Werewolf (Skyrim-Themed Edition) [SIGNUP THREAD]


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey everyone, The first day will start Saturday, 21 June 2014 at 5AM EST and each subsequent night will end at 5AM EST.

There will be a maximum of 25 players in this game, although it should be fine with 16 players.

I have decided that for this game, there will be no revival roles, nor will there be a "toughness". Instead that is an ability when you enter the game. I find that stuff is too exploitative and is just used as a scapegoat for players. So this means there will be a Dead Man's Convo. I will have a convo for each team. One for dead stormcloaks, one for dead imperials and one for dead werewolves/vampires.

How to Play!
Werewolf is a game of deception, every player in the game is given a role via PM and that role is their secret. A list of roles can be found below. Some roles have special powers however there are also teams in this game. The win conditions for this game are also found below. Your objective is to make sure that whatever team you are on wins. Keep in mind however, that if you are dead, yet your team still wins, you are still a winner.

The game is carried out in a day-night cycle. All players must vote for someone who they want lynched during the day. Lynching is basically the way that the community can vote for who they think might be the werewolf (or vampire in this game). That player will be killed overnight and their role will be revealed the next day. However, during the night is when the roles can use their powers and is when players like werewolves kill their preferred target.
1. You must vote every day for who you want to lynch by 5AM EST. Failure to comply will result in your death
2. You must also submit all your choices of who you want to use your power on. If you do not respond you do not die, but you do not get to use your power that night. All votes must be in bold!
3. Under no circumstances are dead players allowed to post anything in the chat. You have been warned and all players who breach this rule will lose the game even if their team wins. This also includes providing role updates. Either myself or one of the players currently in game will do that.
4. If you decide to have a private conversation with another player, it must include me. This does not count for dead players though.
5. Alive players may not speak via PM to dead players and vice versa since all dead players will know all the roles.
6. You may not vote for yourself
7. You will be able to vote for Nobody on the first day. This option is not available any day afterwards
8. Screenshots of conversations may not be posted anywhere. As an extension of this, you are not allowed to copy and paste the text in my post I gave you. This also holds true for PMs.
9. I am ultimate authority in this game. Whatever I say goes, although if you feel like you have been treated unfairly, feel free to appeal in a PM
Teams and Win Conditions
Stormcloaks, Imperials and Vampires - When the wolves are dead whichever of these three groups has the most surviving players wins
Werewolves - Wins when there are more werewolves than other players
- Can use the following shouts once per game each:
- Fus Ro Dah: delay's targets actions for next day (must be same tomorrow)
- Yol Tor Shuul: Kills a target of his choosing
- Od Ah Viing: Summons a dragon during the day that will kill anyone who tries to kill anyone else that night
Guard - Can choose one person per night to save
Mage - Can choosen one person per night to see the role
Citizen - Average player with no powers
Vigilante - Can kill one person in the game per game, will commit suicide if the player is on the villagers team out of guilt
Priest - As long as the priest is alive, roles are displayed
Bard - Can serenade a player and force him/her to vote for a player in the thread (the player is not told who the bard is)
Assassin - Will kill a player of their choosing on death
Lokir of Rorikstead - A foolish horse stealer who thinks he can outrun the archers. So Foolish. Dies on the first night and usually allocated to a certain insignificant person.

Master Vampire - The master vampire chooses one person to convert to a vampire each night
- Can only convert people who have said the Vampire's name in a post
- Does not work on those who are providing a score/point wrap-up
- The converting process takes two days
- Converted Players lose their abilities and will then be on the vampire team
- If a vampire attempts to convert a werewolf they die
- A converting player will not be told about this conversion for those two days
- If the master vampire dies, one of the converted vampires will become the master vampire
Converted Vampire
- Part of the vampire team from then on.
- Can not convert another player unless they turn into a Master Vampire
- This role is not a possibility as a starting role
- A converted player loses whatever abilities that they had

Werewolf - Chooses one person to kill each night
Lone Wolf - Can only win if they are the only werewolf left
Jarl - This is held by two people. One for each alignment. They can choose one person to see per night. They will find out which alignment they belong to. When a Jarl dies, a random person from their alignment becomes the Jarl. If you see a werewolf or vampire, you are told they are from the other team.
Veto - Only one person will have this. They get to choose who dies in the chance of a tie
Greybeard - This player will tell me something they want said to the public once per day. I then post this in the thread and the announcer is anonymous
Bitten - This is the ability held by someone who is in the process of being converted
Brutal - Has two lives.
Lockpicker - Can see another players ability and choose to either take it or leave it. Can not take Jarl and can not see bitten
Mimic - Can only vote for the same person as the previous person voted. Can vote at any time during the day and can change the vote to the vote afterwards but can't vote a third time.
Primordial - A werewolf only power that will kill a random player. Can only be used once per game.
How the roles will be distributed
- There will be One Dovahkiin, One Master Vampire, One Priest, Two werewolves (normal or lone)
- The remaining options will be random selection out of: wolf (normal or lone), guard, mage, citizen, vigilante, priest, bard or assassin.
- If a player is not a vampire or werewolf, they will be assigned either Stormcloak or Imperial, there will be an equal split of these players so if there are 14 of these then there will be 7 stormcloaks and 7 imperials.
- Regarding abilities, there will be: Two Jarls, one Jarl for Stormcloak, one for Imperials and one Veto
- The rest of the abilities have a 25% chance of being applied to a person. The Primordial ability has a 35% chance of being applied to a werewolf. If a player gets greybeard, then another player can't get it
Player List
1. SoraZodia
2. Shazam08
3. SkeletonPunk
4. Exedra
5. qazplm601
6. DiamondArrow
7. Albin_Xavier
8. chbachman
9. Dwappo
10. Staxed
11. jus2beast
12. CarbonBasedGhost
13. 016Nojr
14. Mevansuto
15. Alpha Dragon
16. goreae
17. dgdas9
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Jul 29, 2019
I'm in, hopefully I don't end up as a wolf, because then I may just kill myself off by not voting, I really don't like the wolf team.


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Jul 29, 2019
Now that's just bad sportsmanship.
It's going to benefit the rest of the team, the last time I was a wolf, I almost got everyone killed!

Edit: I will not kill myself, but I will not actively participate in the voting for who to kill, I cannot make good choices when doing that, so for the benefit of the team, I will not vote on who to kill.