What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019
BDLib 1.6.5
  • Added logging of all loaded APIs and what mod they were loaded from
  • Mods that ship outdated APIs will be ridiculed with extreme prejudice
  • Fixed update spam in tank and resource dataslots when they don’t actually change
Pressure Pipes 1.0.7
  • Tanks without indicators should not cause rendering updates when their content changes
  • Hand Pump will not work with stacked tank items – this is a temporary fix for a dupe bug
Advanced Generators 0.9.11
  • Fixed Flux Generators not working with some machines and pipes/conduits
Gendustry 1.4.8
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.5
AE2 Stuff 0.1.6
  • Fixed missing text for creative tab
Downloads on my website (except AE2 Stuff which is on CF)


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Jul 29, 2019
And botania is still outdated.



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Jan 15, 2013
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Mods that spam about updates should not be included in packs, unless they have a config option to disable the message, in which case that option should be set.

Infinity config said:
# Set to false to disable checking and alerting when new Botania versions come out.

Ah, excellent!

However, the flag in MrTJPCore doesn't seem to work:

# Flag to enable or disable the update checker.

I still get a message about a new version available. Oh well this is all a bit off topic for this thread, sorry.
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Jul 29, 2019
Mods that spam about updates should not be included in packs, unless they have a config option to disable the message, in which case that option should be set.
They usually have a config option to turn it off, pack providers are the ones usually in charge of the configs that get shipped, And they have those update reminders for those folks who are playing old versions, wig out, and send a bug report from thirty versions ago in attempt to keep the issue tracker clean, and up to date. While it's annoying yes, Dealing with people that spam your inboxes with bug reports you've long since taken care of> periodic update reminder.


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Jul 29, 2019
I thought this seemed interesting. It isn't released yet, but it looks really nice.

The Olympia Content System by DasUmlaut
Olympia, as a thing, is a mod/api designed to add large numbers of blocks, items, and more in a consistent manner. With Olympia you'll be able to register several "flavours" of metal, wood, stone, gem, and so on.

Here's an example: All I've done is provide all the textures that Olympia will need, and registered the metal "Mythril". Here's what an NEI screenshot of all the blocks and items generated by Olympia, just by me typing out one line.

A note before continuing, Olympia generates everything in combinations of Flavours, Patterns, and for blocks: Shapes.
For each flavour registered, it creates blocks for that flavour in each pattern, and for each pattern for each flavour it creates several shaped blocks. First, let's take a look at our shapes.

As you can see, we have several shapes for each pattern/flavour combination. I won't go into detail about what each of them can do just yet, but suffice it to say that your creative palette is VASTLY expanded with these shapes. Stay tuned for more information on these here shapes.
Meet the Content...
Below is just a handful of examples of all the blocks that I've added to my minecraft using Olympia. On default windowed screen size and normal GUI sizing, NEI has 265 pages of Olympia content THUS FAR.


First, the various patterns generated when you register a flavour. This example is Titanium
Brick, Bullion, Machined, Panel, Plate, Tile

Here's what flavours I have registered so far. The example here is JUST the Plate pattern.


Like Metal, stone has it's own Pattern set, seen here. I think for this example I used Granite
Brick, Cobblestone, Flagstone, Hewn, Masonry, Paving, Rough, Smooth, Tile

And the flavours so far, using the Hewn Pattern for example purposes


Wood only uses three patterns (but a fourth pattern is in the works)
Boards, Planks, Slats

And the flavours I have registered so far...


Gem patterns are as follows
Cut, Fancy, Rough, and Smooth

And the flavours registered thus far....

Coming Soon...
Decoration items - items that you attach to the side of blocks for even more decorative power.
Lanterns - a wide palette of styles and colors above and beyond the 16-colors of Vanilla Minecraft.
Large Doors - 3-blocks wide and 5 blocks tall. Huge number of combinations based on the wood and metal flavours.
Special Blocks - wierd stuff that you can only see to believe, including Windmills, Waterwheels, and much more.

