What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019

Guys, can we please keep the discussion to the RED thread, and the updates here? I come here seeing that there are new posts, and see that there is nothing "new".

Anyway, Eloraam now has a patreon.
Hasn't that been known for two weeks now. :p[DOUBLEPOST=1403920408][/DOUBLEPOST]
Give it a temporary name that has nothing to do with the mod's theme and focus.
Also not a name but a pic (which is better)



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Nov 24, 2012
It's time for the third Applied Energistics 2 (by @AlgorithmX2 ) weekly summary! Today featuring the first three stable builds!!!! :D
AlgorithmX2 said:
rv0.stable build 1
  1. Marked as Stable.
  2. Disabled Inventory Tweaks on ME Gui.
rv0.stable build 2
  1. Fixed Bug: #0562 - Inventory desync while dismantle storage cells
  2. Fixed a bug where disassembling storage cells might put items in the players armor slots.
  3. Update MFR Rednet API For Later.
  4. Enabled Minecraft 1.7.10 Support.
rv0.stable build 3
  1. Fix an issue where interfaces would not cause storage buses to re-check their status.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, starting with a quick port from @WayofTime for Blood Magic
WayofTime said:

and a few updates by @Mineshopper for Carpenter's Blocks
Mineshopper said:
>> Version 3.2.4 Changelog
  • Fixed server-side cover crash.
>> Version 3.2.3 Changelog
  • Fixed some overlays having missing texture on bottom.
>> Version 3.2.2 Changelog
  • Tool left-click block interaction now works in Adventure Mode. [Reloque]
  • Plants can no longer be placed on non-solid block surfaces.
  • Torch no longer extinguishes in weather if block above has solid top or bottom face.
  • Extinguished or smoldering torches can now be immediately relighted with another torch.
  • Refactored some render code to mitigate risk of crashing from overlays.
  • Placing blocks against Collapsible Blocks now always results in correct side placement.
  • Fixed design icons not registering correctly.

and lastly @dmillerw with a quick port aswell for Remote IO
dmillerw said:
RemoteIO - 1.7.10 - 1.1.0-b24
  • Updated to 1.7.10


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Jul 29, 2019
Yes indeed , but I was on my phone , in that case I can't copy-paste :/
So yeah , I took screenshot and uploaded it to imgur :)

And still manged to get it posted before the other guy neat trick. :D
You still might want to add a Edit: with a direct paste of the text when you get the chance. I'd say just delete the old but that would make these last two posts look crazy. :D


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Jul 29, 2019
Another Gregtech update from GregoriousT.

  • The Version change came originally from the IC² API changes, but then I had to revert those, because of those stupid Forge Requirements of IC² 485... IC² 484 is MAX, it will take a long time before I support any later Version due to the 1.7.10 force Requirement (I want to still support 1.7.2).
  • Made a bunch of Bugfixes, nothing much.
Gregtech 1.7.10 wooot!

Scott DTA

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Jul 29, 2019
Weekly Logistics Pipes Update

