What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019
BuildCraft 6.4.0 Beta. Robot fixes, stripes fixes, and we've fixed essentially all energy loss/weirdness bugs there were. Was supposed to be released in a week or two, but the fixes are so big we decided waiting is a bad idea.
Will BC-compat be updated shortly or is it no longer needed in 6.4.0? Logically, it doesn't work with 6.3.X.
That is a product of BrainTech AeroSpace and GregTech Intergalactical.
No duct tape is better than "BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced DuctTape FAL-84".
Can't argue with that, I guess...


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's and @Cuchaz with Ships Mod
Cuchaz said:
Ships Mod 1.0.1 & 1.0.2
  • Add version checking by the Version Checker mod!
  • Update to Forge v1291
  • Don't worry, it'll still work with v1230
  • Added new ship block textures by useless_one!
  • Ship block properties are much more user friendly now
  • Server log shows if properties are loaded, and how many
  • added server command to list overridden block properties
  • added server command to query properties for specific blocks
  • see the new command with /ships help blockprops
  • entries now look like: minecraft:planks=1;1;true;true;false
  • Fixed a bug with ship collision that was causing massive lag in mid-to-far lands
  • Restructured GUIs to stop acting like inventory GUIs
  • This keeps inventory related overlays from covering the GUIs
  • Restructured core mod to be more friendly to non-standard Minecraft environments/launchers
  • Switched to dynamically managed entity IDs to improve inter-mod compatibility
  • Fix bug that made multi-line block config files completely useless
  • Make more parts of Ships Mod water-agnostic. ie modded water blocks should work better now.

and @pixlepix with Aura Cascade
pixlepix said:
Aura Cascade 252 & 254
  • Fixed #30 and changed default enchantment ids
  • Fixed: Mobs not properly dropping loot

and @masa with Ender Utilities
masa said:
Ender Utilities 0.4.0
  • Early alpha version, use at your own risk! As always, make a backup before trying it!
  • Same content as in the 1.7.10-beta-1 version
  • Majority of the textures are still missing or broken
  • Other than most everything being intrusive pink/black cubes, everything I have tested seems to work

and @smbarbour with Reconstructor
smbarbour said:
Reconstructor 2.1
  • The Reconstructor now has a configurable blacklist of things to prevent repairs.
  • The recipe has changed such that the redstone reception coil is now simply a piece of redstone dust, and the gear item can be changed in the config using an ore dictionary name. (The default is still gearInvar)

and @dan200 with ComputerCraft
dan200 said:
ComputerCraft 1.71
  • The "exec" program, commands.exec() and all related Command Computer functions now return the console output of the command.

and @Kandivia with Pocket Nether Link Mod
kandivia said:
Pocket Nether Link Mod 1.2
  • Added config enableSkeleSkullDrop = false
  • Skeletons drop their skulls on player kill if config is enabled
  • 3% chance

and @zoonie with Interaction Sounds
zoonie said:
This mod allows you to play your own custom sounds when you interact in Minecraft using the left and right click of your mouse. These sounds are played to everyone when both server and clients have the mod installed.

Holding the 'R' key while clicking brings up the menu to assign either an existing sound or a new sound from your file system to the current interaction.

The 'L' key displays a list of your interactions and their assigned sounds.

Sounds are loaded and saved to '~Minecraft~Install~Folder~/sounds/Interaction Sounds/' which is also where InteractionSounds.json is located which stores the interaction->sound mappings. Adding a sound in the game will save it within a folder named by your Minecraft account name.


InteractionSounds.cfg in the config folder has the option to mute default sounds played when you left or right click a block and also has the option to mute the custom sounds of other players in multiplayer.

The dedicated server version of InteractionSounds.cfg lets you specify the length of sounds that can be played on the server. There is also the option to force all players to play the same sounds for the same interactions. This is done by merging the 'sounds' folder from a client into the 'sounds' folder of the server. The server will then be able to load the copied over mappings and all the required sounds.

