What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019
I don't think we saw this Olympia news:
Latest news: Block count now sits at 53,217 and Item count is at 1,253. This is thanks mostly to several thousand flavours of chests, mushrooms, and flowers. Pictures to come soon.

Next big thing to be added: Large Doors (3 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall)

Just as an FYI: I just added 1 additional metal - that is to say I added ONE line of code, and the current block count is now 53,833. 1 metal flavour = 616 blocks.

EDIT: added another combination of chests, we're at 63,437

Alchemy lab. It doesn't do anything yet, but it'll look pretty!

I don't see why it wouldn't support a texture pack, like any other mod - just bear in mind how many textures you're going to have to replace...

Alchemy lab model is done. No variations or anything, just a single block all on its lonesome:

Next up: Jewellers Workbench and Writing Desk: another pair of devices that don't DO anything yet, but will in the future.

Jeweller's Workbench work in progress

My partner says I have a problem: I like blocks that float, spin slowly (preferably with two parts going in opposite directions) and go "fworp fworp".

New block to be added. The center sphere will be a crystal, the outer container will be metal. This is in honor of Homeworld Remastered coming out yesterday. It's called a "core" and will probably end up as a power source or a crafting interface of a very specialized nature or something. Who knows.

Don't forget the Avernian gate in my first post. Like I said: my touchstone for a lot of the higher-tech looking stuff is an old game calle Xenogears. It has an awesome blending of low and high tech that is incredibly appealing. I'd love to see someone do a Solaris build.

On that note, the high-tech-looking metal blocks got a makeover.

I have hit one problem with TESRs: Depth Sorting. I need to find a way to get the TESRs to render in the order from farthest-from player to closest to player. I saw someone did it, but I haven't adapted it yet.
First, the Core, then small chests, then the depth sorting issue, then I start cleaning up code and adding in proper way to do things that aren't short-cut-like. I should probably add some creative tabs as well. Then I start re-implementing my decoration system, which you're going to love.

... I approve of this grammar-correcting jibe. Yes good.


Between the new cores, and a slew of even more I've added, we're up to 66,785 blocks and 1,261 items.

I finally cracked how Azanor did it:

Oh, and something else I've been poking around with...



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania R1.5 167 & R1.5 168
  • Added a Word Counter thing that gets written to the log saying how many words the Lexica Botania has. Don't ask me why, I just felt like it >.<
  • Added feature creep to the Lexica Botania in the form of a "View Online" button as well as a Lookup History (similar to your browser's history).
  • Fixed a crash with looking at a block that doesn't have a mod registered to it somehow with the Lexica Botania.
  • Fixed Dayblooms and Nightshades not showing the particles for diminishing returns.
  • Fixed the Pure Daisy having the wrong icon in the lexicon index.
  • Fixed the recipe for Metamorphic Stone Bricks outputting 1 rather than 4.
  • Removed debug print in the lexicon.
  • Sparks no longer emit particle beams when placed in the world, they still do when right clicked with a wand.
  • The Terra Shatterer can now mine Ardite and Cobalt from Tinkers Construct as well as other ores of harvest level 4.
  • [API] Added failsafe for WikiHooks.getWikiFor
  • [API] Increased TERRASTEEL armor material's harvest level to 4.
  • [API] The passive generation on SubTileGenerating will now only work in !World.isRemote. Furthermore, overrides of canGeneratePassively() should no longer check for World.isRemote.
  • [API] Increased version number to 35.
  • Fixed a (recurring) crash with the Gaia Guardian that would happen if there were no players around it. Naturally this only affected servers, but it's a big problem so I decided to make a build to fix it. And it was also crashing forgecraft :T

and @BluSunrize with Witching Gadgets
BluSunrize said:
Witching Gadgets 1.0.2
  • added a config option to disable clusters
  • added an alternate use for Perditio Infused Oval Gems, for when mirrors are disabled
  • fixed a nullpointer at startup
  • fixed a crash related to the gem selection on the Primordial Glove
  • fixed the cutting table crashing, due to Scala imports
  • added more documentation to the cutting table entry

and @WayofTime with Blood Magic
WayofTime said:
Blood Magic 1.3.1-4 & 1.3.1-5
  • Someone slap the guy who makes ItemStack.getItem() return a null...
  • Added chat spam at start-up for the compression registry.
  • More permanent fix than 1.3.1-4.

