adjacent tanks
- Changed the way the Essentia Coil scanned for blocks that require special handling (Thaumatorium, Buffer, etc)
- Essentia Coil now works with the Arcane Bore and even displays a connector similar to the Arcane Lamp when connected to the Bore
- Fixed issue that prevented a pipe connection from being displayed between an Essentia Coil and Essentia Buffer
- Updated the Thaumonomicon entry for the Essentia Coil with additional information about the Thaumatorium and using Buffers to connect to "problem" blocks
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Darkhax with Enchanting Plus
Darkhax said:
Enchanting Plus
  • Rewrote all of the networking.
  • Rewrote major aspects of the GUI.
  • Added Enchanted Book decoration blocks.
  • Added Enchantment Scrolls
  • Added Quest Mode
  • Revamped the configuration file.
  • Rewrote the formula used for generating enchantment costs.
  • Added the Enchantment Tome.
  • General improvements to code quality.
  • Fixed a LOT of bugs.

and @portablejim with Better Builder's Wands
Portablejim said:
An attempt to make a nicer-to-use builder's wand.


Stone Builder's Wand

Cheap and dirty wand. It

  • Can only place 5 blocks at a time
  • Can only place blocks horizontally
  • Can only place about 130 blocks in its lifetime.
Iron Builder's Wand

A little bit better. It

  • Can place 9 blocks at a time
  • Can place vertially or horizontally (depending on its mode)
  • Can place about 250 blocks in its lifetime.
Diamond Builder's Wand

All the blocks.... for a limited time. It

  • Can place up to 1562 blocks at once.
  • Can place vertially and horizontally (several modes to choose from)
  • Can place 1562 blocks in its lifetime.
Unbreakable Builder's Wand

All the blocks ... all the time. It

  • Can place an inventory full of blocks at once
  • Can place vertially and horizontally (several modes to choose from)
  • Doesn't run out or break.
There are several modes the builder's wands can work in. The mode of the wand can be changed by the "Change Mode" keybind (defaults to 'M')

  • North-South - Extend north and south from initial block. No building on north/south face
  • North-South (+ Vertical) - Extend north, south, up and down from initial block. No building on north/south face
  • East-West - Extend east and west from the initial block. No building on east/west face
  • East-West (+ Vertical) - Extend east, west, up and down from the original block. No building on east/west face
  • Horizontal - Extend left and right from the original block. No building on top/bottom face.
  • Vertical - Extend up and down from the original block. No building on top/bottom face
  • No Lock - Extend left, right, up and down from the original block.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @SkySom with MoarCarts
SkySom said:
A mod to add more minecarts. This mod adds carts with blocks from several mods. The current modules include:

Vanilla: EnderChest Cart

IronChests: Chest Cart for all Metals

Minechem: Leaded Chest Cart


IE: Wooden and Metal Barrel Carts, Wooden Crate Cart

Railcraft: No carts, however when Railcraft is installed, any configs values matching Railcraft's will be synced.

Note: This mod requires Boilerplate, which can be found at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/boilerplate

This mod could potentially be incompatible with my original mod ExtraCarts, I will be adding a module so that users of ExtraCarts can migrate to MoarCarts

and @Zenith08 with Decoratable Christmas Trees
Zenith08 said:

The Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod allows players to set up their very own unique Christmas tree in their house. With 1323 combinations your tree will never be the same as your friends!


Christmas Trees 1.7.10-1.0

Getting the Trees

Christmas trees randomly spawn in the world in the following biomes: Extreme Hills, Extreme Hills Plus, Forest Hills, Forest, Birch Forest Hills, Birch Forest, Cold Taiga, Cold Taiga Hills, Taiga, and Taiga Hills.



Decorations spawn randomly on Christmas Trees.

  • A tree has a 1 in 3 chance of having a topper
  • 1 in 2 chance of having decorations
  • 1 in 2 chance of having lights
  • The chance of getting a specific colour of decorations is 1 in 12
  • The chance of getting the Star Topper is 1 in 6
  • The chance of getting a specific type of lights is 1 in 8
Trees found naturally will never have a second decoration on!

Decorating the Trees

Each Christmas tree has an inventory which holds all of its decorations.

The Red is added only for this page and isn’t exported with the mod!