Open Source


and @jaredlll08 with Fluxed-Crystals
jaredlll08 said:
Fluxed-Crystals 0.0.5
  • No more IC2 support
  • Crystals can only be grown via RF
  • You now place powered soil then power it directly, no more farm manager
  • To add an upgrade, right click the powered soil, shift + right click to remove it.
  • New Textures =D

and @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.6.2-64
  • Hopefully fixed a StackOverFlowException concerning heat logic. Closes #415
  • Bugfix: pneumatic tubes always spawn particles, instead of never.

and @chylex with Hardcore Ender Expansion
chylex said:
Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.7.1
  • Added Achievement screen to the Ender Compendium
  • Around a dozen brand new Achievements!
  • Blocks can now be enhanced by right-clicking on them while holding End Powder
  • New enhancements for Essence Altars, Enhanced Brewing Stands and Spatial Dash Gems
  • Biome Islands have several new deviations (adds much more variation to each biome)
  • Added Flameweed and Shadow Orchids to Biome Islands
  • New Thaumcraft aspects on blocks, items and mobs (thanks SoundLogic)
  • Ender Compendium has a first-time help and page indicators
  • One-sided Knowledge Fragments will now point you to the place where you can unlock them
  • Biome Compass uses End Powder instead of Stardust
  • Gems now have a short use cooldown, and slower absorption of Energy from the environment
  • Enhancing attempts will no longer destroy the ingredients, only End Powder itself
  • Enhanced Brewing Stand will only brew potions to tier III, until enhanced with Tier
  • Essence Altars are a bit faster and more efficient
  • Removed Soul Charm and Corporeal Mirage Orb, as they were obsolete
  • Removed Essence Altar sockets in favor of new enhancements (the socket blocks can still be taken away)
  • Fixed Dragon Egg not working correctly in modded recipes
  • Fixed a bug in Dragon achievement savefile, which caused people to not get achievements if the Dragon unloaded
  • Haunted Miner would could logs, glass and other smeltable blocks as ores
  • Blocks and items in Ender Compendium would render above other elements
  • Burning Mountains will not keep spawning mobs when you get into very large altitudes
  • Fixed a certain combination of TNT Enhancements to cause explosions which would not destroy the TNT, and cause client desync
  • Enhanced TNT would not drop the enhanced item
  • Music system was rewritten, End music will no longer suddenly cut out and Jukeboxes work better with HEE Music Discs too
  • Endermen spawning in Overworld are now replaced correctly (internal change)
  • General fixes (Compendium texts not showing or not being wrapped, occasionally missing text)

and @10paktimbits with Plant Mega Pack
10paktimbits said:
Plant Mega Pack 5.00
  • major update to decorator area data handling
  • major update to worldgen config screens
  • new config to enable/disable extra plant drops

and @jaredlll08 with ModTweaker
jaredlll08 said:
ModTweaker 0.7.1
  • Fixed Thermal Expansion.

and @EtsyTheDragon with Thaumic Upholstry
EtsyTheDragon said:
This thaumcraft addon lets you upholster the armor in thaumcraft after you complete the research and upgrade your armor it has better strength and will also give you the ability to dye the armor, so if you fancy thaumcraft armor you will love this mod because it gives you capability to customize the armor to your personal taste!

and @MrComputerGhost with Runic Dungeons
MrComputerGhost said:
Runic Dungeons 1.0.4
  • Amulet of Thorns [WIP]
  • Toned down the amount of particles portals spawn

and @ganymedes01 with Gany's Nether
ganymedes01 said:
Gany's Nether 1.7.8
  • Update wolf teeth texture (thanks Wolfire_Waffle!)
  • Added MFR planter/harvester integration.
  • Fix sceptres not breaking when they are supposed to.

and @Lunatrius with InGame Info XML
Lunatrius said:
InGame Info XML &
  • Fixed SimplyJetpacks integration (will not work with older versions)
  • Compiled with Thaumcraft support (previous build skipped it)

and @bdew with AE2 Stuff
bdew said:
AE2 Stuff 0.1.5
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.4

and @huanghongxun with Water Power
huanghongxun said:
Water Power 0.3i
  • buildcraft mj support
  • most available range of watermills = 65*65*65 -> 9*9*9


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Jul 29, 2019
Gregtech by GregariousT Updated to 6.00.07:

GregariousT said:
[ADDED] the Glow in Darkness Effect for certain Materials (Glowstone, Lava, Charged Certus, TC Shards and similar).
[FIXED] useless Unification Targets being added for IC², since IC² does allow OreDict Usage by itself, unlike other Mods.