0.7.4.dev.247 thru

davboecki artforz and andy.t.roo said:
1.Better Power Junction RF handling.
2.Remove position cheat
3.Remove LPItemList toAdd, set lastTicked in handleItemPositionPacket
4.Fix pipe texture rendering.
5.Fix BarrelInventoryHandler IInventoryUtil slot faking
6.modifying ItemIdentifierInventory stacksizes directly without calling setInventorySlotContents doesn't work.
7.Call barrel onInventoryChanged after modifying storage
8.crafting module part 1
9.crafting module part 2
10.crafting module pics
11.crafting module is now a module (nonfunctional)
12.crafting modules cont..UNSTABLE
13.all modules have a slot, all guiModules have an InvProvider
14.latest changes for in-hand config.
15.Move Fluid CraftingPipe Gui configuration to extentions.
16.Move ByproductExtractor GUI to extentions.
17.Retract the extention again if opening the tree view.
18.Add Crafting Cleanup Upgrade.
19.Moved all modules to the New Gui Handler.
20.base work done --
21.Rename HUD Module methods to suggest purpose.
22.Keep track what module slot inside a pipe requested the item.
23.Fix Crafting GUI buttons for module use.
24.Remove unneeded debug code.
25.moving the buffer crafting mk3 to the module
26.downstream fixes for the buffer move
27.Fix Rerequesting for Crafting Modules.
28.When removing entries while iterating, use a iterator.
29.Add debug code in case of StackOverflow.
30.Correct HUD for Crafting MK3.
31.we only get here from handleTileReachedServer, scheduleRemoval has already been called.
32.Partially re-instate toAdd, things can call injectItem from inside the loop in moveSolids
33.Start Implementing the Pipe Controller.
34.Increase forge build index.
35.My particles are bigger than yours.
36.Don't passiveroute the buffer just because we have no orders. It's wrong when we have multiple crafting pipes sharing one machine/LCT.
37.the _powerProvider was always a CRP, add IPipeServiceProvider as a subset of CRP for modules.
38.every CRP is a IInventoryProvider, move that interface to below IPipeServiceProvider.
39.Get rid of IInventoryProvider in registerHandler, it's always == _service.
40.If the new list is empty we still have to .stopWatching() everything in the old list
41.Attempt to fix providing extras left over from earlier requests.
42.Fix orientation when accepting items from TE.
43.We no longer are an PipeType.ITEM we are a LOGISTICS PipeType.
44.Rework CC interaction with LP.
45.Add dummy files.
46.Fix invalid CCItemIdentifier access.
47.Remove debug command.
48.Kill last external uses of uniqueID
49.ItemIdentifier rework part 1, now with no caching for basic items
50.Part 2, the fun global == and != hunt
51.Pull in TGP.canPipeConnect, lose the override override crazyness and try to implement half-sensible override rules.
52.Replace "use a ConcurrentHashMap and pray" with explicit locking
54.Fix modules losing their configuration on Chassi getting broken.
55.Implement Active Supplier Module.
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Jul 29, 2019
I updated ModTweaker for 1.6.4 :)
ModTweaker 0.3
• Mekanism - add/remove enrichment chamber recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove osmium compressor recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove combiner recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove crusher recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove metallurgic infuser recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove electrolytic seperator recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove precision sawmill recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove chemical infuser recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove chemical oxidizer recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove chemical injection chamber recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove chemical dissolution chamber recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove chemical washer recipes
• Mekanism - add/remove chemical crystallizer recipes
• Thermal Expansion Removals are also added but only work from the world folder/on reload, not from normal configs
• Thermal Expansion - add magma crucible recipes
• Thermal Expansion - add furnace recipes
• Thermal Expansion - add pulverizer recipes
• Thermal Expansion - add induction smelter recipes
• Thermal Expansion - add sawmill recipes
• Thermal Expansion - add transposer fill and extract recipes

I'm now going to be focusing on porting to MineTweaker 3 for 1.7 :)


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Jul 29, 2019
Ars Magica 2 has been updated to version for Minecraft 1.6.4. Mithion has also now begun to work on a 1.7 port


-Added the "Fury" spell component
-Added the "Dismembering" spell modifier
-Added the "Silence" spell component
-Added the "Wave" spell shape
-Added the "Buff Power" spell modifier
-Added the "Appropriation" spell component
-Added the "Shrink" spell component
-Added the "Feather Touch" spell modifier
-Added the "Mining Power" spell modifier
-Added the "Place Block" spell component
-Added the "Prosperity" spell modifier

-Added the "Fulmination" negative effect to Lightning Affinity
-Added the "Short Circuit" negative effect to Lightning Affinity
-Added the "Thunderpunch" positive effect to Lightning Affinity
-Added the "Rooted" positive effect to Nature Affinity

The Power System:
-The power system has been rewritten
-Power is no longer stored in the tile entity data itself, but runs alongside
-Power can now pathfind between nodes; you don't need to pair to Etherium conduits anymore
-Just right click on the start, then on the destination
-Machines can have multiple input power types at a time
-The exception to this is the mana battery, which initially can accept any type, but then becomes locked to the first type put into it
-Multiple power sources can power a single machine
-More clearly defined the roles of the Crystal Wrench/Magitech's Staff
-Crystal Wrench is for setup, Magitech's Staff is for debugging your power network if there is a problem
-Shift+right clicking a source with a crystal wrench allows the wrench to remember a starting location
-meaning that you can set multiple destinations to the same source with ease
-Shift+Right click a powered block with a magitech's staff causes you to be able to see all power paths to it while wearing Magitech's Goggles
-If a power path is broken (ie, conduit destroyed), a "Broken Power Link" block will be set in that location.
-These are only visible while wearing the Magitech's Goggles
-They cannot be broken, but can be directly replaced with any block
-They cannot be collided with

-Added the ritual system!
-Rituals are performed with Wizard's chalk and Warding Candles
-Rituals can be used to modify certain spells
-For example, buff durations can be increased using a ritual
-Recall can call another player to you (if you learn their rune combo)
-Recall can target a gateway if you know the rune combination in it