  • Slot 1 is for the topper.
  • Slot 2 is for decorations. A decoration put here will use the A model
  • Slot 3 is for decorations. A decoration put here will use the B model
  • Slot 4 is for lights. Remember Icicle Lights have a unique model which makes them longer than normal lights.

Licencing and Modpacks

For now the mod is completely closed source. You can’t decompile it or redistribute it unless you meet the conditions below.

You may redistribute the mod as long as the following terms and conditions are met:

  • The mod must not be the only mod being distributed. (This DOESN’T count Minecraft Forge)
  • The modpack must be strictly NON PROFFIT.
  • Credit must be given to me (Zenith08) and my brother (CyberGamerX)
  • A link to this thread must be available.


and @zero__fall with Quickstart
zero__fall said:
I tend to start new worlds/modpacks pretty frequently, and I got tired of doing the exact same thing for the first half-hour every time. So, I created this mod to essentially skip over the super-early game setup.

Mod Items:

  • House Builder
    • When you join a new world, this item will start in your inventory. Right-click on the top of any block, and a room will form around you.
  • Stair Builder
    • When you join a new world, this item will start in your inventory. Right-click on the side of any block to create a staircase in the direction you are facing. The staircase will be lit with torches, and will go down to y-level 10.
Configuration Options:

  • House Builder
    • Option for room size
    • Option to include torches
    • Option to include a bed
    • Option to include a crafting table
    • Option to include a chest
    • Option to add some starting items to the chest (default: false)

and @RiskyKen with Armourer's Workshop
RiskyKen said:
Armourer's Workshop
  • Added: Dye system.
  • Added dye paints. (use to set what parts can be dyed)
  • Normal - Works like normal paint.
  • Dye 1-8 - Used to set what parts dyes will effect.
  • None - Stops a face from being rendered.
  • Added dye table. (use to dye skins with dye bottles)
  • Added: New options to the hue tool.
  • Added: Glow effect around glowing blocks when in the players inventory.
  • Added: Icon for when the paint brush is not in full block mode. (uguu)
  • Added: Arrow showing the front of the armourer. (yeah I will change it later)
  • Added: Rollover text telling players how to open tool options.
  • Change: Library will set the file name text box when putting a skin in the input slot.
  • Change: Updated zh_CN language file. (dalesea)
  • Change: Made most of the armourer bounds bigger.
  • Change: Mannequins can now be renamed multiple times.
  • Change: Most recipes use the ore dictionary now.
  • Change: Full rewrite of library backend. (should work better with a large number of skins)
  • Change: Equipment cubes no longer block light. (really helps when shading)
  • Change: Library LS button name now show next action.
  • Change: Updated pre-packaged skins to work with dyes.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when trying to read paint data from a tool.
  • Fixed: Crash when the server tries to access a skins display name.
  • Fixed: Crash if a block skin with no skin data was broken by a player
  • Fixed: MIP mapping issues on skins with older GPU's.
  • Fixed: Mannequin items not being removed for other players in multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Being able to save bow when frames were missing.
  • Removed: Special colour mixer.
  • Removed: skinSafeModelRenderOverride config option.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ganymedes01 with Et Futurum
ganymedes01 said:
Et Futurum 1.5.0
  • New features:
    • Ender Dragon can be re-spawned using End Crystals
    • Updated player models to the 1.8 style (with overlays and such), and allow transparent overlays (akin to 1.9)
    • Added colourful beacon beams
    • Added 1.6 roses
    • Brewing stands now require blaze powder as fuel and make a sound when done brewing
    • Added Frost Walker and Mending enchantments (can only be found in dungeons or fishing)
  • Fixes/Changes:
    • No longer register a recipe for prismarine if Botania is present (since it allows you to craft it using mana)
    • Rabbits now look more like they do in 1.9 (smaller, faster, and scared of players)
    • Fix anvils not renaming items
    • Removed tipped arrows recipe. Make them by shooting them through a lingering potion "cloud"
    • Updated end rod recipe to match vanilla's
    • Fix heart damage indicator not working on servers
    • Fix being unable to place rails/torched on slabs
    • Renaming an item no longer increases its repair cost
    • Fix slab placement issue
    • Fix prismarine recipe not yielding the correct amount

