What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @LordDusk with Hardcore Questing Mode
lorddusk said:
Hardcore Questing Mode 4.3.1
HQM is now Open Sourced.


  • Progress wiping for some teams after a restart.
  • Preventing a new player joining from bugging out repeatable quests.
  • Loading quests through JSON that already exist will update rather than crash you.


  • Threaded item searching (speeds up looking for items significantly.).
  • Reward bag saving/loading through JSON.
  • In-Minecraft Config changing, this excludes changing into edit mode.
  • Notification in the main quest line when a set has unclaimed rewards.


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Jul 29, 2019
After seven months of development, SecurityCraft v1.8.0, the Security Camera Update, is finally out.

- Added security cameras.
- Changed the name of the keypad frame to "Frame".
- Changed the name of the reinforced iron fence gate to "Electrified Iron Fence Gate".
- Added tasers.
- Added reinforced stone and wood stairs.
- Added electrified iron fence (hurts any entity (except dropped items) when touched, except the owner).
- Added I.M.S.
- Added reinforced glass, stained glass, and stained glass panes.
- Added storage module.
- Added SecurityCraft manual.
- Added the universal owner changer.
- Added the universal block reinforcer.
- Added reinforced dirt, cobblestone, and sandstone.
- Added slab versions for all opaque SecurityCraft blocks.

*** Changes: ***
--- Hefty code cleanup:
- New: The track mine is now "ownable", and can be remotely detonated using the Mine Remote Access Tool.
- New: Added Portuguese translation.
- New: Messages sent by SecurityCraft can now be customized in the .lang file.
- New: The alarm now lights up when powered.

--- Simplified password-protected block's password setup process:
- Deleted some GuiContainer, Container, and IMessage classes.
- Added setPassword() and activate() methods to IPasswordProtected.

--- Worked on the SecurityCraft API:
- Added comments to methods in IPasswordProtected, IOwnable, and IExplosive, and CustomizableSCTE.
- Moved all the classes in org.freeforums.geforce.securitycraft.interfaces to org.freeforums.geforce.securitycraft.api.
- Moved CustomizableSCTE from org.freeforums.geforce.securitycraft.tileentity to org.freeforums.geforce.securitycraft.api. - Modified the build.gradle file to also generate deobfuscated and raw source .jar files when building.
- New: Added Waila support. - New: Added VersionChecker update support.
- New: SecurityCraft now requires LookingGlass v0.2.00+ as a dependency.
- New: Password-protected chests now have a custom christmas texture.
- New: Added new Creative Tab for decoration blocks (Reinforced blocks/iron fence etc.)
- New: Keycard readers now emit redstone particles like laser blocks when active.
- New: Alarms can now be placed on all sides of a block.
- New: Keeping a username logger powered now constantly logs players instead of just logging once when receiving a redstone pulse.
- New: Codebreakers can now be used on password-protected furnaces.
- New: Claymores now have crafting recipes.
- New: Inventory scanners now have a built-in inventory to store deleted items in
- New: New tips!
- New: The SecurityCraft manual now displays icons to represent various properties of blocks.
- New: The track mine is now "ownable", and can be remotely detonated using the Mine Remote Access Tool.
- New: Added Portuguese translation.
- New: Messages sent by SecurityCraft can now be customized in the .lang file.
- New: The alarm now lights up when powered.
- Change: Electrified Iron Fence Gates now hurts any entity except dropped items and its owner.
- Change: Changed keypad recipe to use iron ingots instead of iron blocks.
- Change: Right-clicking the frame with a key panel now creates a keypad. Right-clicking the frame with a bound camera monitor now shows the camera's view.
- Change: The frame now uses an iron block texture instead of a stone texture.
- Change: Removed the keypad's recipe (unless the "useOldKeypadRecipe" config option is selected).
- Change: Changed the frame's recipe to use iron ingots instead of stone blocks.
- Change: Changed the password-protected furnace recipe.
- Change: Your entire inventory is now shown while looking in the inventory scanner GUI.
- Change: You now can't bind mines to a mine remote access tool if they don't belong to you.
- Change: Mines can now be configured to not explode if the player who broke it is in Creative mode
- Change: Adapted the keypad frame's model to the one used in SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.8.
- Change: All mobs and dropped items get damaged by Fake Water now.
- Change: SecurityCraft now doesn't require LookingGlass v0.2.00+ to run.
- Change: Removed the tooltip for the Universal Block Modifier in favour of the SecurityCraft manual.
- Change: Reinforced blocks can no longer be crafted, and must be made by using the universal block reinforcers.
- Change: Reinforced block textures now look identical to the vanilla texture, except it is darker.
- Change: The SecurityCraft manual now displays bl4ckscor3 as an author.