GT Extras by BloodyAsp Updated to 0.2.1:
bloodyasp said:
0.2.1-A few more server side bugfixes.


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Jul 29, 2019
Forbidden Magic by @SpitefulFox updated to 0.56
SpitefulFox said:
- Bugfix: The mod will not even bother starting if you use an outdated version of Thaumcraft. This is why we can't have nice things.
- Bugfix: The mod will abort adding cross-mod research if it can't find the items necessary for recipes because you're using an outdated version of that mod.
- Bugfix: Impact enchantment should play nice with other mods now.
- Change: Completely reorganized the Apocrypha tab
- Change: Warp levels toned down
- Change: A few researches are easier now
- Change: Gluttony items can now be disabled or changed to Hardcore Mode recipes in the config
- Change: Capitalism enchant now uses Greed Shards
- Change: Thaumic Cake now uses Gluttony Shards
- Change: Riding Crop is more encouraging
- Change: Eldritch Blood Orb now returns the Primordial Pearl if successfully infused
- Change: Crystal Scribing Tools no longer cost vis to refill
- Addition: All seven sin shards are now obtainable
- Addition: Ring of Nutrition - Cookies are actually filling now
- Addition: Wand Focus: Blink - Walking is too much work
- Addition: Primal Scribing Tools - They're back!
- Addition: Tainted Tree - Spoopy
- Addition: Tainted Stone
- Addition: Twilight Forest support for the Wrath Cage
Better Sleeping by @OndraSter updated to 0.3.7
OndraSter said:
  • Completely overhauled debuffs.
  • Config structure has changed a bit to accomodate new debuffs.
  • Alarm clock can be disabled via config.
  • Added time simulation - it ticks all Tile Entities in the world by the amount of ticks you slept. This option comes DISABLED by default! And it may cause high server load spikes. And Entities are NOT ticked!
  • Added API!
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Jul 29, 2019
Infinity 1.2.0 Changelog
Most notable changes:
  • Added Thermal Dynamics, Thaumic Exploration, Forbidden Magic, and Decocraft
  • Removed Dooglamoo Junior's Archaeology
  • Ability to paint hardened clay, glass and glass panes with IC2 painters
  • New iWrench from Funky Locomotion
  • Ability to auto fill arcane worktable by shift right-clicking [?] button
  • New Environmental Controller and Wireless redstone logic blocks added by RF Tools
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Jul 29, 2019
Infinity 1.2.0 Changelog
Most notable changes:
  • Added Thermal Dynamics, Thaumic Exploration, Forbidden Magic, and Decocraft
  • Removed Dooglamoo Junior's Archaeology
  • Ability to paint hardened clay, glass and glass panes with IC2 painters
  • New iWrench from Funky Locomotion
  • Ability to auto fill arcane worktable by pressing [?] button
  • New Environmental Controller and Wireless redstone logic blocks added by RF TOols

Botania's shedding has also been turned off :(


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Nov 11, 2012
Botania's shedding has also been turned off :(
Not a bad thing, shedding requires more processing per entity that sheds, and lots more entities waiting around to despawn. Given the nature of 1.7.10, anything that helps increase performance is a good thing.
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Jul 29, 2019
Not a bad thing, shedding requires more processing per entity that sheds, and lots more entities waiting around to despawn. Given the nature of 1.7.10, anything that helps increase performance is a good thing.

it did however encourage me to build a villager breeder, something I haven't build in a long long time.
it was a very nice way of getting emeralds early on considering emeralds are a pain to find when mining.