What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jan 6, 2013
Not really a mod but i guess shaderpack with such unique feature is close enough...
Global Illumination in action! (of course by Sonic Ether)
get it here: SEUS v10.2 Preview 1 Ultra
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Jul 29, 2019
Zelda Sword Skills 0.2.0 (by coolAlias)
+ Command: grantskill <player> <skill> <level> OR grantskill <player> all
+ Command: removeskill <skill> OR removeskill all
+ Barnes, the bomb shop proprietor - can unlock all bomb types and optionally bomb bags as well
+ Navi: name a fairy bottle and let her loose to help scout for hidden rooms
+ Config option to begin the game with Navi (default is false)
+ Config setting for range at which Navi can detect secret rooms
+ Config setting for frequency with which Navi attempts to detect secret rooms
+ Disablable crafting recipe for the Wooden Hammer used to smash wooden pegs (default allows crafting)
+ Deku Mask grants bonus to jump and slow-falling
+ Goron Mask provides 100% fire resistance
+ Zora Mask allows player to breathe underwater
+ Fierce Deity Mask increases Sword Beam damage by 25%

- Removed 'beta' status: 1.7.10 ZSS has been stable for a long time
- All NPCs will now respond with dialogue when spoken to while wearing a mask
- Happy Mask Salesman has a new model and texture (thanks to metroidisendless)
- Wizzrobes are no longer aggressive during the day (similar to spiders)
- Increased and added slight variation to Wizzrobe casting times
- Reduced duration of electric aura for both Chus and Keese
- Chu and Keese electric aura 'discharges' when they attack, greatly reducing the remaining duration each time
- Reduced number of times Chus are able to merge
- Fairies at fairy spawners no longer despawn when exposed to sunlight
- Bomb bag trades are now exclusive to Barnes - no other villager will sell them
- Descriptions for config settings dealing with bomb bag trades all changed for Barnes
- Villagers will no longer trade bombs (including the hidden trades); Gorons may still have bomb trades
- Increased default boss key chance from 3 to 4; should be a boss key in every 5th locked chest, on average
- Added standard bombs back to the consumable item loot list
- Modified loot weights for many items
- Drastically lowered default chance for pieces of heart to generate in secret room chests
- Boomerang now drops immediately as an item if player dies
- Small hearts and pieces of power can be picked up by boomerang
- Skill orb drops may be disabled individually by setting their drop chance to zero

Fixed Bugs:
- Armor Break not working properly, never considered 'active'
- When shield breaks while dual-wielding with BG2, main hand item breaking instead
- Missing translation for death.attack.blast.lightning
- Song of Soaring missing from sounds.json file
- Oath to Order missing from song effect switch statement, i.e. it didn't work
- Bomb bag rendering incorrectly if item with enchanted glow renders beforehand
- Bomb bags found as loot could sometimes be combined without actually increasing the total capacity
- Crash when spamming bombs caused by itemstack tag compound not yet being initialized
- Some villager trades broken when adding/removing mods from previously played saves (thanks to tgarr0)
- Class cast exception raised when adding a buff to LittleMaidMobX's maid mob
- Class cast exception raised when LittleMaidMobX's maid mob picks up a piece of power
- Unable to disengage targeting when hunger bar depleted
- Keese no longer spawning (forgot to register their spawn locations)
- Ganondorf's message upon sneaking into a dungeon missing localization key
- Heart pieces using Basic Sword Technique's drop rate
- Permanent buffs not persisting through death
- Ocarinas could be stacked
- Tornado rod and boomerang item duplication glitch

Updated ZSS Manual
- Updated to include new features and changes
- Fixed description of hookshot upgrades to note that these trades require a blacksmith

Forbidden Magic 0.552 (by SpitefulFox)
- Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb is no longer consumed in orb recipes. For real this time.
- Change: Eldritch Blood Orb is now tier 6 and requires a Transcendant Blood Orb and Primordial Pearl to craft. Updating will cause all existing eldritch blood orbs to vanish.

CompactStorage & (by tattyseal)
Is it so difficult for mod authors to provide changelogs for each update?

