What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
RemoteIO doesn't actually have a range limit at the moment. I need to re-implement that...

Speaking of aesthetics, I had some fun with RemoteIO and Funky Locomotion.





Err, right, on-topic.
I got nothin'


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Jul 29, 2019
...aaaaaand 1.6.0 of RemoteIO is out! :D
* Added AE2 rv2 support (power/networks)
* Added ability to push RF power out of interface blocks (shift-right click with RF Transfer Chip in hand to configure)
* Added NBT flag to prevent interaction (boolean: locked)
* Added support for comparators



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Nov 24, 2012
I'm stealing @Captainnana 's things again. For one, this moved to a new section, two:
If you have some news related to the modded minecraft community you are more than welcome to post it here. If our team find it interesting it might even make it to the ModMyMC official feeds!

Submitting your news post is simple, just complete the form available here with all the relevant information and a news post will be posted to the "What's new in modded minecraft today" thread. If our team find it interesting they'll post it to the ModMyMC feed


For a long time now the most active thread on the FTB forums has been "What's new in modded minecraft today?" which lets the community come together and post all the latest news in the world of modded Minecraft. We want to help make this information easier to access for everyone.

To achieve this we have created ModMyMC. We hope that ModMyMC will be a community driven project operating totally separately from FTB. A team of editors will be created with the task of taking community news updates and picking out the most informative ones. They will then be formatted and posted on our new Twitter account @ModMyMC, to the forums and hopefully in time directly onto the FTB launcher. Editors will initially be chosen by us but after the initial editors are in place I hope for them to operate totally independently of the FTB team. We think that the community is doing a fantastic job already and my aim with this project is to enable you to make it even better.

Initially the main types of stories we aim to cover are:

Mod Updates
New Mods
Critical Bugs
Pack Release
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Map Releases

If you want to see other topics covered just let us know and we will see what we can do. We have people already lined up for the ModMyMC Editor positions and we will be contacting them over the next few days to confirm their interest.

Be sure to check out our new forums and twitter account, I hope to see you all taking part soon!


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Nov 24, 2012
Factorization 0.88 Releases for 1.7.10


Including the main update and a few bugfixes:
Hopefully fixed AT verifier issues
Just polishing & bugfixing.
Shifting goo into the void will return it to you; use this to recover goo that is inconvenient to break
Goo now expands twice as quickly, and punching it removes a larger area
Using goo in creative mode should behave better
Creative-mode players can spread goo up to 1024 blocks
Fixed z-fighting at certain camera angles
Shows a bounding box in the tool tip

Clicking on a screwpump with a fluid container will drain its buffer into the container
Pumps faster
Uses a bit less power
No longer floods for free

High-fired sculptures that were glazed with a block that was since removed (or with those old glaze textures) can have a new glaze applied for free
Raw glazes have colors that are actually random rather than just varying shades of red.

The nametag buff can no longer be applied infinitely
Shift-clicking an otherwise blank servo rail with an LMP will remove the color
Screw pump's max pump height is now 12 instead of 7
Better format for the half-hour time reminders
Barrels don't break in creative mode, unless you shift-punch.
Barrels don't render the item count if the item count is 1.
Fix horrific infinite steam bug
It is I who did the half-hour time reminders! They can be turned off now!
Bunch of bug fixes & polishes:
socket shifter checks redstone properly
Fix dark iron ore's glint
Made /f now use localy formated time; notes can be added with the command as well

Important note:
Socket blocks ignore redstone signal from the facing direction
This breaks some builds; there's a config option for it
...except for the item shifter. It still takes redstone signals from the front.
Enormous Scissors, by SoundLogic!
... with help from neptune
A socket part!
Cut things!
Leaves and grass and stuff get sheared!
Mobs get cut! And the scissors occasionally give you an extra cut of loot!
Any and all bugs are SoundLogic's fault!
Oh man! It's totally awesome!
Goo can be applied to a block.
Gooing up a gooy block will spread the gooey goodness.
Punch a gooey block to remove the goo and the adjacent goo
Shift-punch a gooey block to remove a one goo
Right-click gooey block with a block to replace the gooey blocks.
Mine the gooey block with an appropriate tool to break the gooey blocks.
Shift-right-click an ungooed block with some goo to move the gooey selection
Mining & replacing goo will occasionally cause goo loss.
The recipe is temporary -- get it while it's cheap!
Sculpting tool is now with 50% less NPE.
The time will be printed every 30 minutes if you're in full screen.
/f rng will spit out a random collection of random things
Improved the placement of giant mushroom blocks.
Added creative charge battery
Inoculated the screw pump against derp; hopefully it will work consistantly now
Fixed some barrel rendering bugs
Fix steam turbine speed syncing



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Jul 29, 2019
Botania Update R1.2 130-131


New Botania Things!
R1.2 130 Changelog said:
R1.2 130
  • Added 16 new update flavour messages, up to 50 different ones!
  • Added a "progress pie" to the runic altar's HUD, when hovering over it with a wand of the forest.
  • Added a Brewery block, it's not functional at the moment, it'll do something later, but it just looks pretty for now.
  • Blowing the Horn of the Wild will no longer unroot glimmering flowers.
  • Changed the mana HUD texture. It now is less noisy and has points indicating the 25%, 50% and 75% marks.
  • Fixed not being able to look up petal apothecary recipes in NEI. (Tonius)
  • Manasteel, Terrasteel and Elementium tools now repair using mana in the inventory at double the cost of normal damage suppression.
  • The Gaia Guardian now has a new, much fancier, health bar. Here's a gif (endgame spoilers, I guess).
  • The Runic Altar's render now has a smoother trail rather than a bunch of cubes all with the same alpha value.
  • [API] Added IGrassHornExcempt, for blocks that extend BlockBush but shouldn't be uprooted by the Horn of the Wild. Note that ISpecialFlower implementers will be excempt by default.
  • [API] Added stuff for bosses, IBotaniaBoss, IBotaniaBossWithShader interfaces and getDefaultBossBarTexture and setBossStatus to the Internal Method Handler.
  • [API] Exposed ShaderCallback.
  • [API] Increased version number to 21.
R1.2 131 Changelog said:
R1.2 131
  • Fixed spawning the gaia guardian crashing servers.
  • Fixed the boss bar shader not compiling on some GPUs.



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Jul 29, 2019
I have only one question, why the alert system is broken and stops alerting me of my watched threads (including this one!)?
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