and @Ellpeck with Actually Additions
Ellpeck said:
Actually Additions 1.7.10-r9
  • Added Explosion Lens
  • Added Lens of Certain Death
  • Lenses now render on the Atomic Reconstructor
  • Rotten Flesh -> Leather in Atomic Reconstructor
  • Added Colorable Drills
  • Added Green Dye made from fern/grass in a Crusher
  • Made Laser Relays smaller and gave them a proper bounding box (stop moaning, jackie!)
  • Removed unnecessary things from the OreDict that were added just for crafting recipes
  • Fixed booklet stand not working on servers (Kind of defeated its purpose. Maybe I should've tested it before.)
  • Made booklet stand actually be wooden (Harvestable with axe & wood sounds)
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes NEI would crash when looking at recipes before opening the booklet for the first time in a world
  • Fix some bugs with the NEI Integration of the Booklet
  • Added page display to the NEI Integration of the Booklet
  • Fixed bug with Villager trade handler (how did that even happen in the first place?)
  • Reorganized the booklet a bit
  • Removed lots of config options (yes, really.)
  • Greenhouse Glass Performance improvement


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @UnwrittenFun with Immersive Integration
UnwrittenFun said:
Immersive Integration 0.6.2
  • Fixes dupe bug with coke oven.
  • Improve AE2 integration.
  • Induction charger now charges people stood on top.
  • Extended post is now deprecated, replaced with extendable post which can go as tall as you like.

and @kroeser with Colossal Chests
kroeser said:
Colossal Chests 1.2.0
  • Changes:
    • Don't immediately eject inventory when a block is removed, only after reforming if the new size is smaller, Closes #7
  • Features:
    • Allow multiblock debugging with an empty hand, Closes #2
    • Add scrolling buttons for large inventories, Closes #12
    • Add Uncolossal Chest, Closes #9 It's a very tiny chest
    • Add Iron Chest variants, does not require the Iron Chest mod, but will use its textures if available.
  • Fixes:
    • Use custom packets for truly massive inventory sizes to avoid crashes with large inventories, Closes #8
    • Fix incorrect rotation, Closes #14
    • Fix #11, don't load last size from replaced core blocks


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Jul 29, 2019
@Vazkii released a huge update to Botania.