- Fix: Lasers could be broken by players who didn't place them.
- Fix: Using different window sizes and resolutions caused the buttons in the Universal Block Modifier GUI to move.
- Fix: Rotation of keypad frames and password-protected furnaces in inventory.
- Fix: Bouncing Betty's owners got set to "owner".
- Fix: Mines are now "ownable".
- Fix: Mines now explode when the block underneath it is broken.
- Fix: The password-protected furnace and password-protected chest could be "hacked" using the codebreaker if it's disabled in the config file.
- Fix: Fixed bug that causes a crash when right-clicking a keycard reader after setting the keycard level in the GUI without interacting with another GUI afterwards.
- Fix: The password-protected furnace and password-protected chest could be "hacked" using the codebreaker if it's disabled in the config file.
- Fix: Crash when receiving a message containing a '%' from IRC.
- Fix: Fake Lava ignored doFireTick gamerule.
- Fix: Fixed a ownership bug that causes an "ownable" block to not be able to be broken if placed when using SecurityCraft v1.7.0 or older, then updating. - Fix: Although the cage trap was "ownable", it was still able to be broken by other players.
- Fix: The SecurityCraft: Technical Creative tab is now better sorted.
- Fix: Fixed the defused version of the claymore not having a localized name in Waila.
- Fix: Improved rendering performance of the password-protected furnace.
- Fix: Security cameras now auto-break if the block they are attached to is broken.
- Fix: Updated German localization.
- Fix: The SecurityCraft manual now displays the name of any people who translated the English names of the stuff in SecurityCraft to another language.
- Fix: Waila no longer displays the password of a password-protected block if you are not the owner.
- Fix: The security camera animation no longer speeds up and down depending on how many times can re-render the camera, and are now in sync with LookingGlass views.
- Fix: Alarms can now be placed on the sides of laser blocks.
- Removed: BreakIn' Bad tips and URL.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @CovertJaguar with Railcraft
CovertJaguar said:
  • NEW: Added Cargo Cart, a filterable Cart for moving items.
  • NEW: Locomotive Limiter can now put Locomotives into reverse. (contribution by cruck1000)
  • CHANGE: Tin Bushing can now spawn in Mineshaft and Workshop loot chests. (contribution by Yopu)
  • CHANGE: Loader/Unloader filter slots now match against custom Cart names. (contribution by Woodstone)
  • FIX: Fixed a possible crash during Worldgen if you disable the Track block.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor interaction with FunkyLocomotion.
  • FIX: Fixed IFluidContainer dupe bugs (I hope).
  • FIX: Logging out while riding a cart should no longer take the cart with you (and break trains apart).
  • FIX: Tunnel Bore should now obey permission events when breaking blocks. (contribution by Dockter)
  • FIX: Animal Detector can now tell cows and mooshrooms apart. (contribution by cruck1000)
  • FIX: Added foundation to village workshop. (contribution by notabadminer)
  • FIX: Various Undercutter bugfixes. (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Fixed crash when Goggles are disabled. (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Loosen up Routing logic so that Locomotives don't have to be at the front of the train.
  • FIX: Ore Dictionary support expanded to newest standards. (contribution by Adaptivity)
  • FIX: Override Command Block Cart to fix interactivity issues. (contribution by liach)

and @BlayTheNinth with Hardcore Revival
BlayTheNinth said:
Hardcore Revival 1.0.14
  • Added /hardcorerevival spawnritual command to test out configured structures
  • Added /hardcorerevival debug command to spawn a debug stick that can test structures for validity
  • Added "any" and "solid" mapping types (solid is all opaque blocks, so *not* glass)
  • Added "ore:" prefix to define ore dictionary blocks in structures
  • Made heads not pop off on contact with water / lava


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Jul 29, 2019


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Brandon3055 with Draconic Evolution
brandon3055 said:
Draconic Evolution 1.0.2-Snapshot_4
  • crystal binder now only rotates blocks when set to the mode change function.
  • added config option to switch back to the old 2D armor model.
  • infused obsidian recipe now makes 4 infused obsidian as opposed to 1.
  • fixed crash when right clicking energy core.
  • rewrote chaos island and chaos guardian.
  • added CC and OC support to reactor, flow gates and energy core.
  • re implemented the ability to disable item lore.
  • fixed conflict with draconic helm and tcon cleaver mining fateige.
  • added draconium and awakened draconium nuggets.
  • added Chaos Crystal.
  • added Chaos Shard and Chaos Fragments.
  • semi finished draconic reactor (May tweak the balance a little)
  • added config option to speed up the resurrection ritual.
  • disabled console spam for invalid item lore.
  • dragon and guardian death sound is nolonger server wide.

and @bright_spark with Sparks Hammers
Bright_Spark said:
This mod adds in hammers which take the material traits of the vanilla pickaxes, and by default (config coming in a later update!) their usage speed are x0.8 as the respective pickaxe, and the durabilty are x8 more.

