What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019
I think so (didn't see the video, yet).
Spacetoad said in the BC forums that, since you can remove and place kinesis pipes with the reactivated striped pipe, there is no reason, why there shouldn't be a switch pipe.
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Aug 14, 2013
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I think so (didn't see the video, yet).
Spacetoad said in the BC forums that, since you can remove and place kinesis pipes with the reactivated striped pipe, there is no reason, why there shouldn't be a switch pipe.
Amen :)

Finally we're starting to realize that players hate sending power into the void.
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Jul 29, 2019
tonius11 just released Simply Jetpacks 0.3.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4

tonius11 said:
Simply Jetpacks 0.3.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4:
- Hopefully fixed armored jetpacks sometimes breaking when on low power
- Fixed possible item dupes with Tinkers' Construct
- Armored jetpacks use power when getting hit (power usage is configurable)
- Displaying stored energy no longer changes a jetpack item's damage value. Don't worry, the damage bar still works fine.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to 'remove' armor from a creative jetpack

If no critical bugs show up, this will be the last version for 1.6.4 before moving on to 1.7.10.


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Jul 29, 2019
So this is odd , almost a week a go DarkCow stopped with everything UE related.
Now he is the main dev for ICBM.


Tweet from Calclavia:
I'm not developing ICBM anymore. @DarkGuardsman is now the successor and is developing ICBM. http://calclavia.com/discontinuing-icbm/


i must say it.

As much as I love the movie, that's not what inception means.

Some more stuff from GregoriusT

  • Added Super Buffer, which is like a Chest Buffer but with 256 Slots. Note: It doesn't have Slots inside the GUI, 256 would have been too many Slots for a GUI anyways. Otherwise it behaves exactly like a Chest Buffer.
  • Added Crates. They are similar to Forestrys Crates but they store 16 Items (Currently just all Dusts, Gems, Ingots and Plates). You need a Packager to put the things into the Crate and either an Unpackager or a Crowbar to unpack the Crates. Crates are made from an Iron or Steel Screw and a Wooden Plank.

Everything in this update is awesome,
SuperBuffer: This will work awesome for solid fueled boilers and other solid powered machines!
Crates: Crate all the Dust, Gems, Ingots and Plates.

Also a new GT addon is coming out that adds an age before the Steam Age, It adds rotational power and is unnamed. We have addons for addons now.
What's the addon?


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Jul 29, 2019
Coming soon to a mod near you!




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Jul 29, 2019
Thank god people are finally using the config feature!
It's funny how the 1.7.2 Forge feature I was the most hopeful about only sees use when 1.7.2 is pretty much finally dead. huh
Or maybe it wasn't working properly on the 1.7.2 builds, but it is on 1.7.10?


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Jul 29, 2019
It's funny how the 1.7.2 Forge feature I was the most hopeful about only sees use when 1.7.2 is pretty much finally dead. huh
Or maybe it wasn't working properly on the 1.7.2 builds, but it is on 1.7.10?
It was truly implemented in 1.7.10.


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Jul 29, 2019
A little mod called Tabula Rasa made by King Lemming for me, but will be useful to others:

It adds up to 16 blocks and up to 32k items that are just blank templates. You provide your own textures, use Minetweaker (or similar) to give them recipes/uses, and use a worldgen mod to add them to the world if you wish. Great for themed modpacks or players that want to expand crafting recipes with new items, etc. without having to try and work out how to setup java and forge for a tiny mod.
Currently only for 1.6.4, but may be released for 1.7.

Tabula Rasa only makes me think of the Starbound mod with the same name. Can't get it out of my head.
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Infinite Unrest

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Jul 29, 2019
New updates from @Vazkii for Botania:

R1.1 65
  • Fixed the Alfheim portal renderer flickering when in the presence of a Beacon.
  • Fixed the Mana Bottle always doing the same effect.
  • Fixed the Terra Shatterer doubling up on block particles and sound while in multiplayer.
  • Removed Vector Pool references to ensure 1.7.10 compatibility.

R1.1 64
  • Added an explanation to the lexica as to why some entries are in italics for a better start.
  • Added better textures for Rings and Shears. They don't look like penises now. Dammit reddit.
  • Added Ingame Configs using the new forge config system. You can access them via the Mods menu. Botania now requires forge 1147 at least for this.
  • Added Mana in a Bottle. What does it do? How do you get it? Who knows.
  • Added two new rods, the Rod of the Skies and the Rod of the Hells.
  • Added Vine Balls and a Slingshot for them.
  • Changed the Botania creative tab's icon to the Lexica Botania.
  • Fixed a major Bauble dupe where equipping a bauble via right click would create a fully functional duplicate.
  • Fixed Pixies spamming your console with their target.
  • Fixed the Daffomill not being controllable with redstone.
  • Fixed the inventory key not closing the Lexica Botania GUIs.
  • Removed all the entries for Mana Lenses and squashed them in one fat entry.
  • Renamed the Basics section to "Basics and Mechanics" for better understanding.
  • I stayed up till 4:20 (no joke intended, for real, I did) to finish this update, it might spontaneously combust. You have been warned.
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Jul 29, 2019
@iChun updated PiP
iChun said:
2.0.2 specific
- Fixed resizing the window causing strange renders from corners on PiPs.

- Fixed flickering chat windows/guis (minimaps aren’t fixed though).
- Added a transparency setting, by default the mode makes PiPs render slightly transparent when disabled.
- Added CN localizations.
- Added “list” command to show full tracked players list.
- Tweaked the commands to allow adding more of the same players.
- Tweaked the commands to only remove the first matching name of the first player.
- Configs are automatically adjusted if the player who sets them sets a player name with incorrect casing.
- Removed attempted VoxelMap fix, wasn’t working.

1.6.4 version of Metallurgy updated too, along with KeithyUtils
Warning No.1: Versions 3.3.2 and 3.4.0 are not compatible and would corrupt your 3.3.2 world, We would recommend to create a new world with 3.4.0.
Warning No.2: Version 3.3.3's Java 8 Users will have the Metal Blocks switched, We would recommend to create a new world.
Warning No.3: There is a Configuration overhaul from version 3.3.3, Kindly generate the configration files with 3.4.0 and port the configuration manually.

- Version 3.4.0 requires KeithyUtils 1.3.30

Changes: from 3.3.3 (Dev version):
- Fixed Metal Furnace and Smeltery output incremental.
- Switched to static Meta IDs.
- Added Localization Support.
- Added ids in the configuration for the following: Gold cog, Iron Dust, Gold Dust.
- Cleaned up the console spam.
- Configuration Overhaul.
- Shifted the default Block IDs from 900 - 930 to 900 - 940.
- Fixed the bounding box for the chests.
- Added Missing textures.
- Fixed the Tartarite Enchanter.
- Fixed the rendering of primed TNT.
- Added Recipes for the pylons.
- Fixed the laser's Beam.

Changes from 3.3.2:
- Fixed Fluids and Syncing in the Smeltery.
- Reworked ore spawning.
- Removed the additional ".name" from item names.
- Added Thaumcraft support.
- Optimized Ore Finder.
- Switched to a different block and meta ID scheme for Metal Blocks (Ores, Blocks, and Bricks).

Wolfrier made an update to an old mod [Additional Pipes (Teleport pipes)] to 1.6.4
Q: What does Teleport Pipes do?
A: Well... If I REALLY need to explain it: It's a way of transporting items, fluids and power across the entire world without having to use pipes which can cause lag and lots of expense and crafting.
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