Sneak peak...
remember some of those wierd blocks I was telling you about, well, here's just a couple to show off.

On the left is a pair of Avernian Gates (inspired by an old JRPG called Xenogears and it's spinoff Xenosaga). Each registered flavour gets an Avernian Gate. On the right is a few Pylons (obviously inspired by Starcraft and Botania). Each Metal/Gem flavour combination gets a pylon. To the extreme right: a very happy horse.


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Jul 29, 2019
That was a short lived stay

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May 13, 2014
Just uploaded a new version of RFTools (2.53):

  • Added a configurable bedrock layer for cavern and flat type terrains. By default this is set to 1 which ensures that you'll get at least 1 level of bedrock in those terrains. Normally the bedrock layer is added by worldgen/biome gen but in some situations it appears that this is not happening and therefor this option was added. This extra layer of bedrock is just a safety to make sure there always is bedrock and that you don't get big oceans falling down into the void.
  • Added ore dictionary support for material dimlets. All materials that have a name that starts with 'ore' will now get a dimlet (like 'oreCopper', 'oreSilver', ...). For some of these the right rarity and cost is already set but not yet for all so you might get some cheap ores :)
  • Removed the (sometimes unstable/not working) crafting recipes for large and transparent screens. Instead just use a wrench on the screen to cycle between four different mods: normal, large, transparent, large and transparent. This works a lot faster.
  • Fixed a potential crash bug in the manual with recipes that are smaller then the usual 3x3
  • Added a new charged porter item for emergency teleports. This item needs to be charged with RF. It also needs power for the teleportation which also depends on distance and dimension. The cost of a teleport is 50% more then it would have been using a normal matter transmitter. This basically means that with default configuration you can only do one cross-dimensional teleport. The remaining power will be enough to do small teleports. This charged porter has to be linked to a matter receiver (sneak-right click).
  • Added a new Phased Field Generator item. This is a chargable item that provides protection in a dimension that has run out of power. This item must be in your hotbar to work. Do not at any time remove it (not even to sawp it to another spot in the hotbar) or you will die. No power is used by the item when the dimension still has power. And while this device is active you will get hunger, slowness and mining fatigue. It does protect against the poison and other bad effects from the dimension though.
  • Syringes should now work on mooshrooms. In previous versions you got cow essence instead of mooshroom essence.
  • Fixed crafting of the peaceful essence (needed for peaceful dimlet creation).

It is recommended (to get the new settings) that you delete config/rftools/main.cfg.

Curse download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediatfile download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fwnoih43wvwl0fz/rftools-2.53.jar

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @10paktimbits with Plant Mega Pack
10paktimbits said:
Plant Mega Pack 5.00 PRE9 & PRE10
  • Worldgen is fully functional.
  • added: config screen: coral reef systems are now customizable
  • changed: planter recipes use bone meal instead of conditioner
  • changed: maximum elevation variance for plant spawning changed to 8 from 16
  • changed: doubled output of trellis recipes now gives you 6 instead of 3
  • fixed: setting for "overwrite vanilla plants" 100% accurate, should preserve modded plants too
  • fixed: plant powders now work on vanilla cactus and sugar cane
  • fixed: plant powders now work on PMP cactus
  • fixed: fertilizer used on saplings now produces particle effect
  • Fixed: worldgen bug causing crash