Here are the crafting recipes for the hammer heads:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Wooden Hammer Head


Stone Hammer Head


Iron Hammer Head


Gold Hammer Head


Diamond Hammer Head


Here are the crafting recipes for the hammers:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Wooden Hammer


Stone Hammer


Iron Hammer


Gold Hammer


Diamond Hammer


Credits go to the authors of Tinkers Construct for their hammer code which enabled me to do this (given my, atm, low knowledge on handling client/server stuff). Also thanks to Pahimar for creating an amazing YouTube series on creating and setting up a Minecraft mod!

and @1WTC with Back To The Future Mod
1WTC said:

This mod (at the moment) adds in The Delorean and the Mattel Pink / PitBull Hoverboards and (Pepsi Perfect (1.5.2))! It was originally made May 1st 2013 and was never intended to be updated. However after a large number of requests I have updated it for 1.7.10. The 1.7.10 version is not exactly the same as the 1.5.2 version however contains pretty much the same content!

The Delorean

The Delorean can be ridden, to get in it you have to right click on it (on the Drivers seat) and you will get in the car. To move whilst in the car use the WASD keys as well as moving your mouse to change direction. If you are playing the old 1.5.2 Modloader version you can also increase / decrease speed and hit 88mph and teleport. I will be adding this as a features into the 1.7.10 version soon!

Mattel Pink Hoverboard


The Mattel Pink Hoverboard can be ridden by right clicking on it, you will stand on the board slightly hovering off the ground, you can control the hoverboard by using the W A S D keys and the mouse to rotate direction. But do not go in water because "Those boards don't work on water!"

Pitbull Hoverboard


The PitBull Hoverboard can be ridden by right clicking on it, you will stand on the board slightly hovering off the ground, you can control the hoverboard by using the W A S D keys and the mouse to rotate direction. But do not go in water because "Those boards don't work on water!"

Pepsi Perfect (1.5.2 Modloader)

Used to fill your hunger bar! (Not all the way but fills it quite alot!)

Pepsi perfect is only available in the 1.5.2 Modloader version of the mod at the moment. It will be in 1.7.10 soon!

and @fewizz with NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs
fewizz said:

Adds buttons to Thaumonomicon to switch between Thaumcraft tabs.

Feel free to include this mod in your private or public modpack if you are link back to this page.

VikeStep and GloomyFolken for their coremod tutorials

Azanor for creating Thaumcraft

and @Speiger with IC2 Wrench Plugin
Speiger said:
This Addon/Plugin is a split of From IC2 Classic (So do not use it with IC2 Classic!)

What does this plugin/addon?

It simply adds a Wrench Simulator which allows you to use other Modded wrenches on IC2 Machines.

The supportet Wrench Types are (Knowen):

-IToolWrench (BuildCraft) (Railcraft)

-ITool (EnderIO)

-IAEWrench (Applied Energistics 2)

So simply when this mod is installed you can a BC wrench on IC2 Machines.

only note is:

This is only a 1 way Wrench Methode, So you can not use IC2 Wrenches on other Machines that are not from IC2/Addons

Also IC2 Classic provides an API which allows you to register your own Wrenches to it so that you can support IC2 Exp and IC2 Classic.


-The only config you have is: Are tools in lossless mode or not.


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Jul 29, 2019
New mod by @RWTema, Tinker's Tailor
This mod adds a type of Armor to Tinkers Construct that can be made from any and all materials.

To get started you will need the Tinkers Tailor manual book, which can be gotten once automatically when crafting a tool station, or by crafting a regular TCon manual together with a wooden pattern and an ingot of iron.

NOTE: This mod is currently in early development. Feel free to try out the builds but remember - "Bugs will happen."