  • This update warrants a major version increase due to the sheer number of tweaks and changes that overall make the game better. This update's objective is to polish any roughness around the edges the mod might have had and to get it to a great state for newer and older players alike. Despite it being somewhat long, I would advise you to read it all, lest some small change trip you up.
  • Added a "SHIFT to stop animation" tidbit to Rune and Petal pages.
  • Added a config option to invert the Ring of Magnetization's controls.
  • Added a proper HUD to the Petal Apothecary and Runic Altar that shows you what is currently in it and what you're crafting.
  • Added an Adaptative Config system, which changes your config options for you if you are using default values from old versions. helping you get the new changes without having to delete configs. You can turn this off in the config if you don't like it.
  • Added Mana Powder as a new crafting material.
  • Added the Fabulous Mana Pool. A new rainbow Mana Pool variant crafted with Shimmerrock. Yes that is its name.
  • Blazes spawned by a Fel Pumpkin (Garden of Glass) drop more Blaze Powder now.
  • Changed a bunch of details in the lexicon all over the place to make it a lot easier to understand.
  • Changed almost all flower recipes to follow a new "no more than 4 different petals per flower" rule, effectively simplifying flower crafting.
  • Changed how crossmod/addon entries' titles look.
  • Changed the Bore Lens recipe to be a lot easier to make.
  • Changed the mana costs for runes in the Runic Altar.
  • Changed the recipes for Terrasteel Armor.
  • Changed tier 1 rune recipes to use Mana Powder and only make 2 per.
  • Changed tier 3 rune recipes to only make 1 per.
  • Danked some memes.
  • Dayblooms and Nightshades about twice as strong now.
  • Disabled the tutorial video until there's one that's updated with the new changes.
  • Documented properly the fact that buried petals can be used to grow tall flowers.
  • Fixed a crash when removing bookmarks.
  • Fixed creating Manasteel in bulk blocks taking 10x as much instead of 9x as much. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed Mana Pools not updating their comparator output properly when mana is being taken from them.
  • Fixed the Manaseer Monocle's range viewing functionality rendering as a gray square when used alongside other mods that use GL_LIGHTING, like Neat.
  • Fixed the new grass types not having a properly lexicon linking. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed the Petal Apothecary sometimes desyncing with the client.
  • Fixed Thermalilies not writing their cooldown to NBT properly.
  • Flowers' tooltips now tell you what type of flower they are.
  • Increased the Thermalily's production rate, time and lowered its cooldown (to 5 minutes).
  • Lowered (by a bunch) the amount of flowers that are generated in the world.
  • Lowered the Pure Daisy's craft time to 60 seconds (from 80).
  • Made a bunch of entries priority entries (italicized) to help lead new players into the important stuff without bogging down the tutorial.
  • Made the runic altar's floaty cube animation smoother. 144hz master race.
  • Made the Zoom text in Rune and Mana Infusion pages more clear.
  • Removed a bunch of needless entries from the Tutorial to make it faster to get started.
  • Removed diminishing returns for passive flowers.
  • Removed Mana Petals. Any recipes that used them previously have been tweaked.
  • Rewrote the "Welcome to Botania" entry to be a lot more concise and help new players better.
  • Right clicking a Runic Altar with Livingrock now places it on top perfectly centered. (same for the T.A. Plate and relevant items)
  • Runes used for recipes in the Runic Altar are now given back upon the recipe's completion.
  • Sparks can now be dyed with Phantom Ink to make them highly translucent.
  • Terrasteel armor now has Knockback Resistance as an attribute and Passive Mana Generation (like a Band of Aura) as a set bonus.
  • The Diluted Mana Pool can now infuse items just like the normal one.
  • The Diluted Mana Pool is no longer a required part of progression, you can craft the normal one with the old diluted recipe and the diluted one with slabs instead.
  • The Fel Pumpkin is now part of botania itself and not Garden of Glass.
  • The Petal Apothecary now fills up with rain like vanilla Cauldrons do.
  • The Ring of Magnetization will no longer pull items that are on top of Mana Pools or Runic Altars.
  • The Runic Altar no longer needs a wand interaction to be started.
  • The Thermalily now resets its cooldown back to 5 minutes if it absorbs any lava while it's in cooldown.
  • The Wand of the Forest now comes in Bind Mode when crafted.
  • [API] Added a proper blacklist for the ring of magnetization.
  • [API] Added BotaniaTutorialStartEvent. It does exactly what you think it does.
  • [API] Added a @PassiveFlower annotation for detection of passives without creating an instance. Used for SubTileSignatures.
  • [API] Changed BasicSignature to include a getType() function for the tootlip.
  • [API] Exposed SubTileSolegnolia.hasSolegnoliaAround() to the internal method handler.
  • [API] Increased version number to 70.
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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Greg has decided to enter the field of redstone circuitry mods with his own freestanding redstone wires.
GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] None of the GT Pipes being Gas Proof and therefore leaking constantly when filled with gasses such as Steam... (was a problem in my base code, that caused it to ignore additions of Booleans to an NBT)
[ADDED] Vanilla Flint&Steel -> GT Flint&Steel Shapeless Recipe.
[ADDED] Some more possible Materials for Pipes, like Ironwood, Thaumium, Void Metal, Adamantium, Enderium and Vibraniumsilver.
GT Style Freestanding Redstone Wiring.
Made of either Red Alloy (x16 Range), Signalum (x64 Range) or Lumium (x16 Range + glowing)
Only connect to things that the Wire Cutter has set facing to.
When connected to vanilla Redstone Wires or solid Blocks they will substract 1 from the EMITTED Redstone Signal Strength. They won't do that to Machines and other things however, so a Signal Strength of 15 can still be conveyed properly.


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Jul 29, 2019
@Vazkii released Botania r1.8-240, minor bugfixing after the big release...

R1.8 240
Fixed the Mana Pool achievement. Since it's one of the first achievements it's really annyoing if it's broken :V

R1.8 239
Fixed a crash when right clicking a spark with an empty hand.
Fixed patreon flowers not rendering on players properly unless there's a named tiny potato around. For real.
Fixed the Rune of Air recipe not being adapted fully to the new pattern.
Fixed using a Rod of the Unstable Reservoir with a Livingwood Avatar crashing the game if it kills a named mob while CoFHCore's "alert named mob kills" config is enabled. And people ask me why compatibility is so hard...