Funky Locomotion Beta 4 (by RWTema)
- Fixed bug that incorrectly stopped rendering of tile entities that do not have any static rendering (like signs and many others)

- Better handling and compatability for tile rendering

- Added Russian, German and Chinese localisations

Solar Expansion BASIC 1.4c & EDITABLE 1.4c (by Shad0wB1ade)
- Changed some .lang stuff (again)

- Added the costume models I promised before I stopped

- Cleaned up some code

- There were 1.4a and 1.4b but both of them didn't pass testing


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey guys... I'm back... Anyone know what happened to Calclavia? I can't find his Resonant Engine file. :S
(need it for mffs)


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Jul 29, 2019
Despite not having any cromacraft components?
It doesn't have to use Chroma- ingredients for it to be a chromaticraft recipe... think of it like AE using nether quartz in recipes instead of certus quartz. It's for those who want certain features, but don't want to have to venture into the mod itself.
Personally I am not a fan of ChromatiCraft but I would happily download it for that one recipe... although I do just turn warp off in config settings, because it is useless... but whatevs :p

ANYWAY! A few days late, but http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/223525-binnies-mods/files
Binne finally updated Extra Bees/Trees/Botany/Genetics (whatever you want to call it). Which means no dirty workaround fixes :D


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Jul 29, 2019
Get Ya' Tanks Here
Hello everyone, I finally have a RC for Gyth ready for download. For those who have not been keeping up with my projects, Gyth is a mod which adds a modular tank which can be upgraded to store various amounts of fluids. These tanks work just like any other tank in minecraft, and should be compatible with mods such as Tinkers Construct and BuildCraft. The mod also comes with an IMC api for adding new tank tiers, as well as built in support for several popular mods such as Thaumcraft, Ancient Trees, Tinkers Construct and Waila. Recipes for tanks and upgrades are fairly simple, you can use Not Enough Items to view all recipes. If you find any issues or have any suggestions, please use the GitHub issue tracker.

  • Tier one tanks can be crafted using the basic material and glass panes.
  • Upgrade items can be crafted to improve your tanks storage capacity. Upgrade items can only be used on tanks of the same tier, or one higher. Normally upgrades of the same tier will not give a capacity benefit, however this allows you to change the texture.
  • Built in support for various blocks and resources within Tinkers Construct, Ancient Trees and Thaumcraft.
  • Built in Waila support.
  • When broken, tanks will continue to store their contents, if broken while sneaking the contents will be discarded.
  • Although tanks can be blown up, there is a 100% chance that the block will drop as an item. When blown up, the tank will keep its contents.
  • Tanks can be pickblocked while in creative to give user an exact duplicate of the tank, including tier and contents.
  • Built in IMC api which will allow other mods to add new tiers, or modpack authors to use DynIMC to create their own content.
  • Flexible NBT, tank capacity can be altered using custom nbt tags.

Planned Features:
  • Comparator output based on how full a tank is.
  • Tank upgrade to prevent explosions.
  • Tank upgrade to camouflage it as another block.
  • Extensive configuration, allowing for all values to be changed.
  • Tank upgrade to link two tanks together.

Get Ya' Tanks Here!

By Darkhax


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Jul 29, 2019
Plant Mega Pack has been updated for 1.8!

10paktimbits said:
This is for anyone wanting to help me test things out while I keep moving ahead. There is a lot of stuff not yet implemented - this release has no worldgen, no items, not all plants, etc. but the majority of plants are in there.

Still no word on release date yet but getting closer every day. Please report any bugs you may find, comment on new stuff, suggest new features, etc.

There's some new stuff to take a look at:

  • Bamboo upgraded renderer
  • Epiphytes upgraded renderer
  • Upgraded config screens


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Jul 29, 2019
ANYWAY! A few days late, but http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/223525-binnies-mods/files
Binne finally updated Extra Bees/Trees/Botany/Genetics (whatever you want to call it). Which means no dirty workaround fixes :D

No, you still need a few dirty workaround fixes.

To re-add fence recipes, use this mod: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226616-binnifencecraftingfix

To make those fence recipes show up in NEI, use my minetweaker script: http://pastebin.com/02LNzW59

To make machines actually craftable and not give you only MJ versions like they do currently, here's another minetweaker script I made: https://bitbucket.org/binnie567/binnie-mods/issue/124/better-machine-recipes