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @InfinityRaider with AgriCraft
InfinityRaider said:
AgriCraft 1.4.2
  • ADDED: A recipe for the clipper
  • ADDED: Config option to disable registering of crop products into the ore dictionary
  • ADDED: Config option to disable particles
  • FIXED: The soil and base block requirements for custom crops will actually have fuzzy metadata when no metadata is specified instead of defaulting to 0
  • FIXED: Fixed error with the parent config numbers
  • FIXED: Fruits added via MineTweaker will be registered to the OreDictionary correctly
  • FIXED: Single tanks not accepting water

and @makeo with Gadomancy
makeo said:
Hello my fellow Thaumaturges,

I developed another thaumcraft addon (yeiii thaumcraft addon no. 9999)
My mod is mainly another util mod for thaumcraft but I implemented some unique features.
The second part of my mod is an API for other developers to easily add their own golem cores and golem types.
If you're a developer and interested in that go ahead and read the API section (I really love this feature).

This mod is a WIP mod and considered an alpha and more content is planned for the future.
The Thaumonomicon entries got NO text at the moment so read the feature list for descriptions!

This mod will need Thaumcraft 4.2 or later to work.


I hope the screenshot caught your attention ;)


Spoiler (click to hide)
- Currently the Thaumonomicon entries got NO text and I'm looking for someone who wants to write one or more of them. Please pm me if you're intresed :)
- Some textures are just temporarily (e.g. Golem Core: Break) If you want to help me with that pm me as well :)
- You can instead just post textures, transtlations or Thaumonomicon entries in the Github issues section

Spoiler (click to hide)
Arcane Dropper:
Hover over it with a wand (Without Focus) to see its range.
All the dropped items in this range are part of the inventory of this block.
You're only able to extract/insert items from the flat sides of the block.
The block has no gui.

Sticky Jars:
You're now able to place rotated jars!
Compatible with the following Jars:
- Thaumcraft: Warded Jar, Void Jar
- Automagy: Infinity Jar
- Thaumic Exploration: Oblivion Jar

Silverwood Golem:
A new golem type with 3 upgrade slots (you can't make him advanced)
Stats are simmilar to wood golem.

Golemic Shielding:
Runic Shielding for your golems!
Does not use any kind of vis.
Extra effective with Silverwood golem.

Golem Core: Break:
This core will allow your golem to break marked blocks.
He will use tools if you specified that in the golems inventory
(tipp: use an entropy upgrade to ignore metadata changes on tools).
If you add a block to the golems inventory he will only break the specified block.
Breaking speed depends on strength and tool speed.
Fully compatible with the ordo upgrade (Specify which tool should be used on the associated marked block)

Infusion Claw:
You're now able to automatically start your infusion with a redstone signal
and it will store all your knowledge even if you're offline!
Place it on top of an infusion matrix (compatible with Thaumic Horizons)
You can auto insert/extract the wand from the top side and if you enable
the check box in the gui, you're able to extract empty wands only.
It will not accept redstone signal from top or bottom sides.
But this process will add instability and use vis from the wand.
The instability added depends on the used wand. Staffs are better than normal wands (you can't use scepters)
The best staff is a primal staff core with void caps (This will not add instability at all)
The best vanilla wand is a silverwood rod with void caps. (Rods with more than 100 storages are better)
You should always use a good wand otherwise you'll get alot of instability!

You can also use this to auto produce Crucibles and Thaumonomicons (who would need that?)
and this will not drain vis from the wand.
Bugs reports / enhancements:

Spoiler (click to hide)
- If you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes just send me a pm or create an issue on github (as you probably could guess I'm not a native speaker)
- In case of real bugs: I will only fix them if you post them on Github
and if your client or server crashed you have to add a FULL crash-report (I will close all other reports)
- If you think I have to add a specific feature or change something just post that on Github too.

Spoiler (click to hide)
1. Download the jar
2. drop it in your mod folder
3. have fun
About me:

Spoiler (click to hide)
I began to write this mod one year ago and have written on it to a great or lesser extent near every day or once a month.
Now I am so happy that I have finished it. This is my first mod but I have written plugins for minecraft too.
I learnt java before writing plugins and with this mod I learnt how to mod with forge. To write a complete mod was to much for
me at the beginning and therefore I decided to write a Thaumcraft addon with which I want to add at least some unique things.
If someone is interested in me, I'm 19 years old and just started studying computer science.

Golem Core: Break
to register the actual core use:
GadomancyApi.registerAdditionalGolemCore(name, core);

Golem Types:
Create a new class and extend AdditionalGolemType
example: Silverwood Golem
register: GadomancyApi.registerAdditionalGolemType(name, yourModId, additionalGolemType);

Infusion Claw: You can add your own behaviors to the Infusion Claw.
Create a new class and extend ClickBehavior
example: here (look at the inner class)
register: GadomancyApi.registerClawClickBehavior(behavior);
Special thanks:

Spoiler (click to hide)
of course to Azanor for making Thaumcraft
to HellFirePvP for creating some future features
and to Pahimar for his Let's Mod Series and teaching me the basics of modding
Modpack policy / License:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Feel free to use my mod in private modpacks but if you're using it in a public modpack please drop me a pm and you're good :) (you don't need to wait for me to answer)

My entire mod is open source and published under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
You can find the source on Github https://github.com/makeoo/Gadomancy/

and @Lilylicious with Static Chunk Manager
Lilylicious said:
This API allows modders to save chunks in a world, importing them into another one at requested locations.