@SpitefulFox released Forbidden Magic updates for new Botania

- Bugfix: Pickaxe and Shovel of the Chameleon no longer unbreakable
- Change: Botania recipes no longer use mana petals, keeping compatibility with the newest update of Botania
- Addition: Terrasteel Caps. You asked for this.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with LiMI
Vazkii said:
LiMI stands for Lightweight Mod Indicator

This mod adds a tidbit to any item's tooltip telling you which mod it comes from.


It also spawns a config where you can change the color. That's all it does.

For all intents and purposes, this mod is for people like me that don't like waila or don't want to add it simply for this feature.

and @Purplicious_Cow with Inventory Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:
Inventory Pets 1.3.7
  • Major Update
  • Holiday Pets!
    • Craft your favorite gift-giving Icon (Recipes here: http://bit.ly/1LXl1Qf)
    • Holiday Pets may only be crafted in December
    • Use the Holiday Pet each day from December 14 – December 25 for different special gifts
    • Open your gifts the same day you receive them or they will expire!
    • Gifts become more valuable the closer to the final date
    • Holiday Pets can be turned off in the config if so desired
  • Other updates:
    • You can now remove slime revive sound in the Config (Credit: Dinoramsey)
    • Squid speed boost now active whenever the player is touching water (Credit: bamfacey)
    • Banana Pet now works on Ghasts
    • Added new Pets to Creative Tab Rotation
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Night vision potions now work again with Inventory Pets, and you can now use your Gem Helmet from ProjectE. The Ocelot would like to apologize for any inconvenience he may have caused (and are you finished with that sandwich?) (Credit: luffykick)
    • You can now turn off Jukebox music even when the Jukebox Pet is hungry (awkward…)

and @ewyboy with MC Steering Wheel Support
EwyBoy said:
Tired of using mouse and keyboard?
Not anymore!

Get your steering wheel and gas pedal out of your garage and get ready to play Minecraft!



Famous Twitch Steamer Heph says:
After I started using Ewy's MC Steering Wheel mod I started feeling so much relaxed.

I can now push GregTech to the next level and throttle my nuclear reactors using the break pedal.

Minecraft have never been this fun before!

and @Sangar with TIS-3D
Sangar said:
TIS-3D is a Minecraft mod inspired by the brilliant game TIS-100. It takes the concept of minimal, programmable nodes and expands it to the third dimension, allowing you to build multi-block computers from different modules. Basic modules are the executable module, which can be programmed in very basic ASM (as introduced by TIS-100), and the redstone module, which allows reading and writing redstone signals, enabling basic interaction with the world. Here's a short video explaining some of the basics:

The mod's still in early development, a better way to input code and an ingame manual are things I'll be working on next!

This mod requires Java 8!

and @ljfa with Totemic
ljfa said:
Totemic 0.5.4
  • This update should greatly reduce the network load generated by Totem poles. This might improve things when you are playing on a server with a slow connection.
  • Also, it is now easier to notice when you are successful or unsuccessful at performing a ceremony, this will now be indicated by particles. I also plan on adding a better progress indication for ceremonies.
  • All changes:
    • Added visual indications (particles) for successful or unsuccessful startup and for invalid selections
    • Ceremony startup progress is shown in Waila (temporary until I add a better progress indicator)
    • Correct number of selectors specified in the Totempedia (2, not 4)
    • Prevent Jingle Dress from being played as a selector (it's awkward to play it while sneaking anyway)
    • Reduce and in some cases eliminate network load from particles
    • In general, packets are leaner and sparer now
    • Added totem wood bonuses for wood types that were missing them
    • Added alternative Tipi recipe using Buffalo hide
    • Fix EntityList crash. As a result, Buffalo spawn eggs cannot be used anymore.
    • Fix totem effects not disappearing when a Totem pole is made shorter
    • Fix calculation of Totem potion effects (subject to change)
    • Fix Totem base not resetting when the selection was invalid
    • Reformat some Totempedia texts to avoid overflowing pages
    • Some code that was previously server-only now also runs on the client. This should make some things smoother and enables other client-side things
    • Consolidated some Totem effect classes into TotemEffectPotion
    • Reduced default packet sending range
    • More cleanup and refactoring
    • The API (v0.3.0) got some breaking changes as well:
    • TotemEffect.effect() and Ceremony.effect() will now also be called on the client side
    • Changed parameters of TotemEffect.effect()
  • Note that the API is still incomplete, more features will be added. I'd like to get feedback from any modder who might want to use it.


