Whats a Really efficiant XP farm in FTB

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by unholywar23, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. unholywar23

    unholywar23 Active Member

    I have been using soul shards tier 5 for endermen but was wondering if there is something better that can be done

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    Tier 5 Blaze Shard?
  3. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Any t5 mob shard is more or less the same animals give less xp, its kind of how fast you can auto kill the mobs with turtles or iron golums, also the number of blocks above ground is a factor as when mob is outside a set range of shard spawner the shard spawns new set of mobs, but keep in mind thats if you have too far a drop mobs could die before they get to the turtle/golums, I normally make multi grinder with a number of shards 9-12 blocks over water to bring them to 2 turtles (yes only 2 as less server strain) atm I am messing about with quicksand + snow/ice blocks as my enderman grinder no xp but easy to keep them contained & collect, endermen will not pick up snow/ice.
  4. Christian Sinclair

    Christian Sinclair Active Member

    A tier 5 blaze spawner set up like D20's single player world has managed to net me more experience than I could ever need. I need about 5-7 brain jars just to hold back the orbs, and they are all full after about 10 minutes. Just be sure to use redpower gems for the swords, as they do the same damage as diamond swords, and durability doesn't exist for turtles.
  5. vineet

    vineet Member

    An ordinary vanilla Ender farm will , and can beat tier five farms.
  6. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    an enderman farm of 100 efficiency can give you 30 levels in 1 minute, faster than every other 5 tier shard, and comparable to a tier 5 blaze one. Of course, is better in vanilla.

    endermem can't pickup blocks underneath them, it has to be a wall or a slope.

    WTFFFS Well-Known Member

    A tier5 blaze shard + cogs mech saws and fans can give you level 30 in under a minute, mine used to produce around 1800 XP in a minute.

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