Already planned and/or implemented features:

  • Allow mods to save chunks, include in jar, then place it at specified coordinates in each new world (done)

  • Allow mods to request a semi-random location for their chunk, for example: Within a 5 chunk radius of spawn, place one of this chunk

  • Make chunks optionally blend with surrounding landscape including but not limited to biome adjustment, height adjustment, block changes and much more.

  • Implement a structure saving system (ignore the chunk itself, find special features like buildings and/or chests, spawn it in another chunk)
In game commands:

/chunksave <filename>
/cs <filename>

The chunk will be stored as an NBT file in the saved chunks directory, location in your instance root (same folder as the config folder, etc)
As a modder, call the API method, giving it an input stream from the file in your project (assets is a good spot for them) as well as the chunk coords you want the chunk to be placed at. The same file can be used multiple times, though needs a new inputstream for each API call. In the future there will be a way for non-modders to import chunks. In all probability this will involve using filenames to request positions, as well as a folder to place them in.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @pau101 with Fairy Lights
pau101 said:
Fairy Lights 1.3.0
  • Adds 6 new lights: spider, ghost, jack o'lantern, skull, witch, and weedwood lantern
  • Changed ornate lantern recipe from using gold ingots to gold nuggets

and @ZLainSama with Cosmetic Armor Reworked
ZLainSama said:
This mod is my reworked version of Cosmetic Armor.

The original mod has a few bugs, and it is licensed under MIT License. The author hasn't fixed them, so I figured why not make my own version.

This mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display, one for function.

You can also hide armor for your skin.

For PVP, you can stop the mod from functioning on your client side.

You can press C (default, you can change it in Controls under Inventory category) or the button added in your inventory screen (bottom right to your character, similar to the Baubles button) to open the Cosmetic Armor Inventory, left side is your normal armor slots, right side is your cosmetic armor slots.

Any armor placed in cosmetic armor slots will not have any effect on you, only for display purpose.

They will drop on death.

Little square buttons on the right are Skin toggles. When turned on (white), that piece of armor will not display at all.

Little square button on the left to inventory button is mod disable toggle. When turned on (white), the mod will not work on your client side, this is for PVP.

I rushed coding for this in one day, there might be some issues, reporting them to me is appreciated.


dmillerw - original author

azanor - some code learned from baubles

and @ganymedes01 with Another One Bites the Dust: Berry Bushes
ganymedes01 said:
Another One Bites the Dust: Berry Bushes 1.0.6
  • Fix Thaumcraft golems not harvesting bushes properly
  • Added a config option to allow bushes to be bonemealed to produce more berries. Off by default.

and @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-227
  • Added a "Quick Lookup" feature to the Lexica Botania. You can hold CTRL on an item in your inventory while you have a Lexica Botania in your hotbar to open its entry.
  • Added the Livingwood Avatar, a new block you can give a few rods to and will have effects depending on which one. These are the current effects:
    • Rod of the Bifrost: Creates temporary bifrost bridges in the area directly in front of it where the player would walk to.
    • Rod of the Hells: Creates a perpetual fire ring around it, like the rod does.
    • Rod of the Plentiful Mantle: Minims the rod's effect of showing nearby ores, the colors stay the same as long as it stays in the same place.
    • Rod of the Skies: Any players that jump near it will jump as high as if they had used the rod, as well as get temporary fall damage resistance.
    • Rod of the Unstable Reservoir: Shoots magic missiles at nearby mobs, like the rod does.
  • Added Primus Loci. Rare worldgen flower patches with Primus variants of Dayblooms and Nightshades that don't decay.
  • Added Railcraft support to the Mana Pool with Minecart.
  • Buffed the Rafflowsia, again.
  • Fixed Isolated and Recessive Spark banners (Et Futurum Integration) having the wrong recipes.
  • Fixed the Mana Pump's render crashing the game if it's placed with an invalid metadata somehow.
  • Fixed the Terra Shatterer's mana bar being slightly off center. Phew.
  • Fixed transparent blocks not rendering properly under the mana enchanter.
  • Looking at any entry in a Lexica Botania category page and holding shift shows you a preview with a tagline of what it is and what crafting recipes are in the entry.
  • Mana Tablets, Rings and Mirrors now have a similar mana bar to that of the Terra Shatterer.
  • Merged the "A Tutorial of the Basics" and the "An Introductory Video" entries.
  • Redesigned the Lexica Botania main page with smaller, bolder icons and fancier animations.
  • The "missiles" fired by the Rod of the Unstable Reservoir are a bit less choppy now.
  • The Manaseer Monocle's Lexicon Entry now has priority (is in italics).
  • The Terra Truncator now properly breaks around diagonals.
  • [API] Added IHornHarvestable for usage with the various horns. Get on it, Agricraft.
  • [API] Deprecated IGrassHornExcempt in favor of IHornHarvestable.
  • [API] Added IManaTooltipDisplay for items that display a mana bar on the tooltip.
  • [API] Added getTagline() to LexiconEntry.
  • [API] Added paintableBlocks and registerPaintableBlock() to BotaniaAPI for use with the Paintslinger lens. (L0neKitsune)
  • [API] Increased version number to 66.

