What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Aug 14, 2013
Waterloo, Ontario
This one's neat. Apparently xbony released a new version of Nuclear Control 2 which...provides support for Big Reactors. You can display reactor information on his famous Industrial Information Panels now!

Link to changelog.



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Jul 29, 2019
OpenComputers 1.4.5 is out.

A few new features and two important bug fixes.

  • Added: Wake-on-Redstone and Wake-on-LAN for computers via component.redstone.setWakeThreshold and component.modem.setWakeMessage.
  • Added: High precision input mode for tier three screens (component.screen.setPrecise), allowing for floating point coordinates in mouse events (sub-character accuracy).
  • Added: Wireless redstone on tier two redstone cards now works in drones and tablets.
  • Added: Highlighting matching items in NEI item list when hoving slots in GUIs.
  • Added: Blood Magic integration (AtomSponge).
  • Added: Additional parameter for term.read for input validation (Magik6k).
  • Fixed: Potential crash when using Analyzer on Server Racks.
  • Fixed: Potential crash in client log-in event handler.
  • Fixed: Potential fail of re-assigning primary component using primary.lua.
  • Fixed: Infinite fluid exploit.
  • Fixed: Robots not dropping their tool and container slots when broken.


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Jul 29, 2019
Facades for conduits for the upcoming Thermal Dynamics?


It's only proof-of-concept, but still!

Where do you get pictures for thermal dynamics? I am so interested in the development of this mod ... but I can't find any information anywhere? Is there a place for that?


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Jul 29, 2019
Where do you get pictures for thermal dynamics? I am so interested in the development of this mod ... but I can't find any information anywhere? Is there a place for that?

This one I got from Reddit, who in turn got it from Tema's Twitter. If you're interested in keeping up with TD's development, watch Tema's Twitter. He posts pretty teaser stuff from time to time.
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Jul 29, 2019
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Ivorius with Ye Gamol Chattels
Ivorius said:
Ye Gamol Chattels 1.1.1
  • Statue spawn blacklist and equippable mobs are now configurable
  • Item shelves can now be blacklisted for items
  • Meshing for Microblocks: The performance (surface count) of microblocks is now much nicer
  • Changed recipes for chisels
  • Snow globes work again
  • New configuration options
  • Loot chests now make sounds
  • Entity vitas drop less often, and the rate is now configurable
  • Bug fixes

and @lumien with Custom Main Menu
Lumien said:
Custom Main Menu 1.1
  • Added: shuffle property for slideshows
  • Added: hoverImage for images
  • Added: Web URL support for all images / textures
  • Added: action property as replacement for link in buttons and labels
  • Added: openGui , loadWorld , connectToServer as viable actions for buttons and labels
  • Removed: In code handling of the vanilla buttons
This version breaks existing menus in that their buttons won't do anything. Look at the new action property on the curseforge post / in the default json file.

and @DarkCow with ICBM
DarkCow said:
ICBM 2.3.0 Build 26
Complete over rework from the 1.6.4 version removing a lot of old content. Content removed will be migrated to a few other mods specializing in that content. For example concrete, and camo blocks will be going to a mod called Military Base Decor. The mod will focus on adding blocks to build and customize military themed bases.

Changed to use Voltz Engine as the core mod instead of Resonant Engine.

Read http://www.builtbroken.com/pages/icbm/1.7/ for full change log

and @WayofTime with Blood Magic
WayofTime said:
Blood Magic 1.3.0b-3
  • Potential fix for Zephyr dupe bug
  • Added a demon limit to the config if you spawn in a Demon Portal, it will only spawn demons to a limited quantity
  • Removed unneeded tiers for the Demon Invasion.
  • Added a few SoulNetwork-editing commands (courtesy of Arcaratus)
  • Backend stuff for Project: Omega, which has been removed for this version.


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May 13, 2014
And here is another release of RFTools with mostly dimension related changes:

  • For some terrain types (like void, cavern, island, ...) the horizon will be disabled. This looks much better.
  • Increased rarity/cost of two oil biomes and oil liquid
  • Changed the default weights for biomes so that they are now rarity 1 instead of rarity 0. That way it is more likely to get more interesting terrain/feature/structure dimlets. Remove rftools/main.cfg to benefit from this.
  • Lowered the cost of the terrain multiplier so that expensive materials and liquids are not made THAT expensive anymore if used for terrain. It was a bit excessive. Remove rftools/main.cfg to benefit from this.
  • New terrain dimlets: chaotic, plateaus, islands (different from the already existing island), and grid.
  • Improved biome specific block selection and avoided too much gravel for island, islands, chaotic, and plateaus terrain types.
  • Removed support for disabling lakes in certain terrani types. That's not really needed.
  • Added support for darkening fog when power goes low (in addition to the rest of the world darkening too).
  • The sky of the cavern world is made dark.
  • Added colored fog dimlets.
  • Made injecting sky dimlets a bit smarter (with the dimension editor). It will keep unrelated settings from the sky descriptor untouched.
  • Two new sky dimlets: ender and inferno.
  • Fixed the endergenic generator to use coordinates for selection instead of the TE as the TE can change later and this breaks things on SMP.
  • Slight layout fix in the dmilet scrambler with one of the three slots.
  • Added a new craftable 'Sky Normal' dimlet to force normal sky type.
  • Added a few more material dimlets: glowstone, clay, hardened clay, ice, packed ice, and mossy cobblestone. Also added support for Chisel marble and limestone if that mod is present.
  • Added block information to the developers delight item.
  • Added support for metadata in material dimlets. That means you can now have colored stained glass and colored hardened clay for base terrain, tendrils, canyons and so on.
  • Added a feature to define custom material dimlets in a 'userdimlets.json' file.
  • Added support for celestial bodies: some types of sun, some types of moon, and a few planets. More to come later.
  • Added new orb and liquid orb feature dimlets. The orb dimlet accepts material modifier while the liquid orb dimlet accepts a material dimlet for the hull and a liquid dimlet for the contents.
  • Added some protection to the dimension builder so that a crash during worldgen doesn't make the realized dimension tab unusable. Doesn't really fix the crash in the destination dimension but at least you can now try to fix the crash and keep on using the dimension tab.
  • Cavern worlds that you already have will now become 'old cavern'. These will keep working at height 256 as they work in 2.12. Added a new 'cavern' type with configurable height. By default this height is set to 128. This is done for performance reasons. In the config you can change the height of the new cavern worlds to 64, 128, 196, or 256.
  • Only cavern worlds with height 256 will have bedrock at the top.
  • Added a new 'Low Cavern' world type. This is a cavern type world that is always at height 128. The difference is that it also supports skies so that you can see a nice world above the 128 level.
Download at mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hdfs0q354n4c41h/rftools-2.13.jar
Download at Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Ah yes! Don't forget. It is recommended to remove rftools/main.cfg but do *not* remove rftools/dimlet.cfg on established worlds.

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Jul 29, 2019
Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.7 (by chylex)
- The 1.6 redesign is finished, time to work on expanding beyond Biome Islands!

- A squealing secret
- New Tables and redesign of old Tables - Decomposition Table, Experience Table, Accumulation Table, Extraction Table
- Added Transport Beacon, as one of three new Endstone Blob variations
- Added Homeland Cache, Curse Amulet, Arcane Shards, Blank Gems (Transference Gem is now craftable!)
- More variety in Hidden Cellar, varied loot based on Biome Island
- New command - /heeadmin version
- New config option (overrideWorldGen) to prevent other mods from adding generated elements to the End
- Ores and ingots are now in the Ore Dictionary

- Redesign of Ender Dragon - attacks, balance, everything!
- Last revision of worldgen - most elements now change frequency based on distance (for ex. Dungeon Towers become less frequent and Endium becomes more frequent the further you go)
- Tons of tweaks (config comments, Compendium key conflict check, name generator improvements, better debug options)
- More tweaks (Cluster cleanup and fixes, End Powder no longer needs sneaking, tweaked Compendium fragment logic and fixed negative mouse acceleration)
- And more tweaks (lots and lots of balancing, and other stuff)
- General refactoring and performance improvements (primarily regarding Laboratory generation)
- Renamed Fire Shard to Infernium

- Biome Compass updates when the End is regenerated
- Fixed Endstone Blob generation derps
- Fixed Decomposition Table yielding items with wrong damage
- Fixed Stats crashing the game
- Fixed crash that would happen when another mod stopped Endermen from picking blocks up
- Curse of Tranquility will no longer crash when applied to a player
- Enhanced TNT will no longer lose data when placed next to a redstone power source
- End Portal now renders correctly on AMD/ATI cards (the fix was applied to vanilla 1.8)
- Invalid Monster Spawners will no longer crash

QuiverBow Build 79 (by Domochevsky)
- Made some more adjustments, fixing burst fire not working for (quiver)mobs
- Improved Sugar Engine accuracy by 40% (turns out I wasn't aligning the pistons correctly. They created too much vibration as a result.)
- Added the Seed Sweeper
- Added the Ray of Hope
- Modernized the Obsidian Splinter Pistol, Spear Rifle and Wither Rifle. They now use magazines.
This also has the advantage of increasing their ammo capacity, in addition to making reloading easier.


