What order of operations (BEDMAS) do you FTB?

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Jul 29, 2019
I have one:
Pregame: Kill @SatanicSanta
Midgame: Mess around with @SatanicSanta and @Lawbroken
Endgame: Run from @Lawbroken
You forgot "wait for @Flipz to start bees, then totally show him up by powering through the entire tree in like 20 minutes". :p

...we need to get our server back up. :(


On topic: This has changed a bit from my ususal, since I'm only now just getting back into 1.6 packs due to technical issues, but:

Magic World 2:
Punch trees.
Craft four chests.
Punch grass until Essence Seeds. Get absurd amounts of others along the way. (Use to fill chests)
Find place for hovel of shame.
Farm all the things (except for Essence Seeds, those are too slow).
Make a few bottles, squeeze berries into juice.
Make noob-wand.
Find village.
Steal all the other books.
Arcane Compendium! (Item frame + Book next to liquid essence)
Make all the info-books.
Make Arcane Scrolls book.
(Also make Thaumometer and scan stuff)
Farm animals.
Make Random Things Fertile Soil
Farm Essence Seeds on Fertile Soil.
Farm Black Dye Trees.
Farm White Dye Trees.
Farm Blue Dye Trees.
Get enough experience to reach Level 50.
Arcane Scrolls book-> "Greed" scroll.
Use Magical Crops essence to farm Air Essence, craft into feathers.
Use feathers and paper to make a ton of Greed scrolls.
Greed on all diamond, coal, and Arcane Scrolls ore.
Farm Fire Essence for lava
Lava + Water = Nether portal molding
Build Nether shelter
Greed scrolls on Nether Quartz.
Research Thaumcraft
Realize that FM integrates almost ALL of the magic mods with Thaumcraft. Rejoice.
Play with Blood Magic
Die repeatedly due to input lag.
Build mandrake farm around Blood Magic altar.

And that's pretty much where I'm at. I'd have done Ars Magicka sooner, but I want that base to be aboveground and look nice, and the site I've picked out is a bit too far away for me to have easy access (only now that I've made a few linking books and a small transport hub in the Nether is heading out there regularly a viable option).
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Jul 29, 2019
How I generally start.

1. Punch wood
2. Planks
3. Crafting bench
4. Sticks, make; shovel and pick
5. Dig up cobblestone, get about 20 cobblestone
6. Make; Axe, Pick, Sword, Shovel, Hoe with sticks and stone
7. More Wood (Do not make it into planks), about 10 or 20 wood
8. Dig hole with shovel, into side of hill or straight down.
9. Pick up Craft Bench
10. Craft Stone Furnace
11. Burn Wood with wood, get one charcoal
12. Burn 8 wood with Charcoal
13. Make torches
14. With remaining part of day, search area for animals, kill cows/sheep/pigs
15. Continually punch all grass whilst ranging about, gather all seeds, if lucky there'll be apples
16. Cook Meat for food
17. Place down crafting bench in starting 'hole in ground'
18. Craft chest, put ALL items into chest
19. If there were sheep about and I got three wool, craft a bed
20. Night will be falling soon, place torches, seal off entrance
21. If bed present, sleep, otherwise... dig for ores

That's my first day

On second day... If I can find a nearby water source I how in some seeds nearby and begin working to grow some food (wheat)... I spend a lot of time gathering up seeds, if I managed to find any iron i'll make a bucket, this will help with water for the farm.

Most of my second day is spent getting food up and running, goal is to make bread. I hunt any animals I can find, a lot of people focus on mining/metals but I focus on food. I also cut down a lot of nearby trees, you often get apples from Oak trees which come in handy.

On third day...

Mining, start getting basic resources underway

I then get started Tinkers Construct and make some tools out of stone, then dig a stair well down to bedrock, making torches. Upgrade to Iron pick for ores, but use stone for general digging (take a work bench with you, allow you to drop it down and repair tools in situ).

My first main project is to get a Smeltery up and running ...

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Jul 29, 2019
Okay this looks fun let me try it...

1. Punch tree
2. Look for perfect place for home
3. Maybe dig some rocks and punch some more trees along the way.
4. Keep looking for home spot
5. Night falls, still no home spot.
6. Death by creeper.

Rinse and repeat. Maybe I'm too picky?


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Jul 29, 2019
I try to get an induction smelter asap so I can make steel for tinkers construct tools. Go snag some ardite and cobalt from the nether, then head to the twilight forest with my first diamond and carefully mine a hollow hill where its easy to get a lot of vanilla ores for tool upgrades and quarries.
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