What mod packs should i play with 2gb of ram?



So i used to play mod packs back in the day and they ran fine but i guess i had a better laptop back then, anyways now i'm using an everyday laptop until i can fix my desktop and play whatever i want. So i have 4GB of ram on this laptop but i only use about 2GB so i'm wondering if they're any mod packs that can be played on a light computer. Sky Factory 3 is alright, it's boring to play alone i would much rather play with someone but i think you gotta pay for a server and i'm just not in the spot to be paying for one. But if you can create a free server for Sky Factory 3 or already have one and wouldn't mind letting me play, let me know. I know how to create my own mod packs that i can run but it's just not as fun because i don't entirely know what mods i should get, and a few other things. One last thing, for some reason i load up mod packs and create them with a Twitch app. I honestly don't know how i got it. Is this FTB forge or something else that for some odd reasons let's me use mod packs. (I downloaded minecraft forge a while back so i don't remember if i used twitch to load up mod packs when i first downloaded it)


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Oct 3, 2016
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Most 1.7.10 packs can be easily run on 2 gigs, but I don't know of any 1.10.2 modpacks that can. If you tried to download the FTB launcher from the main page it will download the twitch launcher.


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Jan 29, 2015
See, I had a lot of trouble with 1.7.10 packs too - I had to stop at 1.6.4 packs with my potato of a laptop (which had 3 GB of RAM, so not surprising), unless they were custom-made lightweight packs run straight off the vanilla launcher! You'll find there is even a disclaimer somewhere that says most 1.10.2 packs now require at least 4 GB of RAM, so you may be out of luck friend.