What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Nuchaz with BiblioWoods
Nuchaz said:
I just posted download links on the addons pages for 5 new BiblioWoods addons. These are all updated to work with BiblioCraft v1.8.x and include support for the new clocks and painting frames. The addons are available for BiomesOPlenty, Forestry, Natura, Highlands, and ExtraBiomesXL. Head on over to the addons page to grab yourself a copy and if you have any comments, questions or issues feel free to post in the comments here, on the official thread on the Minecraft Forum or create an issue on Github. Enjoy!


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Sep 21, 2013
Where else?
Hey there!
Welcome to Traveller's Gear!

This is a mod created to add a light RPG-ish feel to the game. It's designed to interact with mods that give a similar feel, namely Baubles, Tinker's Construct and Mariculture, incorporating their extended inventories aswell as its own into one single GUI. This mod adds 4 new slots, for cloak, pauldron, vambraces and a title scroll which displays certain honorary titles above the player's head.

The API is designed to allow other modders to acces the extended inventory and add their own custom items. This can also be done in a more "hacky" way via IMC messages. Take a good look at the main TravellersGear class to see how it's done.


Get it from Curse!
Or use the direct link!

The Inventory:

This is the Inventory GUI:

It is opened by either clicking on the little book icon in the top left of your character window in the inventory, or by using the keybinding. The keybinding is Numpad 7 by default (since you're really supposed to use the button), but can be rebound.
It's slots change depending on what mods are installed, but at optimum, this is what you'll see:
Armor, Baubles, Mariculture Jewelry, Tinkers Construct Glove and Knapsack and the Traveller's Gear items.
The page on the right has a few statistics, health, armor, speed, damage and with Thaumcraft installed, Vis discounts.


The fully filled inventory looks like this. The Items that should be unfamiliar here should be the cloak (top middle) the pauldrons, (right, second from the top), vambraces (right, fourth from the top) and the title scroll (bottom left).
The items added by this mod have no actual abilities applied to them, but the cloak is colourable like leather armor would be.
The title scroll is an item that, while it can be crafted, is best found in dungeon or stronghold chests. Those found in these chests have a random title added to them, and when worn, will display that title above the players head, just below their name. You can also see your title below your username in the gear inventory.

The Armorstand:


It does what it says, it displays armor.
But not only armor, but almost every item in your gear inventory!

With this interface you can easily switch between your own equipment and that on the stand, simply by shift clicking the items.
The "Style" button allows you to switch between 4 styles: Rendering Baubles, Traveller's Gear, both, or none at all.
You can also disable helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots and the floorplate seperately.

The stand will render deposited Baubles and other gear in the tray, and will size them according to what you have deposited

Just Baubles

Baubles, Glove and Vambraces

Another Feature:

And to round up the RPG feel, you can now link Items in chat, broadcasting them to all players on the server. To do this, simply hold down CTRL and rightclick the item while in the gear inventory.
A note to my fellow modders:
This mod is specifically designed to be expanded upon. Therefore it has an API aswell as IMC support.
You can register custom Traveller's Gear Items with these, allowing you to make your own Cloaks and Pauldrons, or even Title Items.
Either use the API and implement ITravellersGear on your item, or send an IMC message like this:
FMLInterModComms.sendMessage("TravellersGear", "registerTravellersGear_0", new ItemStack(YOUR_ITEM));
registerTravellersGear_0 is the command, where 0 represents the slto the Item will fit in. 0 for cloaks, 1 for pauldrons, 2 for vambraces, 3 for title scrolls.
When you register like this, my IMC handler will check your item class for three methods:
onTravelGearTick(EntityPlayer, ItemStack);
onTravelGearEquip(EntityPlayer, ItemStack);
onTravelGearUnequip(EntityPlayer, ItemStack);

Should any of these be found, they will be called at the apropriate instances.
When using the interface from the API, you are forced to implement these.


Q: "Isn't 'Traveller's Gear' the Tinker's Construct Armor?"
A: "Well yes. However, my mod used to be part of a more expansive RPG mod I was working on a few months ago, dubbed 'Traveller's RPG', because it was supposed to have you live more of a nomad's life in Minecraft. I never published, but mDiyo did, and he apparently decided to go for a similar name. Great minds think alike! :D "

A: "Apart from that not being a question: No. This is a mod designed to work along well with baubles, not to replace it and not to leech of its success. It just adds 3 more items that fit well in an RPG environment and provides extensive support for Azanor's fantastic mod. If you don't like that I'm trying to work along with it, don't play it."

Q: "Can you make it 1.6?"
A: "Nope. 1.6 is pretty much dead to me, all my efforts are focused on 1.7.10."