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Jul 29, 2019
I’ve been somewhat busy over the last few months with RL crap and other projects, so not much in terms of new stuff.

Mostly a bunch of small bugfixes and tweaks, stay tuned for more stuff as my schedule goes back to something saner!

Gendustry v1.6.3
  • Added support for item output into Mekanism pipes (using Eject Cover)
  • Added client-side option for bee particles frequency
  • Imprinter will now mark output as analyzed if using a full template or input is analyzed
  • Updated to forestry 4.2.0 which is now the minimum supported version
Advanced Generators v0.9.19
  • Added support for item output into Mekanism pipes
  • Added rubber wood as carbon source
  • Added IC2 EV Emitter
  • Fixed fuel and energy remaining above capacity after removing tanks and/or capacitor modules
  • Fixed energy duplication with IC2 Emitters due to ENet being stupid
  • Fixed Mekanism biofuel in syngas produser
  • Fixed some fuels from other mods not working
Pressure Pipes v1.2.5
  • Fixed issues with tanks larger than 2^31 mB (using custom configs)


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @gigaherz with Packing Tape
gigaherz said:
Craft the tape with string, paper and slime balls in any crafting grid (shapeless). Apply on a TileEntity to pack, right-click on a packed block to unpack.

Tested with a few things, and it didn't crash. Make a backup, and use at your own risk!

and @SoniEx2 with PowerCrops
SoniEx2 said:
PowerCrops adds crops which generate power during growth. The crops grow like wheat and cannot be bonemealed. The crops only drop a single seed, and only when they're fully grown. Breaking a partially-grown crop drops nothing.


and @BlayTheNinth with EiraMoticons
BlayTheNinth said:
EiraMoticons 1.2.83
  • Added BTTV Channel Emotes (add channels in bttvEmoteChannels option - EiraIRC channels are automatically added)
  • Added EiraNet Pack (user submitted emotes for contributors/supporters)
  • Updated to new BTTV API
  • Removed Animu Pack (some are still available in the EiraNet pack as balyPraise, balyCri, balyScared and balyWoah)

and @Aesen with Dynamic Dynamos
Aesen said:
This mod adds animated "piston arms" to Thermal Expansion dynamos, similar to BuildCraft engines. It uses a smooth animation, a lot like the old RedPower2 Blulectric engines.

It uses no reflection, ASM, or other trickery. Thermal Expansion doesn't register a special renderer of it's own, so this mod just adds one.

This mod is optional on the server-side, but if it is only installed on the client, you will have to open a dynamo's GUI for it's animation speed to update. If you install the mod on the server-side as well, the RF/t will be automatically synced to keep the animation speed up-to-date.

Yes, you can use this in modpacks. The MIT license grants unlimited redistribution.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Just released a new version of Deep Resonance 1.1.3:

  • Elec332 fixed possible crash when removing a tank and quickly afterwards placing another tile (this could happen without the player doing it with the railcraft hidden block).
  • Fixed a bug where the purifier would destroy RCL if there was nothing to purify (i.e. purity was already maximum).
  • The radiation shielding (with dense obsidian, dense glass or lead blocks) works much better now. Previously even a thick wall of these blocks would keep spots where the radiation would leak.
  • Implemented a radiation overlay on screen in case you are holding the radiation monitor. With this overlay you can see the current amount of radiation without having to right click. You can reconfigure the location of this text (and even disable it) in the config.
  • Update to Chinese language translation from VictiniX888.