and @lumien with Custom Main Menu
Lumien said:
Custom Main Menu 1.2
  • Added: Version Checker support
  • Added: Placeholder strings can now be used in button text & tooltips
  • Added: Support for custom alignments
  • Added: Support for custom splash texts
  • Added: Support for multi line text (Use \n to make a line break)
  • Added: Control + R Hotkey to reload config
  • Notice that your menu.json file now has to be called mainmenu.json, it will be automatically copied for you.

and @hilburn with Steve's Addons
hilburn said:
Steve's Addons 0.8.4 & 0.8.5
  • Improvements to the copy button
  • Now copies sub-commands of groups and keeps their connections
  • SFM bugfix
  • Adds a null check to prevent SFM crashing when searching and mods return null strings in their tooltips

and @InfinityRaider with AgriCraft
InfinityRaider said:
AgriCraft 1.3.0
  • ADDED: Hand Rake tool which, when enabled, is the only thing that can remove weeds
  • ADDED: A config option to change the maximum stat cap on crops
  • ADDED: A config option to divide the stats on a newly mutated crops
  • ADDED: A config option to let the cactus crop produce cactus blocks instead of cactus green
  • ADDED: Villagers for the greenhouse (Elec332)
  • ADDED: MineTweaker3 support for changing growth requirements
  • ADDED: Compatibility with Jaquadro's GardenStuff (crops can be planted on them
  • ADDED: zh_CH.lang (3TUSK)
  • ADDED: Support for psychedelicraft (Will work when the newer version of Psychedelicraft is released)
  • ADDED: Other mods can make their seed/fruit compatible by registering the seed as "seed&lt;YourPlantName&gt;" and the fruit as "crop&lt;YourPlantName&gt;" to the ore dictionary
  • ADDED: The particle setting will now decrease the number of particles from the sprinkler
  • CHANGE: The background of the seed portrait in the journal is now the required soil
  • CHANGE: You can now specify any block as a specific soil for custom crops
  • CHANGE: Adding cross-crop sticks won't clear weeds anymore
  • CHANGE: Overhauled the way mutation requirements work: instead of setting specific requirements for mutations, you now have to set specific requirements for growing.
  • CHANGE: The requirement for a mutation to happen is the same as for growing: A plant can only mutate if it can grow there
  • CHANGE: NEI will show the needed soil and required base block (if any) for mutations
  • CHANGE: Potatoes sometimes drop poisonous potatoes now
  • CHANGE: Register seeds and their produce as seed&lt;Name&gt; and crop&lt;Name&gt; in the ore dictionary
  • CHANGE: Spreading from only 1 crop will not cause any stat increases (unless toggled in the config)
  • CHANGE: Added a difficulty for increasing stats in the config. 1: all surrounding crops will affect stat increase. 2: Only parent/identical crops will affect stat increase. 3: Same as 2, but other crops will affect stat inheritance negatively
  • CHANGE: Made the recipe for crops shaped to prevent conflicts with buildcraft wooden gears
  • FIXED: Sprinklers no longer hate railcraft hidden blocks
  • FIXED: Moved Botania crops to post init to possibly fix the crops not dropping petals
  • FIXED: Nether wart not being recognised as a valid seed (Marcin212)
  • FIXED: Sprinkler not stopping when water in the channel above ran out
  • FIXED: Waila not showing accurate fluid levels for channel, tank and valve
  • FIXED: Fixed crop not re-rendering on changes
  • FIXED: Stats are now being reduced on mutating instead of spreading
  • FIXED: Seeds being able to be planted on unhydrated farmland while farming was disabled
  • FIXED: NEI mutation GUI ignoring soil meta value
  • FIXED: Infinite loop when specifying BaseBlock of type 2
  • FIXED: Moved resource crops to post-init to enable resource crops for mods that register their ore dictionary entries too late
  • FIXED: Cactus crop dropping cactus with metadata 2 if the config option was on
  • FIXED: Crash with CoFH
  • FIXED: (hopefully) Fixed weird ingot to nugget recipes getting registered
  • FIXED: Nether wart always yielding one fruit, regardless of gain level

and @iChun with Back Tools 5.0.0 , Guilt Trip 5.0.0 , Shatter 5.0.0 & Streak 5.0.0
iChun said:
Back Tools 5.0.0
  • Added IMCMessage methods for blacklisting and adding a tool to render
  • Updated the render method to use the new LayerRenderer style implemented in 1.8.
Guilt Trip 5.0.0
  • Added config to disable the rendering of ghosts
Shatter 5.0.0
  • Updated to use iChunUtil’s new Model code with better model reconstruction
Streak 5.0.0
  • Updated the motion tracker to use iChunUtil’s central “entity tracking” system.