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.0
  • Initial 1.8 Release

and @Lunatrius with Schematica
Lunatrius said:
  • Fixed a IllegalArgumentException in postRenderBlocks
  • Fixed tile entities sometimes not rendering (wrong view point coordinates)
  • Optimization: overlay chunks outside the schematic are no longer processed

and @Kandivia with Pocket Nether Link Mod
kandivia said:
Pocket Nether Link Mod 1.3
  • Added Glowstone Dust to Blaze Rod Recipe
  • Looting Now Affects Skeleton Skull Drop
  • Added Config (With Default Values of):
  • chanceToDropSkull = 2.0
  • netherLinkDurability = 512

and @Sangar with OpenComputers
Sangar said:
  • Added: Achievements! Rudimentary crafting based ones for now.
  • Added: Recrafting recipe for robots and tablets to change their EEPROMs, needed after 1.5 update to allow people to update their BIOS.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when EnderIO AE conduits were placed next to OC blocks.
  • Fixed: Looping sounds were not muted when game was paused.
  • Fixed: Keyboard input on screens not working when inventory key was bound to the same key used for focusing NEI's search bar and the inventory was the last open container before opening a screen GUI. Yep.

and @Elec332 with CompactArmour
Elec332 said:
CompactArmour 1.0.8
  • Added recipe for the storage item (Whoops)
  • Added 2 enchantments, Information I & II
  • The Information I enchantment shows the items in the storage.
  • The Information II enchantment shows the items in the storage (Also shows custom item names) and their enchantments.

and @Mr_TJP with Project Red
Mr_TJP said:
Project Red 4.5.13 build #65
  • FIX: Updated ComputerCraft compatibility


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Jul 29, 2019
@WayofTime released Blood Magic 1.3.1-2
- Fixed a LOT of bugs. Hopefully enough to keep people happy~
- Added a few Ritual Diviner changes
- Soul Fray can no longer be cured by milk. Sowwie!
- Added Teleposer blacklist
- Finished the base effects for the Orchestra of the Phantom Hands ritual
- General cleanup
- Fixed the compression sigil. It seemed to have it in its head that the best way to compress things was to compress players out of their servers. Don't .rar me, bro!
- Added moar fake player checks
- Initial book stuff - since it doesn't have a texture, it should be rather obvious it isn't done.
- Possible to now add meteor paradigms via MineTweaker - don't ask me how, it's not like I know how to use it!

P.S. Download is on Curse http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224791-blood-magic


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jaquadro with Garden Stuff
jaquadro said:
Garden Stuff 1.3.2
  • Fix block sounds for ivy and saplings.
  • Fix soil kits with high rainfall values resetting (NOTE: all existing soil kits and tinted plants will have different values on load).
  • Allow devil's ivy to spread to large pots and other non-solid blocks with solid sides.

and @zoonie with Custom Interaction Sounds
zoonie said:
Custom Interaction Sounds 1.0.4
  • Project rename
  • Loop bugs fixed
  • Repetition bugs fixed
  • Folder bug fixed

and @mallrat208 with UBC Ore Registrar
mallrat208 said:
UBC Ore Registrar
  • Magical Crops Essence Ore, Texture is based off of the EssenceOre_layer file in the magicalcrops jar. I'm not shipping one for this.
  • Project Red Exploration Ruby, Sapphire, and Peridot Ores, Shares the same texture as the Biomes O' Plenty equivalents as they are functionally equivalent and I'm lazy

and @jaquadro with Storage Drawers
jaquadro said:
Storage Drawers 1.2.4
  • Added 'Invert Shift' option (contrib by tterrag1098). Causes click behavior to match JABBA.
  • Added 'Debug Logging' option. Mainly to help diagnose a reported issue.
  • Fixed rare crash in 'fancy' mode renderer when interacting with some modded blocks.

and @10paktimbits with Plant Mega Pack
10paktimbits said:
Plant Mega Pack 5.00 PRE11
  • several small enhancements to config screens
  • re-added trellis inventory rendering fix
  • removed unneeded 'plants' default resource folder from mod

and @austinv11with Peripherals++
austinv11 said:
Peripherals++ 1.2.1
  • The Big Update (Redux)
  • Hopefully fixes a bunch of issues

and @Lunatriuswith Schematica
Lunatrius said:
  • Fixed weird textures for fluids and possible other blocks
  • Prevent chunks outside the schematic to rebuild (should make things a bit faster)

and @Dr_Schnauzer with Alchemy Craft
Dr_Schnauzer said:

Do you ever wanted to forge your very personal armor? Crafted from any materials you like? In various combination? Maybe some magic on top?
Well, then you’ve come to the right place. AlchemyCraft not only allows you to forge your personal and individual armor, it also allows you to use magic to improve your armor and create powerful tools, potions and many more ...