-Added Warding Candles
-Can be used in rituals, as roving light sources, as placeable lights, or to locate ores
-Added Ender Boots
-Added Lightning Charm
-Added Life Ward
-Added Player Journals
-Added Flicker Jars
-Added Flicker Foci
-Added Rune Bag
-Added magitech goggles

-Added Broken Power Link Blocks
-Added Armor Imbuement Table
-Added Flicker Habitat

-These replaced sigils
-Catch these little critters with Flicker Jars
-They can be used to make sorting systems and perform many other automated tasks, such as:
-grow plants
-contain/repel entities
-water soil
-redirect meteors
-and more!
-No pipes required, everything is done via a Flicker Habitat (central controller) and marker crystals
-No entities once they are captured
-All sigil functions can be replicated with Flickers

Armor Infusions
-Any armor can be infused
-There are 40+ different infusions to choose from
-Armor Gains XP when you do
-That XP can be spent to apply infusions to the armor

-Added Flickers

-Added Ender Guardian
-Added Lightning Guardian
-Added Life Guardian

Mob Drops:
-Pigs now drop Pig Fat, needed to make Warding Candles

-The Arcane Compendium can be updated without needing to re-release the mod
-It will happen automatically, but the check can be turned off in config. There is no login spam about it.
-The mod will perform update checks
-There is no login spam
-An icon in the Compendium UI indicates that an update is available
-Clicking on it will take you to the download link
-Right click to be taken to the patch notes
-Added a "SetSkillKnown" command
-Can be used to grant certain skills to players regardless of prerequisites being met

Stuff that was there before but is different!
-Casting Modes no longer exist.
-Instead, when planning a spell, you can create multiple "Shape Groups" to switch between.
-The same key (default 'c') is used to change shape groups
-Mage lights can once again be colored with dye, or with the color modifier
-Mage lights have different visuals
-Removed the "GiveSpell" command
-Removed the "ApplyEffect" command

-Removed the "Lightning Rod" negative effect from Lightning Affinity
-Most negative effects will taper off as your affinity grows, as you "master the element"
-HP affecting ones like fire being near water do not

The Power System:
-Renamed "Raw Essence" to Etherium
-The neutral nexus and its mechanics no longer exist
-It has been replaced with the Obelisk, which burns vinteum and liquid essence like a furnace to generate neutral Etherium
-The Dark Nexus no longer exists, and has been replaced with the Black Aurem
-For the most part works the same, but there is a new way to get it, detailed in the compendium
-The Light Nexus no longer exists, and has been replaced with the Celestial Prism
-For the most part works the same, but there is a new way to get it, detailed in the compendium

-Added locking functionality for Keystone Doors and Keystone Trapdoors
-Keystone combinations are now only three runes
-Keystones no longer store additional runes in their inventories, rather they interact with a rune bag
-Most blocks can now be locked with a rune combination and can only be unlocked using a keystone
-Locking a block no longer requires a duplicate keystone, and the rune combination is stored as ghost items (meaning you only need a couple runes to set a combination)
-Keystones now have much better support for remembering combinations (read: it actually works now >.>)

-There are 16 types of runes now

-Magician's Workbench now has the ability to remember recipes (Shift+Right Click on the recipe tab)
-Magician's Workbench now has a clear button
-The Arcane Compendium now shows what modifiers affect a given spell shape/component
-The Arcane Compendium now shows what aspects a modifier changes
-The Arcane Compendium has had a significant increase in the amount of information there, making it more able to explain the mechanics of the mod
-The staged compendium has been fixed
-It is still clientside only
-The compendium now shows related items
-Levels and soulbound gear are no longer lost upon leaving the End


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, starting with @Mithion with a quick fix for Ars Magica 2
Mithion said:
Ars Magica 2
  • Fixed a crash when shift+right-clicking on the armor imbuement table
  • Fixed a bug where the ender boots could get you stuck in mid-air if logging out while flipped
  • Added a recipe for the magitech goggles (whoops)

and @iChun with some information for Hats
iChun said:

Hey guys,

Hats may have been marked feature complete on the release of 3.0.0, but with the release I’ve included a method for Hats to get mappings for custom mobs (like Morph’s Abilities).

At time of writing only Thaumcraft’s Pechs and Golems are partially supported (with thanks to Lomeli12). If you’re interested and you’d like to add mappings of your own/tweak existing mappings, the mappings (JSON file) can be found here, with instructions on how to create mappings here.

If you get a hat on a mob looking right, feel free to submit a Pull Request (see instructions).

I’m hoping this gets some of the community’s attention like how Morph’s Ability mappings has gotten, so please spread the word!

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