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Jul 29, 2019
New magic mod!

Aura Cascade 130 (by pixlepix)

This is a magic mod that challenges the user to think. At it's core is an innovative power system which is nearly impossible to fully optimize. All features are documented via an in-game book.

  • Huge thanks to Vazkii. The lexicon code is taken from Botania, and the design philosophies behind Botania were a huge inspiration.
  • Textures are mostly done by Futureazoo and Drullakus.
NOTE: This documentation is rarely-updated and may be out of date. Refer to the in-game guide for accurate documentation.

Basic Concepts
  • Aura does not represent power
  • Aura is not created or destroyed
  • GUI-free
  • Aura nodes pass aura back and forth
  • Aura nodes pass aura in both directions, equalizing aura
  • An aura node with a redstone signal won't send aura onwards, resulting in a build-up on aura
  • Aura comes from aura crystals, which can be crafted
  • Aura will not naturally move up, but it will move down
  • Aura will only move up when a 'pump' (Equivalent to a generator) moves them
  • Power = Aura * vertical distance
  • When aura falls down, it creates power
Types of Aura
Aura comes in all colors of the rainbow! (Plus black and white)

  • White Aura: Plain aura. If you use this, you are boring.
  • Black Aura: This aura does not generate power. It can't flow horizontally. It can be produced in near-unlimited amounts by an Aura Manipulator (Discussed later).
  • Red Aura: When TNT is detonated near a node with red aura, large amounts of red aura will move uphill (the explosion will not harm any blocks)
  • Orange Aura: Like black aura, it doesn't generate power and can be produced by an aura manipulator. When orange aura flows, it encourages aura in nearby nodes to move in the same direction.
  • Yellow Aura: Takes a tenth of the energy to pump up, and produces the same amount of power flowing down. However, it is unstable and decays quickly.
  • Green Aura: This 'weighs' twice as much during the daytime, and half as much at night (In the day, it takes twice as much effort to pump it up, but it also generates twice as much power). By pumping power in the night, and using it during the day, you can be more efficient.
  • Blue Aura: This aura is 50x easier to pump up during the rain, but only half as efficient at other times
  • Purple Aura: This aura will slowly multiply. This multiplication occurs significantly faster if it is placed in a node with low amounts of purple aura
Aura Flow detailed mechanics
  • Aura flows once per second
  • Aura flows between nodes connected in a straight line, with a range of 15 blocks
  • A node with more Aura will send out a larger portion of it's aura
  • Nodes send aura in both directions
  • The end result of the last two rules is that horizontally placed nodes naturally tend towards equilibrium
  • Aura nodes will send much more aura to a node which is closer
Pump Mechanics
  • Different types of Aura pumps use different kinds of materials to push aura uphill
  • Aura can't flow downhill into an aura pump, for convenience
  • Each material has a 'duration' and a 'power'
  • The duration represents the number of bursts (Once per second) that the pump will run for
  • The power represents the power generated per second. To find the aura sent uphill by a pump per second, divide the power by the vertical distance.
Types of Pumps
  • Coal pump: Sends power uphill and uses burnable materials, dropped nearby. Power: 200. Duration: 4 x the time the material will burn in a furnace
  • Momentum pump: Creates power when mobs fall near it. Duration: 5 * fall distance. Power: 350
  • Light pump: Eats glowstone and torches placed nearby. Duration: 150 per glowstone, 30 per torch. Power: 1000
  • Projectile pump: Generates power when snowballs, eggs, or arrows are thrown at it. Duration: 300 per arrow, 90 per egg, 10 per snowball. Power: 1500 per arrow, 400 per egg, 200 per snowball.
  • Redstone pump: When redstone wire is connected and powered, it will eat a straight line of redstone wire, up to 15 blocks. Duration: 10 for the first redstone wire. The duration increases by 40% for all following wires. Power: 1500
Special Aura Nodes
A series of aura nodes with special properties.

  • Aura Manipulator. Comes in two flavors: Black and orange. When not powered by redstone, it will receive and destroy all aura of it's chosen color (It doesn't accept other colors of aura). When powered, it will create extremely large amounts of aura (100,000 per second).
  • Conserving aura node: Won't send aura downwards. Useful when used with red aura, or when working in tight space (Not needed with aura pumps).
  • Aura Capacitor: Has a tolerance (Can be toggled with right-clicking). It won't send aura out normally, much like an aura node with a redstone signal. When the tolerance is reached, it will discharge all aura in one burst, and it will not receive aura back for a short time.
One of the first practical uses for aura, used to make most mid-to-late-game items.