Please keep in mind, that this Mod is currently work in progress. There are many planned features missing and have yet to be implemented.
So, I need your suggestions to help me improving the mod. This is also my first mod, so please tell me what you think about it.

Let's get started then, shall we?
As of now there are the following features implemented:
  • a multiblock forge that allows the player to heat up ingots for processing
  • tools that allow transport of hot ingots without burning the Player
  • a blacksmith’s anvil and hammer to forge plates and linkages
  • an armor worktable to create your personal armor out of any plates and linkages in predefined shapes
  • the armor’s durability and resistance depends on the items used in crafting


An example for the chestplate made out of different materials


The forge's GUI


The forge multiblock itself

Beginner's Guide:

1. The Forge:
The forge is a multiblock structure. For this you simply put together some forge bricks, some vents and one interface as shown below and you’re ready to go.


Now, you have to fill the center with charcoal blocks (made out of 9 charcoal). After that, open the GUI by right-clicking on the interface. There are 25 heating slots and one fuel slot, along with a heat bar with the current forge temperature.
To heat up the forge, simply put some solid fuel into the slot below the heat bar.

You may notice that the forge’s heat won’t go very high. That’s because the solid fuel by itself only puts out a small amount of heat. To reach a higher temperature you have to build in at least one forge vent and place a bellow next to it.

By right-clicking the bellow, it will slowly increase the heat in the forge (The bellows can only be clicked every 8 seconds). Each metal needs a different heat level. If the level is too low, the ingot won’t get hot enough to be processed. If the level is too high, the ingot will be destroyed.

Iron Ingot: min: 900 heat | max: 1300 heat
Gold Ingot: min: 400 heat | max: 800 heat
Bronze Ingot: min: 500 heat | max: 900 heat
Steel Ingot: min: 1000 heat | max: 1400 heat
hardened Iron: min: 1000 heat | max: 1400 heat

2. Processing:

To get going, you need to craft a fireproof glove, a blacksmith’s anvil and a hammer. When you right-click the forge interface with the glove you will get a extra Slot opened up. This Slot will alloy you to hold the hot Ingots without burning yourself. Now place down the anvil, simply open the GUI by right-clicking with the glove in hand and put the hot ingot into the top left slot and smash the anvil with the hammer (hitting not breaking). After a few hits you should get two plates. You can now use these for crafting, or hammer it again and get some linkages.
(Once you managed to get some Iron plates, you can also create tongs, which provide 4 slots for hot Ingots. Keep in mind this recipe will require a armor Worktable)

3. Crafting:

So, to finally craft your armor you’ll need an armor worktable – and yes, it has 49 slots. Currently, you can only craft one armor part. So let me show you how the different parts will be crafted. Just keep in mind, you can use different metals for the plates and linkages.

The Helmet:


The Chestplate:


The Leggings:


Finally the Boots:


Thanks for reading and stopping by. I hope you like the idea and the mod itself. More Content is deffinetly on the way!

For up to date information visit the forum thread: link

and @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.6.3-65
  • Added relative coordinates to drones!
  • Improved seed picking up and planting.
  • Programmers now can be set up to automatically program an item as soon as it gets inserted into the Programmer.
  • Added External Program drone widget.
  • Programmers now apart from the player's inventory, will also use adjacent inventories to program.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes you glitch through an elevator when starting the elevator.
  • Bugfix: Crash with Elevators when having two or more Elevator Callers next to eachother.
  • Bugfix: Dupe bug with Liquid Hoppers.
  • Bugfix: NEI Pressure Chamber recipe handler shows that only 1 gunpowder is required in making an Etching Acid Bucket.
  • Bugfix: IGW entry for Drones is missing.

and @Sangar with OpenComputers
Sangar said:
  • Fixed: Potential crash in robot update.
  • Fixed: Initial color value for cables when placed as multiparts.


