Werewolf: Trouble in Roarhaven! GAME THREAD

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King of the Wicked
Dec 19, 2012
Look behind you
Welcome, boy and girls, ladies and gentlemen, humans and beasts, mortals and sorcerers, witches and warlocks, to my new game of werewolf!

The day will end every night at 19:00 British time, and anyone not voted before then will die a deadly death of smiting.


1) @Shazam08

2) @Pyure

3) @VikeStep

4) @Jus2beast

5) @SoraZodia

6) @SkeletonPunk

7) @Strikingwolf

8) @Gideonseymour

9) @Kill-Joy

10) @FireFistRay

11) @seiya4win

12) @trajing

13) @chbachman

14) @016Nojr

15) @goreae

Good guys:

Mortal - villager standard, given two votes as compensation

Sensitive - Seer standard

Skuduggery Pleasant - Kills whoever kills Valkyrie Cain, and has two lives

Valkyrie Cain - starts with the sigil of the grand necromancers

Saracen Rue - Will be told something COMPLETELY random, nightly. It could be absolutely anything, but is entirely random

Gordon Edgeley - When killed, can say one word nightly to anyone but a mortal

Kenny Dunne - Each night, picks a role or group of roles (i.e. mortals, sensitives, powered roles), and the number of people in said group or with said role will be announced the following morning

Bad guys:

Erskine Ravel - any sensitives will see him as a good guy, but he can kill one person, and then will be seen as a bad guy

Remnant - each night, they pick a player, whose power and votes they control . Any attempt to tell someone else while possessed will result in the person's death

Bad guy - werewolf standard

Nefarian Serpine:

This role has three stages

1) Nefarian Serpine, Killer Supreme - a bad guy, who once killed will go to the next stage

2) Nefarian Serpine, Zombie King - another bad guy, who can do one of two things: each night, they must pick between converting a person to the bad guys’ side, with a 50% chance of success, or leaving the bad guys’ team and becoming the next Nefarian Serpine stage

3) Nefarian Serpine... Woman!?!? - can survive being attacked one night. The next attack kills them.Also, if they can solve and eency-weency little challenge I set for them, Valkyrie Cain will be revealed to them, and anyone with the sigil of the grand necromancers will be granted a night’s invulnerability

Thrasher - votes for whoever Nefarian Serpine votes for, and can survive one attack

Cloaking sphere - you escape all forms of attack for one night
The book of names - depending on your role, you will get a different extra power, a nice big one. You can choose to donate this to another character instead.
God-killer sword, bow, and dagger - each of these grants one kill
Sigil - the effects of these vary massively, and will be decided upon me giving you them


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Jul 29, 2019
Hi umm my name is Glade how is everyone. I am having a good day...besides the rumors about the wolves it has been ok


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Jul 29, 2019
DANKEY KANG IS BACK BABY! Hi der my name is Skelentious Punkurded the 43rd, but you can call me Skele or SkelePunk, whichever you prefer.


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Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone, I have no clue what to do yet, so have this party instead!


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Jul 29, 2019
Ello ello chaps, the name is William Vikespeare. Tis a wonderful day for a gripping game of werewolf. Nobody has the attention of thine eyes. Therefore thee must be!

I vote Nobody


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Third Party Pack Team
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Mar 11, 2014
Good afternoon everyone! What a nice day today is, the sun is out, the weather is nice, and there's a group of bad people that want to kill us! Ah, what more could we possibly want?

The Nobody wagon is popular today, I think I'll join in. Vote VikeStep (hmm, something doesn't feel right here)

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