Werewolf: Unfair, wolf! [Game Thread]


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Jul 29, 2019
How you confirmed?
Did you see the last recap?
Quick smite of LivingAngryCheese. He was the Firewall.

That was an eventful day! Every vote was an antismite, and the spirit of Mewtwo was the most talkative of any of you. Fantastic. In the end, Kill-Joy was lynched. She was the Admin.

Poor, poor Eruantien. You've been having a run of bad luck as a Detective. Distrusted, misspelled, and finally terminated by my team. RIP.

To take your place, though, 016Nojr and his Proxy came back from the dead! Spooky. His Reboot, trajing, wasn't so fortunate. Good thing he had Norton.

Night Seven Summary
  • LivingAngryCheese was smited. He was the Firewall.
  • Kill-Joy was lynched. She was the Admin.
  • Eruantien was terminated. He was the Cyber Detective.
  • 016Nojr was rebooted.
    • Trajing was damaged, but survived with Norton.
Yes. Yes you did.
No, I didn't. Check again.


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Jul 29, 2019
lock vote goreae man trying to pin blame on me... tsk tsk. There are a few people here that can vouch for me Vikestep and skeletonpunk for sure and soon to be traijing

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Nov 27, 2012
Personally, I'm fine with death I had fun I especially liked talking like a hanar At this point, death doesn't feel like a loss I get the satisfaction of you people felling like crap because you killed an innocent dude who told the truth throughout the game Haha losers redact vote vote vike