The basic crafting setup has an 'Aura Vortex Controller' surrounded by four 'Aura vortex pedestals'.

Four specific items, recipe dependent, are placed on the four pedestals. Then aura needs to fall downhill into the pedestals, creating a certain amount of power. When all the power and item requirements are fulfilled, the crafting is complete. A few recipes require that certain pedestals receive certain colors of aura.

To start off, craft yourself a fairy ring. This ring is worn as a bauble. With this ring equipped, craft specific fairy charms and right click them, causing a fairy to jump out and fly around you. Shift-right-clicking the ring will dump all fairy charms inside the ring. Fairies each perform special effects:

  • Combat Fairy: Damages nearby mobs
  • Debuff fairy: Applies negative potions to nearby mobs
  • Buff Fairy: Applies good potions to you
  • Steal Fairy: Steals other player's held items
  • Push Fairy: Extreme knockback, no damage
  • Shooter Fairy: Enhances damage of arrows shot by you
  • Savior Fairy: High-powered combat fairy that functions only when the owner has low health
  • Fetch Fairy: Picks up nearby items
  • Bait Fairy: Spawns passive mobs
  • Breeder Fairy: Makes passive mobs fall in love (Like wheat)
  • Scarer Fairy: Decreases mob spawns
  • Extinguisher fairy: Puts out fire on the player and removes lava
  • Digger Fairy: Occasionally enables you to break a block instantly
  • Fall fairy: Reduces fall damage
  • Light fairy: Places temporary invisible light sources if it's dark
  • Training fairy: Drops XP orbs EntityCombatFairy.class, EntityDebuffFairy.class, EntityBuffFairy.class,
Aura Consumers
These machines all draw power from adjacent aura nodes. All of these machines have extreme, often exponential, diminishing returns in terms of power pumped in, and none of the machines can store power for reasonable amounts of time.

  • Cascading Smelter: Smelts nearby items. More power = more speed
  • Cascading Processor: Will consume large amounts of power to turn ores into three dusts. Yes, this is extremely boring. Possibly removed in a later version?
  • Cascading Looter: Will consume power to generate items which are found in dungeon chests.
  • Cascading Spawner: Will spawn mobs for power. Spawns mobs which would naturally be found in the area, similar to cursed earth.
  • Cascading Synthesizer: Consumes power to generate a rare material known as Angel's steel...
Angel's steel.
  • Angel's steel is a rare, mystical metal.
  • Angel's steel comes in different 'degrees'. The first degree is produced by the Cascading Synthesizer
  • Subsequent degrees are made by combining three of the previous degree in a crafting bench. Three first-degree angel's steel ingots make a second-degree ingot.
  • Angel's steel ingots can be crafted into shovels, pickaxes and axes.
  • Each degree of tools gives 2 bonus points.
  • Bonus points are randomly applied into four categories: Efficiency, Fortune, Shatter, and Disintegrate
  • Shatter gives bonus speed when breaking hard blocks
  • Disintegrate gives bonus speed when breaking soft blocks
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May 13, 2014


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MrComputerGhost with Runic Dungeons
MrComputerGhost said:
Runic Dungeons 0.8
  • Bug where all players can set their score.
  • Config File

and @warlordjones with SteamCraft 2
warlordjones said:
SteamCraft 2 B3.5
+ FMP integration for some basic blocks.
+ Books of lore that generate in dungeon chests. Feel free to write some lore and shoot it our way. (Item Icon from painterly pack!)
* Model for the armour editor, doesn’t have a texture yet
# Fixed the Energy Net for the new subclassed version of the RF api.
# Fix the Cast Iron Lamp
# Fix dupe bug with crafting items (hammer, drawplate and grindstone)
# Fix crafting bug with jars
# Start of fixes to the battery model​

and @falling_dutchman with Better Horse Hud
falling_dutchman said:
Better Horse Hud 1.8-1.0
update to 1.8

and @EdgarAllen with Super Crafting Frame
EdgarAllen said:
Super Crafting Frame
Removed checking ore dictionary for interchangeable items. This is a temp fix for certain items that are in the ore dict but don't work with in some recipes.

and @Emmanian with Placeable Items
Emmanian said:
Placeable Items 1.7.10-a5
First public release
  • Added Gunpowder
  • Added Bone Meal
  • Gunpowder explodes when clicked with a flint and steel.