and @BlayTheNinth with Twitchcrumbs
BlayTheNinth said:
Twitchcrumbs 1.0.4
  • Added option to fix Special Mobs support for Headcrumbs (fixed Headcrumbs mobs not spawning with SpecialMobs installed)
  • Added /twitchcrumbs reload command
  • Added autoReload feature
  • Fixed Twitchcrumbs heads not appearing in Headcrumbs NEI/Creative Tabs

and @Ollie_Lansdell with Calculator
Ollie_Lansdell said:
Calculator 1.8.5

Okay, this update makes the mod a lot more Energy intense, it was getting too OP so things are about to get much harder.
Now almost every machine generates 5x less power and requires 5x more
Other things require more power too e.g. Flawless Calculator
Recipes have been changed to make some things harder e.g. Atomic Multiplier, Weather Controller

-Added Stone Assimilator
-Added Algorithm Assimilator
-Added Config for Scarecrow and Weather Controller

-Config: changed config folder name from "CalculatorMod" to "calculator"
-Machines: Require 5x more power
-Tree leaves: Now grow back, when a tree is planted nothing is grown.
-Diamond Tree: Now harvests Flawless Diamonds and Weakened Diamonds but no regular diamonds.
-Diamond Sapling: Can only be planted on End Diamond Block which becomes grass when grown.
-Flawless Calculator: Can hold more power
-Flawless Calculator: Requires power to Teleport
-Flawless Calculator: Requires more power to throw grenades
-Health Processor: Most items now create half as much health points.
-Calculator Locator: Generates 5x less power
-Conductor Mast: Generates 5x less power
-Greenhouses: Require 3x more power
-Atomic Multiplier: Now requires 1.5 billion RF
-Atomic Multiplier: Recipe is much much harder
-Weather Controller: Now requires 250000RF per operation as default
-Weather Controller: Requires Nether Star to craft

-Flawless Calculator: Teleport derpyness
-More random fixes


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Some improvements to GregTech's loading time and integrating Forge's loading bars
GregoriusT said:
[ADDED] Progress Bars to Mod Loading. I know that there is a big ass warning that it may not work right above it (even though Forge itself uses it), but I have made wrappers that should prevent any damages, aka crashes.
[IMPROVED] The Recipe Replacing Portion of the Code, which has caused the 3rd Startup Lagspike in a way that it is now no longer lagging at all. Well, and you get to watch Loading Progress on the first two Lag Spikes. :p
[IMPROVED] The Thaumcraft Portion of the OreDict Code, in order to not spend ages on registering Aspects. This made my Loading Time go from 6 Minutes to 3 Minutes! Yes seriously, that was the source of most of the Lag on Startup!


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Progress sensors for GregTech!
GregoriusT said:
[ADDED] Progress Sensors for GT Machines. GT Machines now also work with the hasWork thing from Buildcraft now.
[ADDED] =100% and <100% Modes to all Sensors. =0 and >0 are not necessary because there are already = and > Modes.
[FIXED] Critical Bug that made my OreDictManager ignore any non-GT-OreDict-Item. The optimised Interface handling didn't have a fallback to the regular System... (don't worry, this has nothing to do with the large optimization that halved my loading time.)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @OreCruncher with Thermal Recycling
OreCruncher said:
Thermal Recycling
  • NEW: Add RTG Energy Cell, Battery Rack, and Energetic Redstone Ore and Dust
  • NEW: Added Forestry 4.x support. Pre-4.x Forestry will also work. The devs on Forestry decided to clean up their item naming. There may be more work to come depending on further Forestry changes.
  • NEW: Food items can now be specified as breeding material for animals using MineTweaker.
  • NEW: Added ability to breed pigs using Potatoes, Pumpkins, and Melon Blocks via the builtin mod mechanics.
  • CHANGED: Moved location of the ThermalRecycling.log file to the ./minecraft/logs directory.
  • CHANGED: Increased the internal tank size of the Composter to 8 buckets from 4.
  • CHANGED: Composter now makes 2 meal per recipe. Amount can be configured.
As always make sure you backup your saves prior to installing this or any other mod.