Q: "Can you add ...?"
A: "Nope. But you can! Learn to mod and feel free to use my API to add your own RPG items!" (Seriously. It's not that hard. Take a look at Pahimar's tutorials ;D )

Q: "You're items don't do anything."
A: "I know. They are supposed to be like that. They are simply placeholders, designed to demonstrate what item fits into what slot. However, they are registered in the OreDictionary so that another mod I'm still heavily working on can use them in recipes in the future."

Q: "Can I use this in a modpack?"
A: "Absolutely! The more people get to enjoy my mods, the happier I am :D"
License and all that fun stuff:

The mod is open source and can be found on Github: https://github.com/BluSunrize/TravellersGear/
Feel free to look at my code, and even take parts of it, but please follow Wheaton's Law and "Don't be a douche". If you use my code, be so kind and tell people where you got it
Minecraft belongs to Mojang (or Microsoft, I guess), I claim no rights to it, blah, blah
Baubles is intelectual property of Azanor
Mariculture is intelectual property of joshie
Tinkers Construct and the base of my networking code were made by the development team "SlimeKnights"

A big thanks goes to all those mentioned before, aswell as "The Skype Guys" for critics and ideas



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Jul 29, 2019
A did a bunch of updates for Blood Utils, :)


Corrected some grammer mistakes.
Added a new page type.
Added a few pages and changed some to the new EntryBlockText entry type.
The Divination Block now uses color to make stuff a bit clearer.
The Divination Block adds some more information now like the amount of essence you get from (Self)Sacrificing and how much a blood orb can store. (Including Rune multipliers)


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Jul 29, 2019
didn't think my post would be removed, i was joking :p

found some minor updates!

Tinkers construct :
Fix Smeltery dupe bug and hopefully the last bug when changing the smeltery size

TConstruct now has its own NEI support! No more NEI Plugins needed for that. Thanks tonius11

Sanguimancy :
Refractoring, and removal of test code in the Player Sacrificer. I advise you to update as soon as possible.

and a new WIP mod that has a lot planned out
right now it only adds world gen
Thermal Tinkerer

edit :
I found some mods that in my opinion have some potential in the future!
they are :
TechnoMagi - i've been waiting for this one to update
Magician's Artifice

Edit 2 :
this will drive dire crazy if soaryn finds it

DaBells :
Have you ever just wanted some bells in Minecraft?? Do you or a friend need a little extra something that is missing for the church or school in your village?? DaBells maybe just what you're looking for. (And yes, they ring!!)
  • 33 Bells have been added to Minecraft (built with Forge
  • 5 Tier system where the lower-tiered bells are used to craft the higher-tiered ones
  • 8 Bells (Tier 0) are purely Decorative while the higher tiers add potion effects to players when struck
  • The higher the tier, the more powerful the effect or the longer the effect lasts (or both!!)
  • The Final Bell (Tier 5) is crafted using all the Tier 4 Bells and combines all their effects
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Nov 24, 2012
A did a bunch of updates for Blood Utils, :)
Corrected some grammer mistakes.
Added a new page type.
Added a few pages and changed some to the new EntryBlockText entry type.
The Divination Block now uses color to make stuff a bit clearer.
The Divination Block adds some more information now like the amount of essence you get from (Self)Sacrificing and how much a blood orb can store. (Including Rune multipliers)
Aw... You beat me to it :(

Sanguimancy :
Refractoring, and removal of test code in the Player Sacrificer. I advise you to update as soon as possible.
Beat you to it! \o/
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Jul 29, 2019
Released Blood Utils v1.1:
Added another background for the creative tab.
Added Creative Tool, Which has two modes. Mode 1: Fill up an altar, Mode 2: Fill up your network.
Added Advanced Divination Sigil.
Added altar recipe page.
Fixed the recipe page crashing.
A lot of bug fixes and a grammar corrections.


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Jul 29, 2019
Kinda surprised this has not been posted already, unless my ctrl-f is malfunctioning, but TooManyItems is out for 1.8.
A huge update, mostly new code, including:

  • The new 1.8 items
  • Enhanced enchantment, potion, and firework panels
  • All-new custom items: colored leather, player heads, signs with text, filled flower pots, preselected note blocks
  • New fuzzy search! You don't have to type all the letters (e.g. rcmp for redstone comparator)
  • Press enter in the search box to spawn the top item! Get items quicker than ever
  • Everything now fits in a sidebar; no more overlap with potion effects etc.
  • Easier My Items (favorites) editing with helpful tooltips
  • Rename save states
  • Unlimited stacks is now a global setting, along with keep items on death, prevent rain and more
  • Unlimited stacks refresh without ModLoader/Forge as long as you've opened the inventory
  • Switch to spectator mode
  • Improved multiplayer custom item spawning (still only if within chat length limit)
  • Fixed some bugs, possibly added new ones
  • Removed Herobrine spawner
Did not even know TMI was still around. Even NEM does not know it exists.