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Jul 29, 2019
New Things of a Random nature.

Random Things 1.8
Status update on RT 1.8

Created 1 week ago · 6 images · 29 views · stats
Ported stuff from 1.7.10

Fertilized Dirt, the player interface, lapis (1.7.10 spectre) glass, the dyeing machine and the lapis lamp are ported. The online detector is also pretty much done but only works as a open computers component right now.

Decorative Stuff

Colored Bricks & Colored Grass

Blocks that have the foliage color of the biome they are in.

The Portal Generator allows you to open up temporary connections between 2 points in the world. Not sure how to balance this yet, might make it consume ender pearls / end stone or something like that.

From the left: - The Summoning Pendulum is like the entity mover from rt 1.6.4 but it can hold 5 entitys instead of just one. Will probably be attainable through some sort of worldgen. - The Stable Ender Pearl can be bound to a player and will teleport that player to it when it's dropped. - The Chalice of Immortality makes you immortal.

Villages are now assigned random names, you will be able to use magnetic force to teleport to them.
Lumien @lumien_2 · Feb 26
Released Random Things 3.0 for MC 1.8, will add the content of it to the wiki later.

[This is the Draconic Evolution guy.]
brandon3055 @Brandon3055 · Feb 19
Here is a sneak preview of the feature i am currently working on!! It should be ready for release fairly soon.



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Jul 29, 2019
another day, anoth-- *fishslap*

@Domochevsky with Quiverbow
- Allowed the AA to reload the Potatosser (Doesn't require coal for now.)
- Fixed the AA only loading up one arrow on the Double Crossbow
- Added the Communication Upgrade to the Arms Assistant. (This lets it communicate with the owner and be aimed with the Targeting Helper.)
-> Added the Arms Assistant Targeting Helper. It's a handheld device that lets you manually aim AAs. Using this required the Communication Upgrade.
-> Added the "REMOTE FIRE" command. This will cause the AA to aim and shoot where you are pointing the Targeting Helper
-> Added the "HOLD FIRE" command to the AA. They will not shoot unless told to do so via the Targeting Helper.
-> Added the "TELL AMMO" command to the AA. Only relevant with the Communication Upgrade. It'll tell the owner when it has run out of ammunition.
-> Added the "TELL HEALTH" command, same conditions as above. It tells the owner when this thing's health is below 30%.
-> Added the "TELL DEATH" command, also the same as above. Tells the owner when an AA was destroyed.
- Added the Heavy Plating upgrade to the AA. This provides 50% knockback resistance and 3 damage reduction vs anything blockable, at the cost of 50% speed
- Added the "SAFETY RANGE" command, (communications-unrelated). This will cause the AA to at least try to not get hurt by its own explosives.
- Changed the ability to fire the AAs weapons while riding them and tied it to the Targeting Helper instead.
- The AA will also now no longer attack players in creative mode. (No point in doing so.)
- I also hooked into some forge events for block breaking, so protection plugins can actually do something about it.
- Adjusted the Ray of Hope reloading recipe to not create 1,8k recipe permutations. Makes it a little easier on NEI. :p

@carliman with Toolbox
- fixed some bugs

@Dyonovan with TC Node Tracker
  • Fixed ESC not closing GUI
  • Fixed New Mystcraft dims not showing on list until client reconnects

@TehNut with More Chisels
  1. Update zh_CN.lang
  2. Bound chisel only crafted with Diamond Chisel
  3. Themed recipes for ExU
  4. Themed recipe for Fiery Chisel (TF)
  5. Remove redundant param for ItemChiselGem
  6. Cricket is a cool person, too
  7. Damage is a Short, not an Int.
  8. Update Chisel 2 dep
  9. Voidmetal Chisel does Void-y things
  10. Meh, Bedrockium Chisel is unbreakable now.