and @WeAthFolD with AcademyCraft
WeAthFolD said:
AcademyCraft 1.0pr2
AcademyCraft 1.0pr2 contains a bunch of bugfixes, fixing most gameplay-impact bugs. Also compeletly redesigned the crafting logic and lowered the survival difficulty. Skill data are also adjusted.

## Bugfixes

* Fixed `/aim exp` command taking out-of-range values
* Fixed `/aim` command cheats_on/off switch being reset when player is dead
* Fixed some items not rendered correctly in Item Frame
* Fixed can't quit GUI with 'E' key using node
* Fixed wireless matrix inventory flashing
* Fixed ignoring surrounding blocks while placing Ability Developer
* Fixed not correctly consuming liquids using Phase Generator
* Fixed Railgun skill not correctly consuming stacks with iron block/ingot
* Fixed node name 'editable' in energy blocks' link GUIs
* Fixed perks automatically learned
* Fixed ability developer UI opening for ALL clients while opening by ONE player
* Fixed items crafted with invalid subtype id (65535)
* Fixed phase liquid appears as missing-texture in some situation (Most notably BuildCraft Tanks)
* Fixed flashing while holding blocks and right clicking some of the mod blocks. (e.g. Nodes)
* Fixed name and connection loss of Wireless Node
* Fixed can recover CP by lying on the bed and leave bed
* Fixed slight GUI placement error of Metal Former
* Fixed some skills can't hurt dragon or some other entities
## Enhancements
* Removed the redundant 'preset' command
* Make 'aim' command's hints more friendly
* Improved ja_JP.lang
* Added shift-click behavior for Phase Generator
* Adjusted applying range of Arc Generation
* Add cursor for Data Terminal, improve visual effect
* Added link-to-node UI for Ability Developer, Solar Generator, EU&RF converting modules
* Mine Rays now accounts for destroyBlocks flag and AcademyBukkit Residence support
* Added some machine working sounds.
* Change Imag Fusor to correctly identify Item Stack damage value
* Adjusted ore spawning rate.
* Added some OreDicts for mod materials
* RF Support module doesn't anymore require ThermalExpansion

## New Features

* MineTweaker 3 support by 3TUSK
* Added 'Resonant Crystal Ore'
* Added a preview for 'Research Note'


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
RFTools 4.00, Deep Resonance 1.0.0 and McJtyLib 1.7.0:

RFTools 4.00:

  • Depends on McJtyLib 1.7.0
  • Big user interface rework: this release changes all the user interfaces. Not everything is 100% ready yet but this should already be a huge improvement over the user interfaces you got in earlier versions:
    • The 'style' button (little 's' button at the right of every window) now switches between five different possible button styles.
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f386e41456841432e706e67
  • The Builder has been upgraded a lot:
    • Using 'quarry' versions of the shape cards you can now quarry parts of the world in the specified shape. Most common will be to use a solid box but you can also quarry in the shape of a sphere or torus:
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f5757596e5942692e706e67
    • There are silk touch and fortune versions of the quarry card. Note that these cost more (RF/t).
    • Amount of RF needer per quarried block also depends on the hardness of the block
    • By default the quarry will replace all quarried materials with dirt (and avoid a block update) for most efficient operations. You can also upgrade a quarry card to one that actually clears the blocks (these quarry cards can be disabled in the config).
    • The quarry cards are fully configurable. You can disable them or reduce their maximum size. The default maximum quarry size is an area of 512x256x512.
    • The builder can now also build shapes up to 512x256x512:
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f564b46726564432e706e67
    • There is a void card that can clear an area without keeping the results.
    • The quarry and builder will now process one chunk at a time and only chunkload that chunk (can also be disabled in config). The builder will not chunkload itself however. So you should put a spot loader next to the builder and the builder itself will take care of chunkloading the chunk where it is currently working.
    • Note that infusing a builder will greatly increase the speed.
    • Made sure that items that have subtypes cannot be rotated by the mover. This prevents the builder changing blocks into other things when rotating.
    • When making the support blocks for a solid shape for within the builder the non-solid version will be made to prevent the creation of a huge amount of support blocks for huge constructions.
    • The tooltips on shape and space card now shows the RF/tick
    • The mode, anchor and rotation buttons on the builder gui are only enabled when needed
    • Fixed a bug where right clicking a huge blob of support blocks would cause a stack overflow
    • The builder will now check (before moving or swapping) if a player is allowed to move a certain block
    • Blacklisted end portal frames and bedrock
    • Fixed a bug where switching anchor wouldn't correctly update the support box
    • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.50 where removing a space chamber card from the builder would cause a client side crash
  • Other changes:
    • Fixed duping on multiplayer when one player is opening a blocks inventory while the other breaks that machine. Then first player can still take out items
    • The 'Check' button on the dialer will now automatically clean up all invalid destinations if you use it on an invalid destination
    • Fixed a problem where the unknown dimlet chest loot would be readded when reloading the world creating more and more dimlets in chests. This same fix also makes sure that MineTweaker users can now change the unknown dimlet loot from within MineTweaker