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233398-deep-resonance

Have fun


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.6.3
  • added the Chemical Thrower! A device that shoots fluids at people to varying effects! Also supports shaders!
  • added potioneffects to IE, these are used by the Chemthrower
  • added an interface to allow addons to make their own wooden posts that transformers can attach to (thanks UnwrittenFun)
  • added config to disable infinite water sources with the pump
  • added a "clear recipe" button to the assembler
  • added support for NEI's "?" button to the assembler
  • added the Dropping Conveyor Belt which inserts into inventories below it (thanks cobra)
  • added recipe recalculation, to (hopefully) include minetweake'd recipes in the manual
  • added compat for Cutting Edge
  • added Charging Station, uses RF to charge items
  • added Current Transformer, a block based energy meter
  • added a 3D item render to the voltmeter, and allowed it to show energystorage on mouse-over (shoutout to Tage for the model! :D)
  • added the "Mass Fusion" Shader
  • added the "Angel's Thesis" Shader
  • added Shader support for Minecarts
  • added compat with Botania, Magnet Ring wont pull items from conveyors now
  • added Balloons! They are like Structural Connectors but they fly and glow and can be dyed
  • added the Skyhook! Now officially implemented, hopefully no longer stuttery and with its own manual entry!
  • added stairs for the other two treated woods and for concrete
  • gave concrete an entry in the manual and changed the recipe
  • fleshed out the Item Router. Now has OreDict, NBT and fuzzy filtering and matching buttons in the GUI
  • removed the ability to insert and extract graphite electrodes from the Arc Furnace
  • changed fluid pipes to be smarter about their connections (thanks cobra)
  • changed manual entries on mineral veins to be sorted alphabetically. Also changed the handling of dimension names, might fix the relevant bugs.
  • changed the HUD for the Drill a little
  • changed wooden crates to no longer be allowed inside eachother. This was a potential for NBT overflow
  • changed ingots to no longer be crushable
  • changed ores to only crush into a single piece of dust
  • changed Arc Furnace to distribute inputs equally across its slots
  • changed villager houses to maybe have shaders in the crates
  • changed Drill Heads to have +100% durability
  • changed Drills to be able to dig grass
  • changed certain ingame overlays to use a new font, styled to look like Nixie Tubes. You can disable this in the config
  • fixed bottling machine not accepting fluids correctly
  • fixed fluid dupe bug (thanks cobra)
  • fixed silo having pipes connect to everywhere
  • fixed z-fighting on the silo
  • fixed wires disappearing in RFTools dimensions (thanks malte0811)
  • fixed Breaker Switches falsely accepting HV
  • fixed speedloader-caused desync (thanks malte0811)
  • fixed DeepStorage interface on the silo (thanks malte0811 and cobra)
  • fixed typos in the manual (thanks xbony2)
  • fixed stack overflow with the Item Router
  • fixed tooltips rendering below NEI (thanks UnwrittenFun)
  • fixed Mekanisms's refined obsidian being smeltable in the Arc Furnace
  • fixed multiple clientside desyncs (thanks malte0811)
  • fixed (possibly) the desyncing of the SkyHook
  • fixed connectors to have limited output as well rather than just accepting everything
  • fixed conveyors rendering the wrong way on some sides
  • fixed light opacity on mutliple blocks
  • fixed StackOverflow when using tesseracts with IE wires
  • fixed derped lightign on stairs
  • fixed connected sides on metal scaffolding
  • updated zh_CN.lang
  • updated fr_FR.lang
  • added es_ES.lang
  • Oathkeeper


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lothrazar with Overpowered Inventory
Lothrazar said:
Overpowered Inventory 2.0.0
  • Version 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite and overhaul of the mod
  • Full compatibility with all other mods, uses a standalone inventory screen
  • Open the Overpowered Inventory with a hotkey (B) or a button that renders above your inventory
  • In other words, it works with baubles, custom npcs, inventory control keys, thaumcraft, balkins weapons, etc etc.
  • Unlock features step by step using experience points
  • Config control over exp costs
  • it has zero changes to the vanilla inventory
  • Still has the dual hotbars feature
  • Contents of the extra slots in this inventory is ignored by 'keepInventory' gamerule
  • No more compass, clock, uncrafting, 3x3 crafting, or exp bottles. Some of these may return depending on user demand. I moved the Uncrafting feature to a standalone mod "Uncrafting Grinder" and made tons of fixes and updates.
  • Still works with all screen resolutions, so for GUI Scale Small or Auto you can use the config file to make the screen smaller.
  • Please give me your bugs, features, and comments !
  • Versions for 1.7.10 and 1.8.0 are coming!!!