@skyboy026 with... a lot of ALPHA CoFH stuff. I'm not even going to lie.
As usual, there's been no ALPHA changelog provided, but please take note that while these are the latest and greatest ALPHA builds, they may cause you to have a very minor case of serious world damage. You have been warned...

EDIT: And to nobody's surprise, @Vazkii with Botania
R1.5 166
  • Added a little note to the bottom of the lexicon pointing to the fact that you can search. The search bar has been there for ages but it's often overlooked.
  • Added NEI recipe handling for floating special flower recipes. (Tonius)
  • Added some secret codes. (these are client only, server owners don't need to worry :3)
  • Fixed a crash when the alfheim portal is clicked with a wand of the forest from a dispenser.
  • Fixed all sounds depending on the "Friendly Creatures" volume bar and actually split them properly.
  • Fixed some typos. I can into english.
  • Fixed the Gaia Guardian's health bar flickering weirdly when it's spawning in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the Hardmode Gaia Guardian's drop table having Mana Pearls twice rather than Mana Pearls and Mana Diamonds.
  • Fixed the Livingwood and Crystal bows not having a proper render.
  • Fixed the Mana Mirror trying to update on the server side, causing some desyncs sometimes. I think. I can't reproduce this issue so this is just a wild guess.
  • Fixed the tutorial arrows never pointing properly to the next/prev page buttons in the index pages, causing the tutorial to get stuck if the book had elven knowledge.
  • Implemented regex based fake player checking. Not 100%, but should catch most of them.
  • Mana Spreaders can now be sleeved with wool by right clicking them with a wool block. This makes them colorful and fancy and also muffles the shooting sound.
  • Pylons now give out some light.
  • Renamed some achievements.
  • Replaced instances of ticksExisted with an internal timer in the magic missile class used by the hardmode Gaia Guardian and the Rod of the Unstable Reservoir. May or may not fix hangs with cauldron servers.
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Jul 29, 2019
another day, anoth-- *fishslap*

@Domochevsky with Quiverbow

@carliman with Toolbox

@Dyonovan with TC Node Tracker

@TehNut with More Chisels

@skyboy026 with... a lot of CoFH stuff. I'm not even going to lie.
Thermal Foundation
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Dynamics
As usual, there's been no changelog provided, but please take note that while these are the latest and greatest ALPHA builds, they may have cause you to have a very minor case of serious world damage. You have been warned...

EDIT: And to nobody's surprise, @Vazkii with Botania
Please don't post TeamCoFH alpha builds , as KingLemming asked people don't use alpha builds as they might corrupt your world (Unless you absolutely know what you're doing)
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Aug 14, 2013
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Please don't post TeamCoFH alpha builds , as KingLemming asked people don't use alpha builds as they might corrupt your world (Unless you absolutely know what you're doing)
Would it be valid to say that since this is a news thread, if people are releasing alpha versions of interesting stuff, I may want to know that?

Of course it would still be crucial that we clearly label these things as alpha/unstable versions.


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Jul 29, 2019
Please don't post TeamCoFH alpha builds , as KingLemming asked people don't use alpha builds as they might corrupt your world (Unless you absolutely know what you're doing)
Would it be valid to say that since this is a news thread, if people are releasing alpha versions of interesting stuff, I may want to know that?

Of course it would still be crucial that we clearly label these things as alpha/unstable versions.
@skyboy026 with... a lot of ALPHA CoFH stuff. I'm not even going to lie.
As usual, there's been no ALPHA changelog provided, but please take note that while these are the latest and greatest ALPHA builds, they may cause you to have a very minor case of serious world damage. You have been warned...

Plus, alpha versions may have crucial bugfixes and all that wizardry. So it helps to know, at least.