Deep Resonance 1.0.0:

  • Depends on McJtyLib 1.7.0
  • Fixed possible client syncing issues when DR was used in combination with RFTools
  • Fixed many rendering and flickering issues
  • Doubled the default amount of liquid that one filter item can filter because it was really using a lot of materials now. Delete the config to get the new value
  • Fixed the tanks not giving the right info (for the RFTools liquid monitor for example)
  • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f72305746506d352e706e67

RFTools 4.00 download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/224641-rftools
Deep Resonance 1.0.0 download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233398-deep-resonance
McJtyLib 1.7.0 download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233105-mcjtylib
ElecCore 1.4.174 download (only needed for Deep Resonance): http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/227391-eleccore-dimensionapi

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @X_Simeon with Matter Overdrive
X_Simeon said:
Matter Overdrive 0.4.0
  • Fixed Data Pad GUI
  • New Omni Tool weapon/tool
  • Weapon System overhauled
    • new Phaser model
    • more sounds
    • new improved effect
    • new accuracy system
    • fixed server clients now seeing phaser fire
  • Fixed desyncing of Phaser Rifle shots between client and server
  • Performance improvements on Gravitational anomalies and Matter Network machines
  • Redstone mode on machines now works
  • Gravitational anomaly improvements
    • Anomaly now has realistic gravity with a distance squared falloff
    • Now has a minimal event horizon of 1 block. Makes it easier to swallow items when small.
    • Fixed Gravitational anomalies destroying blocks even when stabilized
    • Blocks that are further away are harder to destroy
    • Anomalies can now be collapsed by nether stars
  • Updated forge to
  • Fixed machines not dropping inventory
  • Fixed Matter Registry not saving to file
  • Androids now respawn with a full battery
  • Lots of new decorative blocks
  • New yellow android pill for resetting android abilities
  • Android pills now can be replicated
  • Android transformation is now not deadly in hardcore mode
  • New ingame command for adding items to the Matter Registry




and @Prototik with RealBench
Prototik said:
RealBench - Minecraft Forge mod, which makes vanilla workbenches more usable out-of-box:

  • Items don't drops when you close crafting gui
  • Other players can see your crafting process
  • Items will be dropped only when someone breaks workbench
Just drop-in this mod to mods dir of your Forge-compatible server and see result! Mod not required to be installed on the client side, but it can be installed for same behavior in single player mode.

and @Thor12022 with Hardcore Wither
thor12022 said:
The more Withers you fight, the harder the fight gets.

Withers spawned around you get increasingly difficult special abilities. If a Wither is spawned with multiple players around, all of their experience with Withers is taken into account.

There are several special abilities (boosted health) most of which are intended to be discovered the hard way. All abilities can be disabled/adjusted in configs.

There are plans for more special abilities in the future, suggestions are welcome (issues submitted to the repository are perfered).

There is also a way to get Tinkers' Construct Green Heart Canisters if that mod is present (disablable in configs).

Requires a minimum of Forge 1384.

Feel free to use in modpacks; notification is appreciated, but not required.


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Jul 29, 2019
RWTema updated Extra Utilities to 1.2.12

+ Add NEI "Search For Item In Nearby Inventories" button (Default 'T'). Press this button while hovering over any item in a GUI, and any nearby inventories that contain that item will give off particles. It uses fuzzy matching, so NBT and certain types of metadata will be ignored.

- Disable the item filter "hasContainerIitem.exe" when certain incompatible mods/apis are present.

- Update localizations